The best unit combinations for each emblem in Fire Emblem Engage are as follows: | GAME3A

The best unit combinations for each emblem in Fire Emblem Engage are as follows:

The unique emblem mechanics of Fire Emblem: Engage are the key to creating a highly diversified pool of combinations to personalize your own Fire Embl...

Ali Jones Sept 11, 2023
The best unit combinations for each emblem in Fire Emblem Engage are as follows:

The unique emblem mechanics of Fire Emblem: Engage are the key to creating a highly diversified pool of combinations to personalize your own Fire Emblem experience. With a variety of options in terms of pairings, class developments, and more, there are no limits to the possibilities when it comes to your very own outcome.

However, there are some pairings that stand out significantly from the others in repeated playthroughs. From the pairing of Alcryst and Lyn to Ike and Panette, these couples are optimized to bring out the best in their abilities. It should not surprise you if these combinations carry your team all the way to the end of Chapter 27.

Updated on September 11, 2023, by Sean Murray: There are many potential emblem pairings in Fire Emblem Engage, but determining the best ones can be a real challenge. For this reason, we have updated this guide with improved formatting and some additional tips to make finding these pairings even easier.


Fire Emblem Engage Best Unit Pairings For Every Emblem

When it comes to pairing with Marth, you can't really go wrong. Although he is initially paired with the protagonist from the start, and this is also canonically intended, there are a number of excellent alternatives if you want to take a more creative path.

His strengths lie more in creating avoidance tanks, and his attack "Lodestar Rush" is practically an erase button in early gameplay. When paired with certain unit types, his abilities can unleash unique effects:

Dragon Units

Gain two additional attacks when using Lodestar Rush and gain HP back equal to the damage dealt with Divine Speed

Backup Units

Gain one additional attack when using Lodestar Rush

Mystical Units

Lodestar Rush uses Magic stat instead of Strength to calculate damage

Covert Units

A final, successful attack with Divine Speed leaves one Poison stack on the foe

Although dragon units are said to benefit the most from pairing with Marth, any unit that can benefit from the significant avoidance and speed bonuses will benefit from pairing with Marth. Furthermore, pairing with Marth allows a vulnerable physical unit in the early stages of the game, particularly during a Maddening run, to access the Rapier weapon.

While rapiers may not be inherently a spectacular weapon compared to other melee weapons in the arsenal, they provide a means for physical units who otherwise lack the means to deal with armored enemies. As sword units gain access to Armor Slayers as early as the fifth chapter, passing Marth to a lance unit provides them with a method to handle axes and armored units they previously struggled against.

At first glance, the standard recommendations for Marth, before considering "non-canon" builds, are as follows:

  • Alear
  • Chloe

An In-Depth Look

Alear from Fire Emblem Engage Wearing an Emblem Ring



  • Benefits from all Dragon perks
  • Fantastic Avoidance tank
  • Struggles without using Marth and becomes a liability in early-game

Alear is the obvious first choice due to the emphasis Engage's story places on the two being paired and the number of bonuses given to Dragon units when paired with Marth. Since Alear and Veyle are the only available Dragon units, there are only two units that can benefit from all Marth's skills have to offer. Furthermore, Alear Speed synergizes further with Marth's boons and can create a powerful Avoidance tank to make up for their lackluster beginning defensive stats.

Without Marth, Alear also struggles in the early game at higher difficulties due to poor synergy with other early-game Emblems and poor performance without one entirely. As Alear is the only mandatory and un-swappable unit in Story Mode (and the only early-game sword unit), this can prove to be a crucial break in your team's foundation and present a number of challenges that may prove to be a game-breaker for some players. This can be mitigated with the Navarre S-Rank Bond Ring, but at least gaining Marth's Avoidance skills through Inheritance is an absolute must in order to ensure Alear's early-game survival.

Chloe during a support conversation in Fire Emblem Engage



  • Untouchable Avoidance tank
  • Rapier weapon allows her to deal with Armored units
  • Misses out on Sword Agility bonuses when not Engaged
  • Still needs Canter from Sigurd, even with Marth

Chloe's starting class, the Pegasus Knight, benefits from an inherent high Avoid rate and beefy Speed growths. Adding Marth just makes this the icing on the cake, making her a great early-game Avoidance tank to make up for her lackluster defensive stats. Additionally, her access to the Rapier weapon allows her to face armored units she would have otherwise struggled against.

The drawback here is that you don't get the Sword Agility bonuses that sword-wielding units would enjoy otherwise. However, Chloe is the only flying unit available until you receive a Master Seal from either Chapter Seven or Anna's Paralogue or until you recruit Ivy in Chapter 11. Ideally, Chloe is best used with Marth to give her the ability to gain SP quickly to inherit Sigurd's Canter before Chapter 10 and leave Sigurd to a unit that may benefit more from his usage like Alfred or Louis.


Fire Emblem Engage Best Unit Pairings For Every

Sigurd's value lies more in his inheritable abilities rather than his attacking prowess, which makes his usage quite specialized. He is strong in the early game but becomes somewhat disappointing after his reintroduction. His strengths lie in his mobility, and he is best suited for characters who benefit the most from high movement range and use swords or lances (as these are the only units that can make use of his attack).

Similar to Marth, on paper, Sigurd's attacking abilities are favored against dragons, and depending on the class of his paired unit, there are a number of additional unique abilities:

Dragon Units

Gain +1 Movement to Gallop and +20% Damage when using Override

Cavalry Units

Gain +2 Movement to Gallop

Mystical Units

Deal +25% more damage (from Magic stat) when using Override

Covert Units

Ignore terrain costs to movement when Engaged

Qi Adept

Have a 20% chance of breaking a foe's stance when using Override

Sigurd's "Ridersbane" and "Brave Lance" are the best weapons he has to offer, and they are available early in the game. Both have their advantages but are heavy weapons that require high stats to avoid speed penalties. Therefore, bulkier units that could benefit from a small additional movement will gain the greatest advantages from Sigurd.

Stand-out pairings with Sigurd include:

  • Louis
  • Chloe
  • Alfred/Bunet

An In-Depth Look

Louis Taking Stance Next To Chloe Chapter 4



  • Armored tank engine with large movement
  • High build means no drawbacks from Sigurd's heavy weapons
  • Sigurd's Lance skills have no detriment to Louis
  • Pairing these two means no good Emblem pair for Alfred

Louis is by and far the best user for Sigurd, enjoying the extra movement that allows him to keep up with other mobile units and continue front-lining to absorb hits. His Build means that he won't take any hits to his speed (though he likely won't be outspeeding most units), the extra defense ensures he won't take any damage, and he can bait and switch easily to absorb follow-up attacks and let weaker allies finish for experience gain. Sigurd's hit to Avoid doesn't harm Louis as he was never meant to be an Avoidance tank, and the additional raw damage granted makes up for Louis's inability to strike twice against any other units. On paper, there are no downsides to this pairing.

The drawback for pairing Sigurd and Louis mostly stems from problems in the early game. By pairing Sigurd with Louis, you will be denying Alfred an Emblem pairing and creating a weak link in your party that can be devastating at higher difficulties. Pairing Sigurd with Louis will come at the cost of potentially sacrificing the use of a unit slot, so you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of one absolutely stacked unit as opposed to two passable ones.

Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 10, Equipping Sigurd On Chloe



  • Allows free Inherited Skill slot
  • Impressive Speed is not too hindered by heavy weapons but may prevent second attacks
  • Can hit and retreat to hide behind tanks
  • Bonuses to Defense for extra survivability
  • Lance skills greatly reduce Avoidance
  • Viable glass cannon

If not paired with Marth, Sigurd is the only reliable Emblem to pair with Chloe in the early game. As a lance-wielding Flying unit with impressive speed, Sigurd's heavy weapons aren't usually enough to slow Chloe down too much, and enjoys all the bonuses to attack damage while wielding a Lance. In addition, giving Sigurd to Chloe means freeing up an Inherited Skill slot that otherwise should be used for Canter. Having this skill allows Chloe to retreat after an attack, allowing tankier units like Louis to step forward and shield Chloe from a melee attack.

The drawback with Sigurd is that the heavy weapons may prevent Chloe from dealing a second attack, crucial for a unit that relies heavily on speed to make up for her average Strength growths. In addition, the bonuses for power greatly reduce her Avoidance - her greatest asset as a Pegasus Knight - and reveal her lackluster defensive stats. While her HP can help negate some of the threat, a pairing with Sigurd makes Chloe more like a viable glass cannon than a well-balanced unit.

Fire Emblem Engage - Alfred Summoning Emblem Sigurd



  • Corrects Alfred's glaring weaknesses to make a usable unit
  • Allows a balanced team until Alfred replaced by Bunet
  • Bunet's Build allows good use of heavy Engage weapons
  • Decent offensive and defensive stats that make a well-balanced unit
  • Access to all three parts of the Weapon Triangle

Without Sigurd, Alfred struggles greatly to keep up in performance with other early-game units. While his personal skill helps bolster his nice Strength stat, his speed (reduced by his poor starting build) and defensive capabilities leave glaring weaknesses that really benefit from Sigurd's help. Giving Alfred a much-needed boost to his physical Defense and weapons with added effectiveness that can allow him to get the upper hand on enemies he would otherwise struggle against.

Once Bunet is unlocked, Alfred's overall usefulness drastically drops. This is due to Bunet's much higher starting Build and Build rates. Although Alfred's Speed growth is slightly higher, Bunet's stats are far more balanced and generally compensate for Alfred's unique class ability. Bunet's synergy with Sigurd is overall much higher, and keeping him in the Great Knight class he begins in means giving Bunet access to all three parts of the Weapon Triangle to make him a highly versatile unit.


Fire Emblem Engage Best Unit Pairings For

Known for her Warp Ragnarok, Celica is the best emblem for mages in the base game. Her increase in magic stat, unique bonuses for mystical units, and the utility of the Echo-Engage ability make her the perfect complement to your mage units, like chocolate to vanilla.

Combining Celica with other types of units can lead to interesting advantages:

Dragon Units

Echo and Warp Ragnarok enjoy +1 attack range

Cavalry Units

Warp Ragnarok warp distance increases by +2

Mystical Units

Echo's damage increases by 10% and Warp Ragnarok's by +20%

Flying Units

Warp Ragnarok warp distance increases by +5

The units that benefit from Celica's combination options in the early game are quite limited, but the potential combinations increase as you switch units into mage classes and further develop your team. Generally, the recommendation is to prioritize mages with a high base magic stat, as they may be outpaced by your significantly more mobile units.

Units that fall into this category and complement Celica consistently are:

  • Celine
  • Anna

An argument can be made for the consistently reliable Pandreo, but he also performs well on his own and could potentially be a better later combination for Emblem Micaiah due to his ability for self-healing.

An In-Depth Look

Celine Running From Unseen Corrupted In Chapter 4



  • Perfect pairing from Day One
  • Well-rounded and good offensive stats
  • Few drawbacks
  • A long period of time apart could lead to falling off

The primary pairing for Celica in her introduction, Celine's build appears to be optimized for Celica from Day One. With her unique class ability giving her the potential to add Strength to her magic attacks and the ability to swap between swords and magic as necessary, she's a well-rounded unit that only really struggles with her speed in the beginning when compared to Clanne who, by the time Celine is recruited, might already have a few invested levels. She has a low build, meaning she can get bogged down with heavier tomes in the beginning, but overall, she's a solid unit choice with very few drawbacks in usage.

That being said, her usability does drop significantly after losing Celica, and it's very likely she may fall behind much more mobile and dedicated mage units like Ivy, a mobile Citrinne, or Pandreo. Celica doesn't return until much, much later in a playthrough, and there aren't many good alternatives for Celine in the meantime. Those who are dedicated to a Celina and Celica build will need to find something else for Celica to do and invest in refining tomes for her to keep up with other units.

Anna Stares Into The Camera With A Dopey Expression



  • Highest Magic and Speed stats for killing machine
  • Less risk of falling off in mid-game
  • Reliable Gold farming
  • Requires reclassing
  • Limited use due to lack of chapters

Although she requires re-classing and learning proficiencies through bonds with Emblems, Anna's incredible Magic growth is the highest in the game and is equal to her astounding 50 growth in Speed. She's the perfect Mage character, and Celica's raw damage and Warp Ragnarok only add to Anna's many strengths. Unlike Celine, Anna is easily viable in the awkward mid-game and can function well on her own. With the return of Celica in later chapters, re-pairing them comes naturally, and the two can continue in the final maps with relative ease and little-to-no investments for training. In addition, Anna's usage and function as a killing machine will net you a lofty amount of gold with her unique skill.

The only drawback for Anna is the limited amount of use Anna will have with Celica. With Second Seals only available in the final two chapters before Celica's removal, there are only a total of about 8 chapters for the two to be together. For all other chapters, Celica will likely be placed on either Celine or Clanne.


Fire Emblem Engage Best Unit Pairings

Micaiah is the perfect support emblem, but her greatest advantage does not lie in her Engage abilities, Engage attack, or weapons. Micaiah's main strength lies in the amount of experience one can gain through her Engage attack, "Sacrifice."

Capable of leveling most units in one or two rounds, Micaiah has the potential to shine on units that require leveling and support, benefiting from increased range and effectiveness of healing staves.

Her Engage skill and Engage "attack" primarily favor dragons and Qi adepts, but certain armored units can also gain a unique advantage.

Dragon Units

Staff range increases by 1, and Great Sacrifice leaves the unit with 30% of max HP instead of 1HP

Qi-Adept Units

Gain +20%HP healed by staves and cure statuses when using Great Sacrifice

Armored Units

Great Sacrifice leaves +1 Defense on all healed units

Every unit can enjoy the many advantages of Micaiah, but those with high magic generally achieve the best results with her due to her Engage weapons like Shine and especially Nosferatu. Units that are also registered as backups can make good use of Micaiah (such as Goldmary), but the purely optimized Micaiah build generally favors those who remain in the backline and prefer to stay out of trouble except when necessary.

Units that shine the most with Micaiah are:

  • Pandreo
  • Jean
  • Hortensia

An In-Depth Look

Fire Emblem Engage a young man with glasses on his cap



  • Fast leveling with Great Sacrifice to catch up from Level One
  • Aptitude leveling can create a monster
  • Gets Qi-Adept bonus for better healing
  • Good and reliable backline unit
  • Jean's use could be better elsewhere after losing Micaiah

Jean is the best early-pairing with Micaiah thanks to the ability to level-grind with Great Sacrifice, allowing him to quickly catch up with the rest of your party despite starting at level one. This level-grinding also allows him to get the most out of Aptitude as fast as possible. As such, the level deficit he begins with is corrected before it becomes too much of a problem to contend with, and keeping him in the back while he uses Micaiah's Engage abilities means having a powerful staff user (with extra healing power due to his class) for your backline while doing training. In the mid-game, Jean can remain a dangerous Qi-Adept without Micaiah, and the two can rejoin with ease later.

There is no drawback for pairing Jean with Micaiah in the early game, but there may be a drawback in keeping Jean as a staff user throughout the mid and late game due to his ability to fulfill any role in a party and the existence of other reliable staff users in Framme, Ivy, Hortensia, Pandreo, and more. As such, the only drawback in keeping Jean paired with Micaiah is potentially missing out on reclassing to a powerful unit of another class.

Hortensia from Fire Emblem Engage



  • Unique class conserves staff uses
  • Unique ability increases range effectiveness further
  • Can use all of Micaiah's tomes very well
  • Flying unit gives a greater range of use
  • Low defense makes her a liability

Hortensia is a powerful staff user with a unique class that allows her to potentially save on staff usage. In Maddening, this can be very nice (saving you limited resources in replacing them), but it's not as nice as her personal skill which allows her an innate +1 range to her staves. When Engaged with Micaiah, this means that all of her staves have a range of +6, essentially making Hortensia function as if she were a paired Dragon unit. Her high Magic starting base and amazing Speed growth make her an avid user of Micaiah's tomes as well. Being a flying unit as well, Hortensia's large area of movement makes it feasible to move her far out of danger or juggle between split teams to reach distant allies in need of healing.

Hortensia's drawback lies in her abysmal starting Defense and the almost non-existent growths that go with it. Nosferatu helps immensely here, and keeping her in the back line will assist in limited chances for damage. However, the risk of being one-shot by an enemy does make it necessary to either keep a close eye on her or invest in Avoid skills where possible.

Emblem Pairing Menu For Pandreo And Micaiah



  • Amazing personal skill, Party Animal, for more Hit and Avoid
  • Exceptional Speed and Dexterity
  • Highest Resistance in the game
  • Self-recover negates threat from Great Sacrifice and can heal allies
  • Reliable Nosferatu user
  • Soren could arguably be a better pair for the offense

Easily one of the most underrated units in Fire Emblem Engage thanks to his late start, Pandreo functions as a highly capable mage and staff user who has access to the amazing personal skill, Party Animal. Thanks to this, Pandreo is able to function as a staff user on the front lines when needed and become an active participant in battles. This is a huge benefit as Pandreo operates as both a deadly-efficient mage with high Speed and Dexterity (capable of doubling and consistently crit'ing his foes) and reliable support. Additionally, he's practically untouchable when facing other mages thanks to his having the highest Resistance growth in the game, and the High Priest class skill allows him to cast healing magic on himself if ever he faces damage (which, when Engaged with Micaiah, will also heal allies within a space around him). His ability to self-recover also means that using Great Sacrifice doesn't have much of a drawback as he can immediately heal himself in the next turn if there is no other staff user nearby and he can't use Nosferatu for any reason.

There really is no drawback in pairing Pandreo with Micaiah. It's an excellent pairing, and few Emblems synchronize with Pandreo so well. The only Emblem that can compete with this pairing for Pandreo is the DLC Soren, allowing Pandreo to take on a more offensive role rather than a supportive one.


Fire Emblem Engage Best Unit

Roy is somewhat underwhelming when it comes to emblem combinations, but his greatest strengths lie in his inheritable abilities. Therefore, anyone can truly benefit from Roy without needing to pair him up. This is particularly helpful for various units that wish to enjoy the "Determination" ability, as Roy clearly favors sword users.

His Engage attack, for example, is strictly limited to sword users.

Depending on the type of unit he allies with, the following advantages apply to the combination with him:

Dragon Units

Rise Above raises the level by 6 instead of 5 and Blazing Lion range increases by three spaces

Cavalry Units

Rise Above also grants an additional +1 Movement

Armored Units

Rise Above also grants +5HP

Mystical Units

Flame area increases

Due to the strength of his sword and the advantages offered by the combined weapon, the Binding Blade, Roy appears to prioritize strength over evasion. Therefore, defensive sword users who are capable of taking hits make the best combinations with Roy.

  • Diamant
  • Amber
  • Panette

An In-Depth Look

Diamant Offering His Hand To Audience



  • Made for Roy
  • Added range
  • High damage output and reliable tank
  • Short window of opportunity for use
  • Low movement can mean falling behind

Diamant as Roy's canon pairing is built to enjoy all Roy has to offer without being a detriment to his current stats or needing to invest in a seal to change his class. Roy gives Diamant a large AoE, boosts his nice Strength further with little drawback, and ensures Diamant can function as a beefy frontline unit without fearing a one-shot from an enemy you didn't see coming.

Roy's only drawback with Diamant is the short window of time they get to spend together before facing a long stint apart and Diamant's liability to falling behind more mobile allies. In Roy and Diamant's time apart, Diamant may have fallen to the wayside or been paired with another Emblem. Otherwise, there are no glaring drawbacks. The two are made for one another, and Diamant's unique class makes it so that damage taken as a result of lowed Avoid can be gained back with a powerful attack.

Amber Ally Notebook Image Rearing On A Horse And Nervous



  • Highest Strength growth in game
  • Can wield heavy weapons with high Build
  • Cavalry unit for added movement
  • Frees Diamant for other/better pairings
  • Worst Resistance in the game
  • Can sometimes suffer poor Hit Rates

An unlikely and rather surprising pairing, Amber does well with Roy on account of having a tie with Panette and Rosado for the highest Strength growth in the game. With an impressive build and okay Speed, Amber can wield heavy weapons without any glaring drawbacks and has the movement that Diamant doesn't have. With Roy, Amber also gets to enjoy extra survivability (especially against the mages he appears to be allergic to) and higher damage output. As a Cavalry unit, he's one of the best in the mid-game thanks to his damage output, and if Roy is unpaired due to Diamant already having a good pairing (like Ike or Hector), Amber is a very good candidate.

Nevertheless, despite Diamant being the one who is supposed to be afraid of magic, Amber has the worst Resistance in the game (in base and in growths). Hold Out can assist in surviving an attack against them, but he's generally all but helpless against them if he isn't able to immediately remove them. Furthermore, his Dexterity is a little lackluster against other Cavalry units, so he can sometimes suffer from a poor Hit Rate when wielding un-refined/un-engraved weapons.


Fire Emblem Engage Best

Similar to Roy, the main advantages of Leif primarily lie in what one can learn from him rather than receiving something while paired with him. His inheritable skills (especially Advantage and Weapon Shield) are fantastic, and reaching a higher bond level with Leif grants access to a treasure trove of abilities that allow units to reclass into classes they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

An early bond with him (through use or the arena) is crucial to reclassing some early units such as Lapis, Jean, or Anna. Otherwise, Leif's best combinations are typically any physical unit that doesn't have another Emblem Ring option to switch to.

Combining Leif with a secret unit is also a way to employ a less reliable method of gold farming.

Another advantage of Leif lies in his incredible versatility, which allows him to synergize with practically any unit class and opens up a multitude of possible unique effects:

Dragon Units

Gain +30 Hit during combat and +20 Damage when using Quadruple Hit

Covert Units

Gain +20 Avoid during combat and a chance to earn gold after using Quadriple Hit (Trigger % = Luck)

Armored Units

Gain +5 Defense during combat

Flying Units

Gain +5 Resistance during combat


Gain +10 Critical chance during combat

Qi Adept

Quadruple Attack breaks foe if they survive

Leif's Engage weapons are as disappointing as he is, but the Master Lance (which works like a fancy Brave Lance) can give some units an advantage who might otherwise only be able to land a single hit. His weapons have high weight, so the best unit combinations are those with a large build and high defense.

  • Louis
  • Goldmary

An In-Depth Look

Closeup Louis Opening Both Eyes In A Serious Moment



  • Solid choice with few drawbacks
  • Untouchable defense
  • Allows reclassing into various defense units for any situation
  • No/little benefit to added Build and other skills
  • Large time apart and better options than Leif

With his high Build, impressive Strength and Defense, and ability to be classed in an Armored class for even more raw Defense when Engaged, Louis is a good choice who can make the most of each of the Engage weapons without needing to care much for Build before Leif's additional Build bonuses. He uses Quadruple Attack well, and Leif's proficiency abilities allow Louis to reclass into various defensive advanced classes at will so long as the Second Seals are available.

The difficulty with Leif is finding a unit that benefits from pairing with him so late in the game. With the addition of Emblem DLCs, he's easily outclassed and discarded on the side. In the case of Louis, Louis doesn't get to benefit from the increased Build so much, probably won't ever need to fear taking much (if any) physical damage without Leif, and has little use of Leif's other skills. Their pairing is purely due to the lack of good pairings for Louis outside of Sigurd, increasing Louis's already outstanding defensive capabilities, and the possibility of having Vantage on the very off-chance Louis gets caught off-guard by several mage or armorslayer-wielding units. In addition, pairing Leif and Louis has the same struggle as Roy and Diamant - a long time apart.

Fire Emblem Engage - Goldmary fighting in the arena



  • Strong defenses for frontline unit
  • Backup status benefits from Vantage and +10 Critical
  • Pairs well with Dual Assist Inherited Skill
  • Brave Assist class skill safeguarded by Leif's defenses
  • Slightly lower Dexterity/Hit Rate
  • Overall solid pairing

Goldmary's fantastic raw defensive capability and need to be in the frontlines constantly to make use of her Backup unit ability makes her a good candidate for pairing with Leif. Increasing her defenses further and offering the ability to use Vantage while saving additional Inherited Skill slots for skills like Lucina's Dual Assist, he's a solid choice. Furthermore, keeping her as a Backup unit - particularly a Hero - means increasing her Critical chance while also having the ability to make use of the Hero's unique skill: Brave Assist. Leif's defensive bonuses will ensure that Brave Assist can continue being activated without needing constant healing to keep it at play. And, thankfully, Leif returns to you in the chapter after recruiting Goldmary, making the two an easy pairing.

There aren't too many drawbacks with this particular pairing. The only weaknesses lie in Goldmary who has a very conditional personal skill and a lower Dexterity/Hit Rate than other units. Otherwise, the two are a decent pairing and complement each other fairly well.


Fire Emblem Engage

Easily one of the best (if not the best) emblems in Engage, Lyn's strengths lie in her remarkably long list of stackable Class A skills. She offers a variety of speed-based abilities, and by stacking them, any unit can dramatically enhance their performance.

Taking into consideration her unique advantages, she achieves the best results with dragon and secret units, as well as physical attackers with good or slightly above-average speed values.

Dragon Units

Gain +5 Range to Astra Storm and an extra Double when created

Covert Units

Gain +10 Range to Astra Storm

Qi Adept Units

Astra Storm breaks target if still alive

Flying Units

All Doubles gain +10 Avoid

Her Killer Bow and Mani Katti are the two best weapons in her repertoire, and her high critical rate is best enjoyed by those who also have good dexterity to further increase that percentage.

In addition, any bow can be used with Astra Storm (which cannot critically hit), so the best user of Lyn early on is typically a secret archer with an upgraded bow for optimal damage and the range of her amazing Engage attack. However, any fast physical attacker will be suitable.

  • Alcryst
  • Chloe

An In-Depth Look

Lyn Alcryst Engaged Using Astra Storm On A Soldier



  • No better pairing
  • +10 Range Covert unit bonus to Astra Storm
  • Astra Storm power increased further by refined bows
  • Impressive Speed/Dexterity/Critical rate joined with Lyn's for god-tier stats
  • Doubles have high Avoidance and Critical rate for killer decoys

Hands down, Alcryst has no competition when it comes to being the best partner for Lyn. Enjoying the +10 Range bonus for Astra Storm thanks to his unique class, enjoying very good Dexterity and Speed on his own, and having access to bows that can be refined for even better damage than what Lyn's base weapons provide, there is absolutely no drawback to pairing Alcryst and Lyn. His Doubles have a high Avoidance and Critical rate, making it a possibility that your doubles will avoid an attack from an enemy only to kill them. Alcryst and Lyn are quite frankly flawless in every regard, and there is little reason to not pair the two other than trying new things.

Chloe Handling Her Pegasus With Lance In Hand During Cutscene



  • Decent strength with Astra Storm
  • High Speed and Avoidance make a quick killer
  • Decoys have increased Avoidance rates
  • Chloe's flexibility synergizes well with Lyn
  • The only drawback is that it isn't Alcryst and Lyn

Thanks to her high-Speed stats and Flying class, Chloe makes a good secondary option for a Lyn user if you're wanting something other than the mainstream Alcryst and Lyn. Her attacks with Astra Storm are decent, and they can help remove enemy archers from a distance without needing to get close. At this point, you also might have chosen to reclass Chloe into either a Sniper with a Radiant Bow or a Martial Master to capitalize on her mix of Strength and Magic growths, both of which would also synergize with Lyn just as well.

The only drawback here is that she can't compete with Alcryst. Her pairing with Lyn is good, but she operates better with other Emblem pairings when they're available.


Fire Emblem

Lucina has a long list of extremely strong and advantageous skills - some inheritable and others not. However, those who benefit the most from pairing with her are units that are not backup units, as combining Lucina with a backup unit would render her skill "Divine Strike" meaningless.

Her wide range of unique effects otherwise makes her compatible with a variety of units.

Dragon Units

Bonded Shield has a 90% trigger rate and all ally chain attacks in All For One are guaranteed to hit

Cavalry Units

Bonded Shield has a 100% trigger rate when shielding other Cavalry units

Qi Adept Units

Bonded Shield has a 100% trigger rate

Flying Units

Bonded Shield has a 100% trigger rate when shielding other Flying units

Armored Units

Bonded Shield has a 100% trigger rate when shielding other Armored units

Backup Units

All For One has +1 range

Lucina's access to Rapier and Parthia provides additional protection against distant, armored, and mounted units. Her entire skill set supports collaborating with allies to deal extra damage or defeat enemies that would otherwise have survived.

Taking into account the Divine Strike ability, it is best to choose a non-backup unit that is capable of long-range attacks (such as mages) or archers who would normally never participate in chain attacks due to their class.

  • Ivy
  • Alear

An In-Depth Look

Alear from Fire Emblem Engage



  • Unique Dragon class benefits
  • Good synergy with unique Divinely Inspiring skill
  • Avoidance tanking beast with ally support
  • Alear struggles without a good Emblem pairing
  • Lack of ranged attacks for optimal Lucina

Given to Alear immediately losing Lucina, the game sets you up to use Lucina from the start. The benefits of having increased success in Bonded Shield and guaranteeing that you'll get the most out of All For One are fantastic, and Alear doesn't have many choices in the mid-game to pair with after losing Marth unless you reclass out of the Divine Dragon class line. Lackluster without Lucina, Alear does well with Lucina for very much of the same reasons Alear did well with Marth: Alear struggles without an Emblem pairing or a very good Bond Ring. Otherwise, Lucina further boosts Alear's good speed to ensure they're always doubling foes and grants a huge Avoidance bonus when around allies with whom Alear has good Support with (which should be the case so late in the game).

Alear's downside with Lucina is the lack of ranged attacks that can allow Alear to function as well as in other matches. Carrying the Levin Sword can help, putting Alear slightly behind the frontline with the Levin Sword equipped and Bonded Shield in effect, but Alear's magic growths are so-so. Yes, Alear's personal skill can be an added bonus here, but Alear performs so much better as a frontline Avoid tank rather than a support, so Alear isn't quite optimized for bringing Lucina to her fullest potential.

Fire Emblem Engage - Ivy Lindwurm class in battle



  • Long-ranged Backup unit with up to nine range
  • Speed and Avoid bolstered for extra survivability
  • Added Dexterity has good synergy with Lindwurm skill, Grasping Void
  • Lack of physical prowess
  • Little benefit from bow skills or Engage weapons

Ivy capitalizes on all Alear fails to do. Equipping her with a refined long-range tome like Thunder, Elthunder, or Thoron means that Ivy can participate in Chain Attacks from up to three spaces away 100 percent of the time. Combined with her status as a Flying Unit and the additional Dual Assist ability, Ivy can reliably Chain Attack up to nine spaces away 70 percent of the time. Her good Speed and Avoid is further accentuated by pairing with Lucina, and the added effects of Dexterity help with any struggle she might have otherwise had with hit rates in the more inaccurate tomes as well as increase the trigger rate for her class's unique skill: Grasping Void.

Ivy's only drawbacks lie in her lack of physical prowess, meaning Ivy doesn't benefit from Lucina's bow skills (except in very rare instances when using Parthia) or Engage Weapons. That being said, Ivy's position is more like a long-ranged support character and magical sniper than a frontliner, and she does her job well enough without a care for the lost skill bonuses.



Similar to Lyn, Ike is a flawless unit that can perform well with almost any unit. However, Ike's strength lies in highly resilient units with moderate defense and resistance, as well as high critical hit rates. His skills are only triggered when a unit has suffered a certain amount of damage, so when selecting Ike's partner, it is important to ensure that your unit can withstand and survive damage.

His Engage skills favor dragon units, but unlike other units, you generally want to avoid units that reduce damage taken due to the unique advantages of his skills (thus reducing your own critical hit chances and raw damage):

Dragon Units

Take -10% less damage for a total of -60% and deal an extra point of damage with Great Aether for every hit taken

Flying Units

Grant +5 Resistance when using Great Aether

Armored Units

Grant +5 Defense when using Great Aether

His weapons are good, but they are heavy, so you should choose a unit with decent strength to avoid excessive weight penalties. Urvan is clearly the best weapon, and it suits best a unit that may be somewhat weak in resistance to ensure they don't die while using Aether. Units that fit this pattern are:

  • Panette
  • Diamant

An In-Depth Look

Confident Panette Engaged With Ike Posing With Urvan



  • Absolutely broken unit
  • Highest HP in the game
  • Amazing synergy between Ike's and Panette's skills
  • Reposition and Smash+ allow for better map control
  • Potential for perfect 100% Critical
  • Raw power synergy with Axe Power
  • Hold Out++ and Vantage make an unstoppable unit
  • The nitpicking downside of slightly lowered Hit Rate

Panette and Ike are easily one of the best units in the game and could compete with Lyn and Alcryst for the title. Panette, easily overlooked and commonly classed low in tier charts enjoys a number of benefits from Ike that correct her few flaws and take her personalized skill and class skill to their fullest potential. She has a high HP and semi-decent defensive stats, but pairing her with Ike increases her defensive capabilities so that she can take small chunks of damage to activate a number of skills. Once Panette has lost 30HP, she will be granted the following boons:

  • +40 Base Critical (Wrath and Blood Fury)
  • +7 Defense and Resistance

Furthermore, Panette's class, the Berserker class, allows Smash+ units to reach targets within a radius of up to two squares. Combined with Ike's Reposition, Panette has the exceptional ability to control maps and ignore the consequences of using heavy Smash weapons, thanks to the aforementioned advantages. With her already high dexterity stats and the use of an engraved and upgraded Killer Axe, Panette can achieve a perfect critical hit rate of 100 percent. Additionally, she exclusively benefits from axe strength, as she does not concern herself with evasion chances when acting as a tank, and has the freedom to inherit skills like Hold Out++ and Vantage, making her an unstoppable killing machine.

Panette's only downside comes from a potential lack of Hit Rate in the beginning, but this is easily mitigated with refined weapons. Otherwise, there really are no obvious downsides to Panette and Ike pairing.

Emblem Pairing Menu For Diamant And Ike



  • Similar raw damage potential to Panette
  • Capable of taking hits with lofty HP and enjoying Wrath
  • Sol might sabotage set-ups
  • Panette's Strength and Dexterity are better

Diamant synergizes well with Ike for a lot of the same reasons as Panette, but there are a few glaring issues with Diamant and Ike that make Panette the far superior user.

Diamant's unique class skill, Sol, can completely and accidentally undo the benefits of Wrath and Resolve, lowering defenses and Critical output when you don't mean to. Additionally, although their HP is roughly the same, Panette's raw Strength and Dexterity (both base and in growths) outclasses Diamant in every way. Much like how Chloe can work for Lyn but Alcryst works better, Diamant can function well with Ike, but the downsides make it clear that Panette and Ike are in a league of their own.


One contender for one of the best support emblems in Engage is Byleth. They prefer units with high Luck power and can work well with any type of unit due to their exceptionally extensive pool of unique support effects that can be applied to all class types.

Dragon Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +3 to all stats; use Aymr

Flying Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +5 to Resistance; use Luin

Armored Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +5 to Defense; use Aegis shield

Covert Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +5 to Speed; use Failnaught

Qi Adept Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +10 to Luck; use Rafail Gem

Mystical Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +4 to Magic; use Thyrsus

Cavalry Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +10 to Dexterity; use Areadbhar

Backup Units

Instruct and Goddess Dance gives +4 to Strength; use Blutgang

Thanks to the great versatility in weapons, Byleth can be placed on any unit and function well with little to no effort. However, the ability to use Goddess Dance and Instruct means that they are likely best placed on a character who fulfills a supportive role (but not Seadall!) or can fully utilize the stat bonuses as needed.

  • Alear
  • Hortensia

An In-Depth Look

Fire Emblem Engage Alear close up



  • Amazing synergy with Divinely Inspired skill and Mentorship
  • Decent Luck to make use of Divine Pulse
  • Essentially a superior Dancer unit
  • Sacrifices Alear as a frontline Avoid tank
  • Doesn't have good synergy with Aymr

Alear is an excellent choice for Byleth due to the lofty stat increases Alear can give through Instruct and Goddess Dance for your entire army. Although Alear isn't a support unit per se, playing them behind a baiting frontline allows your nearby units to not only get the benefits of an Instruct but also her Divinely Inspiring personal skill. As a result, the damage dealt in any attack is to increase by five each. This results in Alear fulfilling a sort of tankier Dancer role in the place of Seadall (whose use with Byleth would waste his own Dance skill).

The downside here is simply in the loss of Alear as an Avoidance tank in the front unless otherwise being used in a literal line of front runners when standing at a chokepoint. Alear does get the use of the Smash Weapon Aymr, but its weight and hit rate means that Alear will be sacrificing Avoidance and potentially taking one (if not two) hits before ever getting to strike a foe. It's not well-matched for Alear, and it's generally best in most circumstances to stay away from the Amyr Engage Weapon in preference of Byleth's later weapons (particularly Vajra Mushti).

Hortensia Raising Hand While Riding Sleipnir In Chapter 7



  • Back-row unit built for pure support
  • Can give added Resistance to allies
  • Capable of abusing Divine Pulse with low-hit tomes
  • Luin synergizes nicely with Hortensia's Speed
  • Suffers from squishy build

When classed as her unique Sleipnir class, Hortensia's Instruction allows for a nifty +5 to Resistance that can be a huge boon when necessary, despite being a bit situational, and dedicate herself fully to the support role. Her huge Luck stat growth means she can use Divine Pulse to the fullest, be handy for long-distance Magic attacks like Thoron, and do damage where necessary. Thankfully, Hortensia's Magic is also equal to her Strength, and although neither is anything to be impressed about, Byleth's Engage weapon for Flying units scales additional damage with Speed - of which Hortensia has no small amount. Luin adds an element of survivability in melee combat when absolutely necessary and can even be used for setting up weapon breaks for other units, further playing into her support role.

Much like with any pairing, Hortensia's biggest fault is in her Defense. Unable to take more than a single hit (if that), Hortensia is meant to be far away from the frontlines. As a result, she'll likely miss out on using the Mentorship skill.


An excellent unit for combining forces, Corrin excels at taking control of the map and zones, and their combination brings the greatest benefit to those who can utilize and exploit their Dragon Vein technique. Otherwise, their abilities also enhance overall survivability with HP and generate a range of status effects that negatively impact the opponent.

Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura both create hazards for an opponent that are well-suited for subsequent units, making the best user of Corrin someone who can both utilize Dragon Veins and create opportunities for other units.

Dragon Units

Choose any vein effect, Torrential Roar gets +1 Range, Dreadful Aura also lowers enemy Avoid by -20

Flying Units

Dragon Vein creates Healing Glow for restoring HP

Armored Units

Dragon Vein creates vines that grant immunity to break

Covert Units

Dragon Vein creates a fog that raises Avoid, and Dreadful Aura also lowers enemy Avoid by -20

Qi Adept Units

Dragon Vein creates ice pillars to hinder movement

Mystical Units

Dragon Vein creates flames to deal damage

Cavalry Units

Dragon Vein creates water to decrease Avoid

Backup Units

Dragon Vein creates stone pillars to increase Defense and Resistance

Corrin's Dual Katana and Yato are the main weapons of interest in Corrin's arsenal for engagement, and they are best utilized by those who have invested abilities into swordplay. Abilities inherited from characters like Marth can increase evasion chance and work well when combined with outstanding units such as the following:

  • Yunaka
  • Alcryst
  • Alear

An In-Depth Look

Fire Emblem Engage - Yunaka and Corrin



  • Best Corrin pairing
  • Good synergy with personal and class skills for best Avoidance tank in-game
  • Stacks poison with various debuffs to set up for allies
  • Functions as either a solo Avoid tank or supportive chip unit
  • Lackluster base damage with poor Strength
  • Can be hit with Mystical attacks but has high Resistance
  • Chain Attacks that were previously a threat to Avoidance tanks are ignored

Yunaka is by and large the most optimal pairing for Corrin. Her personal skill, Trained to Kill, gives an additional +15 Critical when standing in a tile that gives Avoidance. Combined with the Cover class's ability to double Avoidance tile benefits and Corrin's Dragon Vein ability giving her the ability to create her very own Avoidance tiles around her, Yunaka can ultimately walk anywhere on any map without taking a single point of damage while also using daggers to inflict stacking poisons on various enemies when she isn't activating one Critical after the other. This poison can also synergize well if Yunaka takes the initiative to attack a foe, stacking poison with Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura. She can either slowly solo any map (especially with Vantage equipped) or be a reliable chipping unit to set up for beefier allies.

Yunaka's only drawback is her lackluster Strength. Unable to make good use of Corrin's Engage Attack or Engage Weapons in a way other units can, she can be a little outshone in the immediate damage department. A winning strategy with Yunaka may be effective, but it can suffer from bad RNG and from being slow turn-wise. Thankfully, Corrin's Dragon Vein skill can be used in and outside of being Engaged. Additionally, Yunaka does face a little bit of a threat from enemy Mystical units who ignore terrain Avoidance, though this isn't much of a concern with Yunaka's impressive Resistance stats. The only other threat to her Avoidance tanking is from Backup units which ignore terrain effects as well, but bonding with Corrin at Level 13 negates any threat from Chain Attacks.

Alear Prepared To Move In Chapter 5 Turn One



  • Gets the choice of any Dragon Vein
  • Good use of Corrin's swords (especially with Marth's skills)
  • Higher HP for better survivability
  • Could leave Corrin for other pairings that need her more

Although there is much to be said about pairing two dragons with one another, the dual Dragon combo's strength is primarily in Alear's ability to choose any Dragon Vein ability regardless of class. With such versatility, Alear becomes an important supporting unit that can adapt to any situation. Furthermore, Alear's bonuses with swords and any previously Inherited Skills from Marth stack well with these Dragon Vein abilities and Corrin's Engage Weapons. Dual Katana is especially nice for letting Alear deal with pesky Lance units that might otherwise pose a problem. The additional benefit of higher HP overall helps with any poor RNG Alear might have suffered along the way and increases the survivability of your only essential unit.

Much like with Byleth, making Alear a more supportive unit can take Alear a bit away from the frontlines where they might be more appreciated. Additionally, there are a number of other units Alear might function just as well with, leaving Corrin with more synergistic pairings like Yunaka or Alcryst.

Alcryst Deadpan Stare During Introduction Chapter 7



  • Mixed offensive and Avoidance tank
  • Good usage of Fog
  • Luna increases synergy for better sword usage
  • Greater range for Draconix Hex and Dreadful Aura

If you're wanting to go another route with Alcryst rather than the staple Lyn pairing and don't have an interest in the Yunaka tank, Alcryst, and Corrin make a very usable couple. Much like Yunaka, Alcryst gets to spam Dragon Vein to make use of the fog coverage. His unique class skill, Luna, does allow for added usability of her swords when Engaged and pairing Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura on top of a bow's strike (especially with a Longbow) does ensure that any attack after Alcryst's is certain to kill without ever getting too close.

The only fault here is that Yunaka and Alear do everything Alcryst can do but a little bit better.


A rather disappointing emblem in many respects, the possible combinations of Eirika and Ephraim generally revolve around those who may derive the most enjoyment from using Luna or Sol. It is a flexible emblem without particularly overpowering builds, which can be created with just two minor effects on a single engagement mechanism.

As a result, their general abilities such as Lunares/Solares Bracelet and Chivalry harmonize with any unit that is a physical attacker and may require some additional defense.

Dragon Units

Increase Twin Strike damage by +20%

Cavalry Units

Ephraim's attack in Twin Strike is increased by +50%

Their engagement weapons do not align with their advantages in lance usage, meaning a sword user can partially utilize the presented weapons or a lance user can benefit from increased evasion chance. In any case, there are some units that can pair very well with Eirika and Ephraim:

  • Merrin
  • Lapis

An In-Depth Look

Fire Emblem Engage - picture of Merrin riding her wolf



  • Supplements Merrin's lacking stats
  • Greater viability for usage
  • Gains added bonus from Ephraim's Twin Attack
  • Lackluster and niche as all Eirika builds

Merrin's a decent pairing for Eirika thanks to her already high Avoidance rate and Eirika's ability to supplement Merrin's struggling Strength and Defense. With the ability to ignore some of an enemy's Defense or gain back health lost by attacking from a distance, Eirika's addition makes Merrin a far more viable unit. Additionally, pairing Eirika with Merrin allows Twin Strike to receive an additional bonus from Ephraim's attack due to the Wolf Knight's status as a Cavalry unit.

Eirika and Merrin are equally lackluster and niche in their own ways. While complementary to each other, two wrongs do not always make a right. Unit slots (especially with DLC included) are better spent on other pairings.

Fire Emblem Engage - Lapis in battle



  • Gets the choice of any Dragon Vein
  • Good use of Corrin's swords (especially with Marth's skills)
  • Higher HP for better survivability
  • Could leave Corrin for other pairings that need her more

Much like Merrin, Lapis can fall behind other units quite easily and struggles with other Emblems to become a viable unit. Pairing with Eirika allows Lapis to overlook her lackluster Strength and make the most out of the highest Speed in the game. Typically dealing two strikes every round of combat, Lapis is able to make double use of Lunar Brace and can, like Merrin, abuse Solar Brace when her high Avoidance rate fails her. Gentility is also a huge benefit to Lapis, helping cut down on any incoming damage, and the two work very synergistically to correct each other's weaknesses. Classing Lapis into a Wyvern Knight can also increase Lapis's Strength even further and grant Lapis the ability to both wield swords and lances to allow her to take advantage of Eirika and Ephraim's Lance skills.

There isn't much beyond the faults of the individuals in such a pair. They otherwise complement each other nicely in spite of them.

You can also use Kagetsu, Timerra, and Rosado effectively with Eirika and Ephraim. In fact, their special application makes them widely versatile, and there aren't many ways to go wrong unless they are paired with a magical unit or a lance-based unit with critical hits.