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The guards in Markarth, Skyrim, may secretly possess overpowered abilities

The guards of Markarth assert that their city is the safest in Skyrim, but their confident claims should be approached with skepticism.The guards of...

Hirun Cryer Sept 25, 2023
The guards in Markarth, Skyrim, may secretly possess overpowered abilities

The guards of Markarth assert that their city is the safest in Skyrim, but their confident claims should be approached with skepticism.

The guards of Markarth have ties to the influential Silver-Blood family, who hold control over the city's prison and financial matters.

Corruption could be a contributing factor to the guards' authority, enabling them to retain control and possibly manipulate the perception of the city's safety.

The Markarth guards in Skyrim are peculiar in their tendency to boast about the safety of their city. This sets them apart from guards in other cities such as Riften, who may caution players against wandering the streets at night or advise them to avoid certain areas. As a result, one is left to speculate about the reasons behind Markarth's guards' behavior and wonder if they possess a hidden secret that grants them extraordinary power, surpassing even the most ambitious guards in Skyrim.

To address this inquiry, it is advisable to approach the Markarth city guards directly. However, it should be noted that their perspective may be somewhat biased. Their claims of Markarth being the "safest city in the Reach" should be regarded with skepticism, as they tend to boast without providing concrete evidence. Furthermore, they may discourage excessive questioning from the player, implying that there could be underlying reasons for their guarded responses.

Markarth, A City Of Secrets


The initial impression of Markarth for Skyrim players presents a contradictory image. Upon entering the city for the first time, the Dragonborn promptly witnesses a failed murder attempt, where the guards swiftly eliminate the assailant. On one hand, the guards exhibit commendable efficiency in apprehending the would-be murderer. On the other hand, this entire incident gives the impression that Markarth may be much more perilous than the guards claim it to be.

It is widely known that in Markarth, criminals (those who manage to survive long enough to be apprehended) are subjected to arduous labor in the Cidhna silver mine for the duration of their sentence. The guards themselves inform the Dragonborn of this fact, warning that any troublemakers will be thrown into the mine, which also functions as Markarth's prison.

The Silver-Blood Family


This is where things become somewhat unclear. The ownership of the mine itself lies with the Silver-Blood family, the influential political clan in Markarth. As the Skyrim questline "Forsworn Conspiracy" unfolds, it is revealed that the family's leader, Thonar, exploits his authority to keep the Forsworn leader, Madanach, imprisoned. Thonar exerts significant control over the financial affairs of the Reach through his establishment, Treasury House, effectively dominating the region's wealth.

Even Markarth's Jarl, Igmund, refrains from confronting the Silver-Blood family. His steward, Raelek, and housecarl, Faleen, suggest imprisoning the Silver-Bloods, but Igmund dismisses the notion, deeming it foolish to attempt imprisoning the owners of the prison. This Jarl appears to have little control over his own city. The implication is that the city's guard is heavily influenced by the Silver-Blood family, suggesting a level of corruption or undue influence.

Markarth Guards Are Corrupt


It is possible that corruption is what empowers the Markarth guards. If they have a vested interest in maintaining the operation of Cidhna Mine with free labor, they might be inclined to bend or disregard the law. It is not inconceivable that a corrupt guard would fabricate claims about Markarth being the safest city in the Reach. However, there could still be a grain of truth within this narrative.

One notable distinction between Markarth guards and guards in almost every other Skyrim city (except Riften) is their classification as Soldier class NPCs rather than Warrior class. While Warrior class NPCs typically possess slightly higher weapon skills, Soldier class NPCs have a higher base stamina. In a direct confrontation, a Markarth guard might emerge victorious even in a battle against fellow guards.

Markarth Is Worse Than Riften


If we compare the Markarth guards and the Riften guards on a surface level, they may appear evenly matched. However, upon closer inspection, differences become apparent. Riften guards are known for their corruption, as they even demand a "visitor's tax" from players upon their initial arrival in the city. In terms of corruption levels, the Markarth guards arguably surpass the Riften guards. Although Markarth is not renowned for its criminal underworld and does face its own set of issues, it could be considered relatively safer in terms of everyday criminal activities.

In summary, it appears that Markarth's guards are covertly empowered, partially due to their close association with the Silver-Blood family. As a result, they likely have access to better funding compared to most city guards. Additionally, they belong to a distinct class that sets them apart from the majority of other city guards, potentially making them a more formidable force.

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