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The best shiny Pokemon designs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Engaging in shiny hunting within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be a combination of rewarding and arduous, but the sense of immense satisfaction that...

Sakshi Venkatraman Sept 26, 2023
The best shiny Pokemon designs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Engaging in shiny hunting within Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be a combination of rewarding and arduous, but the sense of immense satisfaction that accompanies discovering a creature of a different color is truly unparalleled.

Partaking in the consumption of specially crafted sandwiches and obtaining the Shiny Charm can significantly influence the likelihood of encountering shiny Pokemon, elevating their desirability among trainers.

The shiny variations of Pokemon such as Lechonk, Sylveon, and Iron Valiant boast captivating color combinations that enhance their original designs and lend them a distinct and remarkable appearance.

The pursuit of altering odds and dedicating countless hours to obtain a creature of a different color is a rewarding, yet arduous, and exceedingly gratifying endeavor. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce shiny hunting into an open-world game, where Shinies now manifest in the overworld, eliminating the requirement of encountering every individual monster.

The probabilities can be modified by consuming specialized sandwiches and acquiring the Shiny Charm as a reward for completing the Pokedex. Nevertheless, there are novel Shiny Pokemon that are poised to become highly coveted due to their striking and captivating color combinations. After all, if one is going to invest hours in the pursuit of a creature with a distinct hue, it is only fitting that it be among the most exceptional specimens available.

Updated on September 25, 2023, By Cameron Miller: If we were to be completely honest, it is undeniable that there can never be an excessive abundance of shiny Pokemon to capture. While exploring every nook and cranny of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it is crucial to remain vigilant for these specific shinies, as they possess extraordinary designs and can greatly enhance your team.

20 Lechonk

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Shiny Pokemon Designs

Following its unveiling, Lechonk swiftly attained the status of being one of the most sought-after Generation 9 Pokemon. This endearing little pig with a name that resonated instantly across the internet captured the hearts of many.

Typically donning a dark brown hue, the Shiny variant of Lechonk presents an intriguing alteration, featuring a brown spot on its face while the remaining body turns pink, reminiscent of a real pig that has playfully dipped its head in the mud. This exceptional Shiny Pokemon effectively builds upon its original design, accentuating its theme and providing a delightful challenge for Shiny Hunters seeking to track it down.

19 Sylveon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Shiny Pokemon

Sylveon, as a remarkable Fairy-type evolution of Eevee, has garnered considerable acclaim. However, its design may not have received an overwhelmingly positive response from all Pokemon enthusiasts. For those individuals, it would be worthwhile to examine the shiny variant of this more recent Eeveelution, as it has the potential to prompt a reconsideration of their initial opinion.

Merely exchanging the positions of the secondary colors in Sylveon creates the impression of a distinctly transformed Pokemon. While it retains its inherent charm, there is something captivating about the increased prominence of blue tones and the presence of pink eyes that accentuate its design. These elements imbue this particular variant of Sylveon with an appearance that suggests its potential for inflicting significantly greater damage.

18 Iron Valiant

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best Shiny

Iron Valiant is undoubtedly among the visually appealing Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, showcasing a captivating fusion of futuristic and robotic elements with Gallade and Gardevoir. Its regular coloration draws inspiration from the standard Gallade and Gardevoir, featuring a combination of green and white hues with pink accents. However, the shiny variant of Iron Valiant embraces its futuristic characteristics to a greater extent, diverging from the classic aesthetics and presenting a distinct visual identity.

The shiny transformation of Iron Valiant predominantly adopts a silver coloration while retaining the pink accents on its chest and blades. This visually striking alteration wonderfully complements the original design without detracting from its essence. However, given its classification as a Paradox Pokemon, embarking on the endeavor of hunting down this shiny variant will undoubtedly pose a formidable challenge.

17 Copperajah

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Best

Although Copperajah possesses a comparatively understated shiny appearance compared to many other Pokemon, the subtle alteration it undergoes provides a significant visual enhancement. In its regular form, this Steel-type Pokemon showcases orange accents adorning its body, but this changes when it becomes shiny.

When Copperajah becomes shiny, its skin assumes a richer green hue, while the orange accent transitions into a yellowish-gold shade. Curiously enough, this shiny variant appears as if it were the original and intended appearance for Copperajah, adding an irresistible allure for avid shiny hunters.

16 Cetitan

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Cetitan, a formidable Ice-type Pokemon, proves to be a challenging find amidst the mountainous terrain, particularly considering its rarer occurrence compared to its pre-evolved form. Possessing immense offensive power and formidable defense statistics, Cetitan demonstrates the ability to endure multiple attacks while delivering devastating blows in return.

As a result of its type, Cetitan predominantly exhibits a nearly all-white coloration, lacking notable distinction in terms of hue. However, the shiny variant undergoes a striking transformation, with a deep shade of grey becoming its primary color. This change is further accentuated by the addition of orange accents on its fins, creating an appearance reminiscent of being cloaked in black ice. Consequently, the shiny form imparts a heightened sense of style to an already visually captivating Pokemon.

15 Klawf

Pokemon Scarlet &

Klawf stands as one of the initial new Pokemon you will come across in Scarlet and Violet, often serving as the first Titan you will encounter. Inspired by a rock crab, this creature possesses the ability to climb walls and fiercely retaliate with its formidable pincers.

The shiny version of Klawf undergoes a thematic transformation, transitioning from a desert crab to a Maryland blue crab. This change exemplifies how shinies can introduce a noticeable yet coherent color variation that aligns well with the Pokemon's overall concept. The altered coloration alone is likely to elicit excitement among many hunters, making it a highly desirable addition to their collections.

14 Lyanroc

Pokemon Scarlet

Lycanroc is already recognized as one of the most impressively designed Pokemon across the entire series, yet its shininess elevates its cool factor even further. The regular Lycanroc portrays a familiar wolf-like appearance, adhering to conventional expectations. However, when it becomes shiny, Lycanroc adopts a captivating blue hue in its fur, reminiscent of the animated portrayals of wolves, adding an extra touch of whimsical charm to its overall aesthetic.

Even a subtle alteration in the color of Lycanroc's eyes can have a remarkably significant impact. The addition of blue fur imbues Lycanroc with a considerable amount of personality, and somehow, this straightforward change manages to enhance the already imposing nature of its Midnight Form.

13 Scizor


While some individuals may already appreciate the red coloration of Scizor in its regular form, the transformation to green in its shiny redesign is truly a sight to behold. Rather than evoking a strong Steel-type impression through its design, the fully green appearance of shiny Scizor imparts a distinct bug-oriented aesthetic.

By closely resembling its pre-evolution, Scyther, Scizor retains its imposing presence while remaining a Bug-type Pokemon. It is widely acknowledged that most Bug-type Pokemon do not instill fear in others, but both the original and shiny forms of Scizor possess the capability to defy this expectation.

12 Toedscruel

Toedscruel already boasts a remarkable design, being a Tentacruel that has adapted to traverse land instead of propelling itself through the water. With the advantageous dual-typing of Ground and Grass, it is evident why numerous trainers chose to include this ambulatory jellyfish in their journeys throughout Scarlet and Violet.

The shiny variant of Toedscruel is undeniably captivating, if not more so. Its head assumes a black hue adorned with transparent white gems on both sides, while its body and tentacles showcase a delightful pink-to-purple gradient. This coloration gives the impression of a Poison-type Pokemon and serves as a nostalgic nod to Tentacruel's original Water and Poison dual-typing.

11 Rellor

Given the extensive history of the Pokémon franchise spanning several decades, it was inevitable for Game Freak to introduce a Pokémon based on a dung beetle. Rellor is a small creature that engages in the peculiar behavior of rolling a massive ball.

In its regular form, Rellor exhibits the expected coloration, resembling the bug it is inspired by, as it pushes a large brown ball. However, it is in its shiny form where things become intriguing.

While the bug aspect of Rellor undergoes minimal changes in its shiny form, the ball it rolls takes on a striking golden appearance, suggesting a material alteration. What makes it even more intriguing is that the shiny forms of both Rellor and its evolution, Rabsca, hint at these Pokemon being more than meets the eye, defying initial expectations.

10 Wooper

Should you come across a shiny Paldean Wooper, you might want to take a second glance, as it may not immediately appear extraordinary. The Paldean Wooper, a regional variant, embraces a Poison-type and Ground-type combination, exhibiting a preference for dwelling in the mud rather than navigating lakes like its Johto counterpart.

Consequently, the Paldean Wooper's appearance is predominantly brown. However, the shiny variant reintroduces the color scheme from its original form, showcasing the iconic light blue hue reminiscent of a classic Wooper, along with the familiar pink gills adorning the sides of its head. This design is both evident and gratifying, to the extent that it is almost certain to entice you to embark on a hunt for it.

9 Drifblim

There is no denying it, Drifblim is undeniably an unusual-looking Pokemon. As a hybrid of Ghost-type and Flying-type, it closely resembles a colossal weather balloon in appearance. While its purple coloration does contribute to its ghostly aura, Drifblim doesn't possess any particularly remarkable visual features.

Upon acquiring its shiny form, Drifblim undergoes a remarkable transformation, emerging as one of the most captivating-looking Pokemon in existence. Transitioning from its original purple hue to a vibrant combination of bright yellow and blue, Drifblim manages to exude a heightened sense of menace while boasting an enhanced design that may seem less aligned with its Ghost-type and Flying-type characteristics. Nevertheless, this does not detract from its astonishing appeal and overall excellence.

8 Haxorus

Haxorus is already exceedingly impressive for enthusiasts of Dragon-type Pokemon, but its shiny variant takes its coolness to a whole new level, evoking an even more formidable and intimidating presence. If your goal is to assemble the most edgy and cutting-edge team imaginable, acquiring a shiny Haxorus would undoubtedly be a desirable choice.

When Haxorus undergoes its shiny transformation, it sheds all of its gold plating and adopts a sleek black coloration, complemented by subtle red accents. This newfound simplicity works marvelously for the Pokemon, imbuing it with an aura of readiness to intimidate any ill-fated Pokemon that dares to cross its path.

7 Maschiff

Maschiff is a Dark-type canine Pokemon encountered in the Scarlet and Violet games. Its evolved form, Mabosstiff, may be more recognizable to you as it plays a significant role in the game's storyline. However, Maschiff itself possesses a distinct coloration separate from its evolution, showcasing a captivating warm red hue with striking yellow accents adorning its fur.

As it evolves, Maschiff's coloration gradually aligns more closely with its fully evolved form, exhibiting rich shades of deep greys and blues. This transition provides a subtle yet enticing glimpse into its eventual transformation. Regrettably, Mabosstiff does not possess a shiny variant that mirrors the colors of its pre-evolution, Maschiff. Consequently, evolving a shiny Maschiff into a shiny Mabosstiff may not be deemed particularly worthwhile if you happen to capture one.

6 Florges

Florges is yet another Pokemon that boasts an exceptional foundational design, making it challenging to envision how the Pokemon team could enhance it further. However, they have arguably achieved this feat with the introduction of Florges' shiny form. The subtle alteration to a purple-based color palette bestows upon shiny Florges a distinct and captivating twist.

Despite remaining an adorable Fairy-type Pokemon, the substitution of green plant-like areas with a purple hue imbues Florges with a slightly more enigmatic and ominous aura. This alteration lends Florges a somewhat alien semblance, as purple plants align more with expectations from science fiction rather than the realm of Pokemon.

5 Umbreon

The subtle alteration in the design of the underappreciated Dark-type Pokemon, Umbreon, may appear minor, but it yields a significant impact. The most notable change in this shiny Pokemon's design is the transformation of its yellow elements into a delicate shade of light blue.

The blue hue gives Umbreon an almost ethereal glow whenever it enters the battlefield. While it may not align perfectly with its Dark-type nature, it undoubtedly adds a captivating allure to one of the Eevee evolutions that often goes unnoticed.

4 Revavroom

Revavroom is a Pokemon that you'll encounter frequently, primarily utilized by Team Star to fuel their colossal Starmobiles. You'll need to overcome five formidable bosses before reaching the end credits. However, when you eventually encounter a Revavroom in the wild, you'll realize that it is far less conspicuous and straightforward than Team Star would lead you to believe.

Inspired by a car, Revavroom features a silver engine and black wheels in its standard form. However, in its shiny variant, Shiny Revavroom exhibits a captivating change where its engine color transforms into a resplendent gold, while the wheels remain unaltered. This evokes the nostalgic charm of vintage gold cars from bygone eras, rendering Shiny Revavroom one of the most coveted shiny forms among collectors and enthusiasts.

3 Dondozo

Dondozo is among the newly introduced fish Pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet games. While fish-themed Pokemon are abundant, Dondozo possesses a distinct and uncommon design that sets it apart from its predecessors. Drawing inspiration from the concept of a colossal catfish, Dondozo incorporates design elements that imbue it with a captivating folkloric aesthetic.

Dondozo is undoubtedly an exceptional Pokemon overall, and its shiny form elevates its visual appeal to a higher level. Departing from the conventional blue and white color scheme, shiny Dondozo showcases an exquisite combination of white and gold, delving further into the mythical origins that likely influenced its conception.

2 Toxicroak

In contrast to numerous shiny Pokemon designs that completely alter their color palettes or opt for entirely new colors, shiny Toxicroak takes a slightly different approach. Its palette undergoes a subtle adjustment, featuring a lighter shade of blue and a shift from red to a more pink-purple hue.

The slight adjustment in its shiny form enhances Toxicroak's menacing appearance, adding an extra touch of exoticism and potentially emphasizing its poisonous nature. While Croagunk may not benefit as much from the shiny swap in terms of visual appeal, the trade-off becomes worthwhile when considering the eventual evolution into the fantastic shiny Toxicroak.

1 Salazzle

The original Salazzle, with its dual Poison-type and Fire-type attributes, already boasts an impressive appearance in its default form. The black body with pinkish-red accents perfectly complements its typing. However, surprisingly, the shiny form of Salazzle, which replaces much of the black with white, still manages to flawlessly suit the creature's overall aesthetic.

Salazzle's sleek design, coupled with its altered coloration, lends it an air of regality. It is safe to assume that many people appreciate this shiny design so much that they wouldn't mind if it were officially introduced in the series as a straightforward palette swap for the regular version.