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The best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts and how to obtain them

It's hard to believe that the Keyblade, as an iconic video game weapon, was originally conceived as a fully functional chainsaw favored by Sora. Of co...

Jennifer Jett Sept 08, 2023
The best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts and how to obtain them

It's hard to believe that the Keyblade, as an iconic video game weapon, was originally conceived as a fully functional chainsaw favored by Sora. Of course, this information coincides with the fact that during the early conception of Kingdom Hearts, Sora was also half lion, but in the end, it evolved into a Keyblade and a regular human boy.

Although it was the crossover elements of Kingdom Hearts that initially attracted the audience, the gameplay was strong enough to establish the series as one of the best in the action RPG genre in no time. With over 18 Keyblades to choose from in Sora's first adventure, it's only natural that you would want to equip the best of the best.

Updated on September 8, 2023, by Rebecca Phillips: Whether you're experiencing the magic and wonder of Kingdom Hearts for the first time or playing it for the 13th time, you want to ensure that Sora is equipped with the best Keyblades on his Disney-infused adventure. That's why we have updated this list.

12 Wishing Star

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades And How To Get Them

  • Strength: +5
  • MP: 0

Although there are other Keyblades in the game that offer more raw power, the Wishing Star has a clear advantage over all others - it guarantees critical hits. You will always inflict that extra damage, which is always helpful when it matters.

It is definitely an option if you are following a specific playstyle, but it is by no means an all-rounder. It looks like a easily crafted wooden toy and is closely connected to Pinocchio and his father, Geppetto. It can be found in a chest on their small ship in the world of Monstro, after you have sealed the Keyhole there.

11 Metal Chocobo

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades And How To Get

  • Strength: +9
  • MP: -1

Kingdom Hearts is based on a simple, albeit strange premise: What if Disney and Final Fantasy collaborated? And seeing Cloud for the first time in the Coliseum is truly something special. Whether you win or lose your first battle, you will later get another chance and as a reward, you receive the Keyblade Metal Chocobo, which resembles the Buster Sword.

The problem is, it's somewhat redundant once you obtain it. It decreases your maximum MP but compensates for it with increased range and great power. However, by the time you defeat the cup to actually obtain it, you will already be able to acquire the superior Olympia Keyblade, which stands strong throughout the entire game. As for style? It's unbeatable.

10 Pumpkin Head

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades And How To

  • Attack: 7
  • Strength: +4
  • MP: +0

It is quite possible that by the time you obtain Pumpkin Head, you may already have 'better' Keyblades. However, it is a great blade that is worth using solely for its attack abilities. You can unlock it towards the end of the game after completing Halloween Town.

Although Pumpkin Head does not offer an MP bonus, seven attack and four strength should not be underestimated. Pumpkin Head also stands out with its ability to land critical hits and its range. This Keyblade will hit enemies hard from a distance. When it comes to physical damage, Pumpkin Head is one of the most useful Keyblades for Sora. The design is also a plus point.

9 Oathkeeper

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades And How

  • Attack: 9
  • Strength: +6
  • MP: +1

Another Keyblade that appears in the late game and may be initially overshadowed by others is Oathkeeper. Sora receives it from Kairi after his final visit to Traverse Town. Thanks to its decently high stats, Oathkeeper is one of the most balanced Keyblades in the game.

The fact that Oathkeeper grants an additional MP bar alone makes it worthwhile to use, as magic is incredibly powerful in the first game. With the right equipment, Sora can harness the magic of Oathkeeper to fight through almost anything. Additionally, it is simply a great-looking Keyblade with a lot of thematic significance.

8 Lady Luck

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades And

  • Attack: 8
  • Strength: +5
  • MP: +2

As easy as it is to obtain Lady Luck, it could be overlooked simply because one would have to return to Wonderland after accessing the White Trinity. From there, one just needs to trigger the Trinity in the Lotus Forest, and Sora will obtain Lady Luck.

Balanced and high stats make Lady Luck one of the most practical Keyblades in the game. Its strength bonus may not be impressive for the point at which you likely find it, but obtaining it as early as possible gives Sora earlier access to a significant amount of MP.

7 Spellbinder

Kingdom Hearts Best Keyblades

  • Attack: 4
  • Strength: +4
  • MP: +2

Speaking of Keyblades with magical bonuses, the Spellbinder is technically inferior to Lady Luck, but it can be obtained at an earlier point in the game while drastically enhancing Sora's magic and summoning abilities. The Spellbinder is a must-have for those who choose a magic-oriented playstyle.

Acquiring the Spellbinder simply requires unlocking the first level of each spell, something you will naturally do even before reaching the halfway point of Kingdom Hearts. Although the offensive capabilities of the Spellbinder may be weak, you should be strong enough by the time you obtain the Keyblade, so any offensive drawbacks are mitigated by the significant magic bonus it provides.

6 Diamond Dust

Kingdom Hearts Best

  • Attack: 3
  • Strength: +0
  • MP: +3

At first glance, Diamond Dust seems like an absolute disaster of a Keyblade. Not only does it have a base attack value of three (the same as the Kingdom Key, Sora's standard Keyblade), but Diamond Dust also does not grant any strength bonus. However, it awards three MP, the highest among all Keyblades. Even though it may not seem like much, magical damage scales with MP in the original Kingdom Hearts.

The entire strength of Diamond Dust lies in its MP, making it the best Keyblade for magic-oriented playstyles throughout the game. It will shatter enemies as long as Sora utilizes magic, and it is particularly useful for the late-game cups in the Olympus Coliseum. Diamond Dust may not appear useful, but that is its trick.

5 Olympia

Kingdom Hearts

  • Attack: 10
  • Strength: +6
  • MP: +0

The Kingdom Hearts series has generally fared well with Keyblades in the Olympus Coliseum style, and the world's first weapon, Olympia, is no exception. It is found in a treasure chest after completing the Hercules Cup, and Olympia provides Sora with impressive strength and critical properties, making it a true beast in combat.

Olympia has enough raw power to effortlessly break through enemies while effortlessly deflecting attacks. It is one of Sora's coolest Keyblades in the game, and its attack value combined with a STR bonus of plus six keeps Olympia effective throughout the end of the game.

4 Lionheart


  • Attack: 10
  • Strength: +7
  • MP: +1

Lionheart is an amazing Keyblade but is plagued by one problem: it comes too late. It is unlocked after defeating Leon in the Hades Cup, and Lionheart is obtained only shortly before completing Kingdom Hearts. Anyone who has diligently completed side content will likely have a better Keyblade or one they prefer to use.

However, that by no means implies that Lionheart is bad. It is one of the top choices for those who simply want a balanced Keyblade: high attack, increased MP, and enhancement of Sora's magic and summoning abilities. The statistics of Lionheart speak for themselves.

3 One-Winged Angel

  • Attack: 8
  • Strength: +5
  • MP: -2

Just like with Diamond Dust, One-Winged Angel may not initially seem like such a great Keyblade. This is especially frustrating considering that you unlock this Keyblade by defeating Sephiroth, one of the toughest bosses in the original Kingdom Hearts. However, as we have learned, appearances can be deceiving.

The base attack value of One-Winged Angel is not outstanding, and the weak strength bonus and MP reduction may seem disadvantageous. However, One-Winged Angel stands out with its incredible critical hit rate. The Keyblade has practically a guaranteed critical hit chance, and its critical hits land with significant impact. Statistics hardly matter when you're scoring critical hits like a monster.

2 Ultima Weapon

  • Attack: 14
  • Strength: +9
  • MP: +2

By far the most arduous and time-consuming weapon to obtain in the game is the Ultima Weapon. It requires the synthesis of everything. Only then is the Ultima Weapon available for synthesis, not even for purchase or as a gift. Naturally, this process is quite demanding.

It is certainly worth it, as the stats of the Ultima Weapon are far superior to anything else in the game, making it a true beast. It's just a shame that the weapon is practically obtained when there is nothing else left to do in the game.

1 Divine Rose

  • Attack: 13
  • Strength: +7
  • MP: +0

However, for those who want to delve into the raw power of the Ultima Weapon without actually grinding for the materials to create it, the Divine Rose can also be found towards the end of the game, albeit in a much simpler and more reliable way. Simply speak with Belle in the library of Hollow Bastion after rescuing the Princesses of Light.

Obtained with practically no effort and nearly on par with the statistics of the Ultima Weapon, the Divine Rose is the best Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts. It has a base attack value of 13 and seven strength, an absolutely insane amount of power. It doesn't provide any magic bonuses, but its critical hits are strong and reliable.