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The League of Legends Underdogs: Unleashing the Misfits of Summoner's Rift

In the vast and diverse world of League of Legends, where over 160 champions reside, there are those who bask in the radiant spotlight of popularity, ...

Hope Bellingham Feb 12, 2024
The League of Legends Underdogs: Unleashing the Misfits of Summoner's Rift

In the vast and diverse world of League of Legends, where over 160 champions reside, there are those who bask in the radiant spotlight of popularity, and then there are the unsung heroes who dwell in the shadows of obscurity. Today, we embark on a quest to uncover the top 10 least-played champions in Ranked Solo Duo, those who often find themselves shunned by the masses while their more illustrious counterparts steal the show.

Let's start our journey with Olaf, a character who sees himself as the black sheep of the League. This all-in pedal-to-the-metal bruiser lives for the thrill of throwing and retrieving his axes, all the while delivering brutal amounts of true damage with his E ability. Olaf's fate in a match is as unpredictable as the flip of a coin. He either dominates his lanes and jungle, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies, or he gets rolled over like a hapless newbie, rendering himself useless for the remainder of the battle. Unfortunately, the current item meta doesn't favor our axe-wielding friend, relegating him to the lower echelons of pick rates in the ranked arena.

Another hero who struggles to find the limelight is none other than the Noxian Warlord himself, Kled. This tenacious top lane bruiser relies on his trusty steed, Skarl, to assist him in combat, essentially granting him a second health pool. Armed with his W ability, Kled unleashes a blistering barrage of strikes upon his foes, boasting a devastating burst combo that can leave opponents dumbfounded. However, due to his limited range and mobility, Kled remains a niche pick that only the most devoted champions of Skarl truly appreciate.

Enter Archmage Ryze, an enigma among mid-laners, and easily one of the most unpopular choices. Being one of the earliest champions to grace the Summoner's Rift, Ryze has weathered a tumultuous journey of nerfs, buffs, and reworks. This blue mage finds himself in a constant state of flux, forever dancing on the edge of balance for professional play. To prevent Ryze from wreaking havoc in the hands of seasoned pros, Riot Games has deemed it necessary to weaken him in solo queue. This, coupled with the myriad of other, more stable options available, has led many players to steer clear of this arcane sorcerer.

Among the more recent additions to the League is the merciless capitalist from Zaun, Renata Glasc. Despite her impressive array of offensive tools that grant her allies a second chance at life, Renata struggles to capture the hearts of the masses. As an enchanter support, she brings forth shields and crowd control, contributing valuable utility to her team. However, Renata's unconventional approach to the support role deters many from embracing her, leaving her popularity in the shadows.

Our next contender for the title of least popular champion takes the form of the Spider Queen herself, Elise. Once a dominant force in the jungle, Elise's powerful early-game presence and deadly burst damage made her a common sight in professional play. However, the shifting tides of the jungle have ushered in new contenders, and with the role itself receiving numerous adjustments, Elise's time in the spotlight has waned. She now sits in the archives of League history, a relic of a bygone era.

Let us now turn our attention to Targon's very own gem, Taric, a support champion who finds himself languishing in the depths of unpopularity. Even after a rework in 2016, Taric failed to capture the hearts of players, remaining a mere meme champion in the eyes of many. With the ability to tether to another ally, Taric's kit holds great potential on paper. His ultimate grants invulnerability to the entire team, and his stun can be extended to his tethered ally, creating moments of brilliance. Alas, his playstyle and clunky mechanics hinder his ascent to popularity in the current meta.

Once a fearsome Noxian warlord, Ivern's villainous days came to an end when he was transformed into a whimsical tree, seemingly lost in his own world. Ivern, Riot's interpretation of a supportive jungler, was designed exclusively for the jungle, boasting a passive that allows him to farm monsters without engaging in combat. However, the support role itself struggles to garner adoration from the masses, and with an array of more enticing jungle champions available, Ivern has fallen by the wayside. His kit, though capable of setting up ganks, shielding allies, and even summoning a Sentinel to fight on his behalf, fails to ignite the passions of the player base.

Moving on, we encounter Kog'Maw, the epitome of a hyper-carry in League of Legends. With the ability to deal devastating amounts of damage based onhis attack speed and shred through tanks with his W ability, Kog'Maw seems like an ideal choice for those seeking to decimate their foes. However, his immobility and vulnerability to assassins and divers make him a high-risk pick in a meta dominated by burst damage and mobility. Kog'Maw requires impeccable positioning and protection from his team to truly shine, which is often a luxury not afforded in solo queue.

As we near the end of our journey, we stumble upon a champion whose popularity has dwindled over time: Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard. Skarner's identity as a jungler revolves around his ability to control key areas of the map with his spires, granting him increased movement speed and crystal charges. Unfortunately, his lack of mobility and reliance on specific terrain make him a niche pick, susceptible to the ever-changing landscape of the jungle. Skarner's low pick rate is a testament to the challenges he faces in a meta where mobility and versatility reign supreme.

Last but certainly not least, we encounter the enigmatic Yorick, the Shepherd of Souls. Yorick's unique playstyle centers around summoning ghouls from graves and commanding an army of the undead. His split-pushing capabilities and ability to control the map through his ultimate, Maiden of the Mist, make him a formidable force in the right hands. However, Yorick's lack of mobility and susceptibility to kiting limit his effectiveness against coordinated teams. As a result, he remains an underdog in the realm of top lane champions.

In the realm of League of Legends, where the meta evolves and champions rise and fall from grace, these underdogs struggle to find their place in the limelight. While their kits may hold potential and their lore may captivate the imagination, they remain overshadowed by more popular and versatile options. Yet, within the hearts of a dedicated few, these champions find solace and continue to be embraced for their unique playstyles and hidden strengths.

As we conclude our exploration of the League's unsung heroes, let us not forget that beneath the surface of popularity lies a realm of untapped potential. The underdogs of Summoner's Rift may not be the champions of choice for the masses, but they possess the power to surprise and inspire. So, the next time you find yourself on the Fields of Justice, consider picking one of these forgotten champions. Embrace the challenge, defy the meta, and perhaps, just perhaps, you'll unleash the true potential of the League of Legends underdogs.