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The most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of TheGamer team for 2024

Thanks to a well-timed Nintendo Direct, the team here at TheGamer got a more comprehensive look at which games will be released for the Switch in 2024...

Bradley Russell Sept 18, 2023
The most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of TheGamer team for 2024

Thanks to a well-timed Nintendo Direct, the team here at TheGamer got a more comprehensive look at which games will be released for the Switch in 2024. From indie gems to long-awaited remasters of iconic titles, the Nintendo Switch has a full year ahead. And what year would be complete without us writing more lists about the games we're looking forward to?

For many of us, the Switch has been a continuous joy as a console, and we are thrilled that a new year brings with it a happy selection of game releases for it. Read on to find out which Nintendo Switch games TheGamer team is most excited about!

Little Nightmares 3

Amanda Hurych, Evergreen Content Lead

TheGamer Staff

As much as I love the minimalist styles of Limbo and Inside, the art direction of Little Nightmares captivated me from the very beginning. I'm a big fan of both the first and second game, so I can't wait for Little Nightmares 3 to be released. The icing on the cake is the fact that this installment of the delightfully macabre series will include a two-player co-op mode. That means I can scream and have my little character navigate the harsh world it inhabits with a friend by my side.

And when I play the game alone, there is no better way to experience its imaginative horror and disturbing imagery on my Switch. I can take the game to bed with me and play it right before going to sleep. It's the stuff of literal nightmares.

Professor Layton And The New World Of Steam

Axel Nicolás Bosso, Evergreen Trainer And Editor

TheGamer Staff

At the time of writing these lines, the year 2024 remains a mystery for Nintendo fans. Well, more or less for anyone playing on any other console, but Nintendo's case is unique. We are still awaiting official news about a new console that has been hinted at for ages. Will 2024 finally be the year when we learn more about it? If that's the case, it's highly likely that many first-party games are on their way. In the meantime, the return of one of my all-time favorite puzzle series will have to fill that void.

Princess Peach: Showtime

Stacey Henley, Editor-in-Chief

TheGamer Staff

Yes, there is a non-negligible chance that a Princess Peach game could turn out to be a superficial version of Mario, where everything is fluffy, easy, and pink. But I have high hopes that Nintendo, after attempting to develop Peach's character in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and giving her more personality in Odyssey, will offer us something bolder.

A different type of Mario game with new powers, a less worn-out storyline than just rescuing a kingdom, and further development for Peach is something to look forward to. After watching the Nintendo Direct trailer, most of my concerns were dispelled, and I can't wait to fight enemies with my sword and bake a cake as Peach in the coming year.

Metroid Prime 4

James Troughton, Cross-Department Editor

TheGamer Staff

I haven't played Metroid Prime 2 or 3 yet, and I've only just played the first game, but I long for another experience like it. Especially since 2D Metroid games or similar games like Hollow Knight never clicked with me. Part of it is because I'm an idiot who can't remember two-dimensional spaces, and part of it is because I'm terrible at navigating and shooting in side-scrolling platforms. The mythical Metroid Prime 4 is exactly what I need to continue my dives into an iconic game series that I've largely left untouched. If it ever gets released, that is.

Garden Life

Meg Pelliccio, Lead Guides Editor

TheGamer Staff

I hadn't heard of Garden Life before checking it out at Gamescom, but now it's among the games I'm most excited for in 2024. I'm convinced it will be the next obsession for fans of PowerWash Simulator, as it hits the right spot for relaxation. You take care of a community garden, complete quests, tend to plants, and decorate to your heart's content.

One of the most impressive features of Garden Life is its use of procedurally generated plants, so no two are alike. Environmental factors influence the growth of the plants, and you can even trim them stem by stem if you wish. I can't wait to get lost in endless hours in a virtual garden. Sorry, real garden. I don't have time for you right now.


Helen Ashcroft, Evergreen Trainer And Editor

TheGamer Staff

Neva tells the story of a young woman bound to a wolf through dark magic and their journey together. They will face an increasingly darker and more dangerous landscape as they seek a home they can call their own.

That sounds very emotional, and normally I would be skeptical. However, Neva comes from the team behind Gris, which was equally captivating and deeply moving, so I really want to see what this talented team will bring next.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

Josh Coulson, Affiliates Editor

TheGamer Staff

Many series passed me by as I insisted on playing nothing but FIFA for 15 years, and although I'm gradually catching up on much of what I missed, Luigi's Mansion continues to elude me. It's strange because spin-offs of big Nintendo series often captivate my attention more than the main games themselves.

I fully expect Luigi's Mansion 2 to captivate me in 2024 (do you understand?), and I hope it will immediately make me want to try the third installment as well. The perfect way to bid farewell to the Switch. Despite all the games that Nintendo suddenly announces for the Switch in 2024, I assume that Nintendo still plans to replace it in the same year.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Joshua Robertson, News Editor

TheGamer Staff

I'm a pretty big fan of Mario's RPG adventures as well as the Paper Mario series. They all have so much more personality than the main titles and are often much more interesting in terms of story and characters. They are much more than just a chubby Italian man jumping on Goombas and shouting "wahoo." That's why it's my secret shame that I have actually never played The Thousand Year Door.

One main reason for that is the absurd price of GameCube games these days, but now that it's finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, I'm really looking forward to playing what most consider to be the pinnacle of the Paper Mario series.