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The best items in Starfield to sell for profit

Earning quick money in a role-playing game allows you to acquire high-quality armor and weapons sooner rather than later. Having money at hand is alwa...

Anne Ostler Sept 10, 2023
The best items in Starfield to sell for profit

Earning quick money in a role-playing game allows you to acquire high-quality armor and weapons sooner rather than later. Having money at hand is always beneficial, but as is customary in the Bethesda style, in Starfield, there are a million things to plunder.

It is important to know which items you should keep in your inventory and which ones you should definitely sell. There are too many to count, so this article will list the key items that you should always collect and sell.

Equipment And Weapons

Starfield Best Items To Sell For Profit

The typical items you always sell in RPGs are extra weapons and armor. While looting the body of each enemy, you collect multiple armor pieces as well as firearms and melee weapons.

In addition to armor and weapons, you will also loot other equipment items such as backpacks and helmets. All equipment items related to armor are worth selling. However, if you collect every single armor and weapon from each enemy, you will quickly become overloaded.

Eventually, you will have to discard some equipment items due to the burden on your inventory. It is important to check the value of each item on the right side of the screen when hovering your mouse over it.

Armor and weapons are always sold for much more money than random items lying around in the world.

Random items can be sold for either 35 credits or 240 credits. On the other hand, armor and weapons are consistently sold for 1,000 credits or more.

It will be more challenging to collect armor and weapons compared to items due to their weight burden. However, you can increase the carrying capacity of your inventory by upgrading the "Weightlifting" perk under the "Physical" attribute.

Science Equipment

Starfield Best Items To Sell For

If there is a scientific area nearby, chances are that there are credits to be found there as well. Items such as a microscope can be sold for 240 credits. Scientific equipment is sold for much more money than ordinary items, but it does not weigh as much as armor.

Notable science equipment:

  • Molecule Extractor - 1.60m/320c
  • Empty Oxygen Booster - 0.75m/365c
  • Microscope - 2.75m/240c

Steal A Ship

Starfield Best Items To Sell

You can actually be a sort of intergalactic pirate. By boarding an enemy ship and killing all the crew members, you can take control of the ship and practically steal it.

With a stolen ship, you have the option to either keep it or sell it. A spacecraft can be sold for 10,000 credits or more. You can sell ships to the shipyard technician on the deck.

To do that, you'll need to first transfer the ship's ownership by having it registered under your name. This process incurs some cost, so it's up to you to decide if the expenses are worth it for selling it.

Fire Extinguishers

Starfield Best Items To

This is one of the more reliable items you can loot. Fire extinguishers can be found everywhere. You will certainly come across them while exploring a building. Fire extinguishers are sold for 105 credits each and weigh 1.60 units.

If your inventory capacity is not reaching its limits, you should pick up as many fire extinguishers as possible. It's a great way to earn some extra money.

Desk Objects

Starfield Best Items

There are many desktop items that are sold for around 140-200 credits each. If you are in a building that was once inhabited, you should check the desks for items with high credit value.

These items also weigh no more than 2.00 mass. You can quickly gather a variety of office supplies and earn good money once you return to a settlement and start trading.

Notable desk objects:

  • Desktop Globe - 2.00m/240c
  • Planetary System Sculpture - 2.20m/240c
  • Desktop Digiframe - 1.40m/195c
  • Tablet - 0.25m/140c

Find And Sell Contraband

Starfield Best

Contraband is illegal. That means it is challenging to find in the world and requires some effort to smuggle it.

Smuggled goods are various types of items that you can find from pirate ships or abandoned outposts that have been taken over by pirates.

Smuggled goods can be sold for 4,500 to 7,600 credits. The risk lies in the fact that when approaching a planetary system with a settlement, your ship will be scanned. The scans have a chance to detect your smuggled goods, but it is random.

There are only two planets or docking points that will not scan you - The Den and The Key.

Sell Books


Books are one of the best diverse items to collect and sell. They weigh the least, and some of them can be sold at a good price. If you're short on cash, it's always worth checking nearby books to find out how much they are worth.

Some books can be sold for 105 credits to 620 credits. That's a big difference, but it shows why it's worth looking for books. Books weigh 0.50 each, so it's worth selling them.

Sell Survey Slates

The only way to obtain a survey slate is to achieve 100 percent scan completion of a planet.

That means you have to scan new creatures, plants, and materials on a new planet. While your scanner is active, anything highlighted in blue has not been fully scanned yet.

The selling prices for survey slates vary depending on who you sell them to. You can sell them to any general merchant for around 600 credits. To get more money, you can sell them to faction leaders for about 1,000 credits.