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The Legendary Regalia of Eochaid: A Short Sword of Magic and Mayhem in Elden Ring

In the vast and mysterious lands of Elden Ring, whispers abound of realms beyond the map, realms that once thrived or remain tantalizingly out of reac...

Gina Vivinetto Mar 13, 2024
The Legendary Regalia of Eochaid: A Short Sword of Magic and Mayhem in Elden Ring

In the vast and mysterious lands of Elden Ring, whispers abound of realms beyond the map, realms that once thrived or remain tantalizingly out of reach. These distant domains have given birth to intriguing characters, such as Bloody Finger Okina from the Land of Reeds and Nepheli Loux from the treacherous Badlands. Among these renowned regions lies Eochaid, a realm renowned for its fearsome warriors and their extraordinary ability to wield weapons with the sheer force of their unyielding will.

Prepare to witness the astonishing prowess of the Eochaid warriors as they face off against formidable adversaries like the Bell Bearing hunters and the enigmatic Elemer of the Briar. Should you emerge victorious against the latter, a legendary armament, the Marais Executioner's Blade, shall be yours. But beware, for this battle is no easy feat. Dodging the relentless movements of Elemer's blade requires the reflexes of a cat and the grace of a dancer.

Should the task of obtaining the Marais Executioner's Blade prove too daunting, fret not! There exists a more accessible alternative—the Regalia of Eochaid. This variant of the legendary blade, a short sword of immense power, boasts the same weapon skill, known as Eochaid's Dancing Blade. Obtaining this magnificent weapon is a relatively straightforward endeavor for those who seek it in the realm of Elden Ring.

To acquire the Regalia of Eochaid, one must venture into the depths of Gaol Cave in Caelid. This treacherous cave lies nestled beside a rotting lake, adjacent to the imposing Fort Gaol. Unlocking its secrets requires the insertion of two stonesword keys into an imp statue—a peculiar task, to say the least. As you traverse the cave's eerie cells, inhabited by burning Putrid Corpses, you'll eventually stumble upon a room with a lever. Pulling this lever releases the denizens of the cells, granting you access to the southern depths of the cave.

There, standing guard at the entrance to a hidden chamber, you'll encounter two Vulgar Militiamen. Dispatching them will reveal two wooden barricades. And here's where a touch of finesse comes into play. Roll into the second barricade to expose a concealed path leading to an encounter with the fearsome Frenzied Duelist. Once you've vanquished this formidable foe, resist the temptation to make a hasty exit. Instead, venture through a small tunnel to the west, guiding you to a peaceful graveyard. And there, resting upon one of the gravestones, lies the coveted Regalia of Eochaid.

Now, I must warn you, Gaol Cave is far from a pleasant stroll in the park. With its vexing Vulgan Militiamen and explosive Putrid Corpses, the struggle within its depths is real. However, fear not, intrepid adventurer, for there exists a shortcut—a path that demands mastery of your Torrent riding skills. Teleport to the Third Church of Marika in east Limgrave, make your way to the beach, and seek out the southeasternmost tip. Climb atop Torrent's mighty back and attempt a daring double-jump maneuver, aiming to surmount the towering cliff. Find footing on the groves that adorn the incline, sprint, and leap towards the summit. Once you've conquered this daunting challenge, the graveyard that houses the Regalia of Eochaid shall be yours to explore. Persistence is key, my friend, and with a few attempts, victory shall be yours.

Ah, the Regalia of Eochaid—the epitome of arcane might in Elden Ring. To wield this glorious weapon, one must possess a minimum of 18 Dexterity, 12 Strength, and 15 Arcane. The awe-inspiring Eochaid's Dancing Blade skill is unleashed upon the enemy, transforming the weapon into a swirling corkscrew of devastation, delivering a flurry of blows. While the skill radiates a mesmerizing red hue, it surprisingly lacks any blood loss effects. Instead, the Regalia of Eochaid inflicts magical damage upon your foes.

As a short sword, the Regalia of Eochaid boasts a swift and nimble moveset, especially when wielded in tandem with another short sword. Seek ways to amplify its power, for there are myriad means to enhance the damage dealt by Eochaid's Ash of War. Sip from the Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Thorny Cracked Tear to bolster your magic damage and increase the potency of successive strikes. Equip the Shard of Alexander, the Magic Scorpion Charm, Millicent's Prosthesis, and the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talismans to further augment its formidable might.

Alas, every rose has its thorn, and the Regalia of Eochaid is no exception. Its range leaves something to be desired. Thoughthe skill propels the weapon slightly further, there are moments when it tragically misses its mark. And let us not forget the vulnerability it leaves the wielder exposed to during the skill's animation—a momentary window of opportunity for the enemies to strike. If you seek a mightier version of this weapon, you must face the formidable Elemer within the Shaded Castle and claim the illustrious Marais Executioner's Blade as your prize.

So, dear adventurers, venture forth into the wondrous realm of Elden Ring and lay claim to the legendary Regalia of Eochaid. Embrace the magic and mayhem it brings, wield it with finesse, and let its power guide you to triumph. The path may be treacherous, but the rewards are worth every ounce of effort. Now, go forth, and may the spirit of Eochaid watch over you in your daring exploits!

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