The Marvels of Monad Depths in Persona 3 Reload: Conquer, Loot, and Laugh! | GAME3A

The Marvels of Monad Depths in Persona 3 Reload: Conquer, Loot, and Laugh!

The Monad Depths have resurfaced once again in Persona 3 Reload, proving to be an essential part of the game that has made its mark in every remake so...

Levi Winslow Feb 03, 2024
The Marvels of Monad Depths in Persona 3 Reload: Conquer, Loot, and Laugh!

The Monad Depths have resurfaced once again in Persona 3 Reload, proving to be an essential part of the game that has made its mark in every remake so far. However, in P3R, Monad has undergone a significant transformation. It's no longer just an end-game dungeon, but that doesn't mean it's a walk in the park either.

As you explore Tartarus, you'll stumble upon the enigmatic Monad Doors. Behind these doors await Shadows that are considerably stronger than the ones you encounter on the floor where the Door appears. But fear not, for if you manage to defeat these formidable foes, a treasure trove of rewards awaits you. Just be warned, facing off against Monad Shadows is no cakewalk.

Now, before we proceed any further, be prepared for some spoilers regarding Persona 3 Reload after your July final exams. From that point onward, the Monad Depths will become a significant aspect of your journey.

Ah, the Monad Depths! A shining gem in the original Persona 3 story. However, reaching this remarkable place used to be no easy feat. In earlier versions of the game, Monad was a challenging end-game grind before facing Nyx. In other iterations, it was an optional challenge. But regardless, you used to have to vanquish The Reaper before setting foot in Monad.

Persona 3 Reload has changed this mechanic. You no longer need to defeat The Reaper before delving into the depths of Monad. And that's a good thing because Monad appears in the Yabbashah block of Tartarus as soon as you infiltrate it, which can happen right after the July Full Moon operation.

But don't let the absence of a tough litmus test fool you. The Monad Shadows are some of the toughest opponents in the game. However, the rewards for your courage and training are bountiful. After each battle within Monad, you'll receive yen, costumes, weapons, and even Major Arcana cards. It's like hitting the jackpot!

Upon arriving on a new floor, Fuuka, your trusty guide, will point out a large black door adorned with a glowing red symbol. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to scour Tartarus until you locate this mysterious door. Fuuka won't let you leave the area until you've satisfied your curiosity and investigated what lies beyond.

Inside the door, Fuuka's navigational assistance ceases, but she warns you of a formidable Shadow presence. As you venture further, the Shadow she mentioned will engage you in an intense battle, introducing you to the concept of Monad in P3R.

But fear not, brave adventurer, for your fight is not in vain. Vanquishing Shadows within the Monad Doors offers a cornucopia of rewards. Not only will you automatically scan the current floor of Tartarus and the one above it, but be sure to check the two treasure chests located just beyond the mini-boss Shadow.

Within those chests, you'll discover not only regular rewards like cash or Skill Cards but also a glowing green Nihil treasure chest. These chests contain Nihil items that can be traded at Mayoido Antiques for powerful gear and armor. Talk about a shopping spree!

Once you've conquered the Monad Doors within a Tartarus block, a special treat awaits you: the Monad Passage. This passage will spawn high up in the current block of Tartarus and remain on the floor where it appears, even if you decide to leave Tartarus for the night and return another day.

Fuuka remarks that these doors are special. And indeed, they are! They react to the Major Arcana cards you've collected. These doors won't unlock until you approach them with the corresponding card in your possession. Major Arcana cards are typically obtained by defeating a Full Moon boss, but you'll also receive them as rewards from Monad Passages. It's like a game of tarot!

Prepare yourself, for within the Monad Passages, you'll face not one, but two incredibly formidable battles. These fights are markedly tougher than any other Shadows in the current block of Tartarus. But fret not, if you feel unprepared or find yourself struggling, you can always choose to return later when you're stronger. The Monad Passages will patiently await your return on the same floor of Tartarus.

Once you've tested your mettle and emerged victorious from these battles, a wealth of invaluable rewards will be bestowed upon you. Among them, you'll find Major Arcana cards representing arcana not represented by the Full Moon Shadows. Keep an eye out for Twilight Fragment chests as well. Oh, and don't forget the Nihil chest containing a prototype that you should bring to its owner. It's always best to come prepared, but fear not if you need to backtrack for these rewards. Monad Shadows don't have the power of resurrection.

One of the best parts of the changes made to the Monad Depths in P3R is thatthey offer a refreshing challenge for players who have already experienced Persona 3 in its previous iterations. It adds a new layer of excitement and exploration to the game, allowing players to delve deeper into Tartarus and uncover its secrets.

But beyond the exhilarating battles and enticing rewards, the Monad Depths also serve as a testament to the growth and development of the protagonist and their team. Conquering the Monad Shadows requires careful planning, strategic execution, and a deep understanding of your party's strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, the Monad Depths in Persona 3 Reload offer a sense of progression and accomplishment. As you venture further into the Monad Doors and Passages, you'll gain access to more powerful equipment and abilities, making subsequent challenges more manageable. It's a rewarding cycle that keeps players engaged and motivated to continue their exploration.

Lastly, the Monad Depths also provide an opportunity for players to connect with the story and characters on a deeper level. As you face off against challenging Shadows and collect Major Arcana cards, you'll uncover more about the game's lore and unravel additional layers of the narrative.

In conclusion, the Monad Depths in Persona 3 Reload offer an exciting and rewarding experience for players. With their challenging battles, valuable rewards, and significant role in the story, they are a must-explore aspect of the game. So gear up, sharpen your skills, and embark on an unforgettable adventure into the depths of Monad.