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The most challenging achievements in Starfield, ranked:

Starfield boasts over 50 achievements, some of which are more challenging than others. Completing the main storyline of the game will imbue you with ...

Amy West Sept 02, 2023
The most challenging achievements in Starfield, ranked:

Starfield boasts over 50 achievements, some of which are more challenging than others. Completing the main storyline of the game will imbue you with a sense of fulfillment and relief.

The construction and connection of five outposts in the game is a time-consuming task that demands more effort than simply operating a single outpost.

Achieving the feat of landing on 100 planets in Starfield is a performance-intensive accomplishment that naturally eludes some players, as certain planets may prove unworthy of exploration.

Starfield boasts over 50 achievements, and we have examined them all. The majority of them are not overly difficult to attain, and undoubtedly, there are many video games out there with more arduous lists of objectives.

However, some of these Starfield achievements are not what we would call a walk in the park. No, you will traverse the cosmos, seeking complete mastery over Bethesda's greatest challenges. At least with a guide like ours, you will know what to expect.

5 One Giant Leap

Starfield The Hardest Achievements, Ranked

Inevitably, the achievement for completing Starfield would appear on the list. Not necessarily because it is inherently difficult, but because Starfield, like any other RPG from Bethesda Game Studios before it, has a tendency to captivate you in ten different directions.

You might find yourself procrastinating on this for a very long time, so that when the credits finally roll, you not only feel like you've experienced the richness of Starfield's main storyline, but also a sense of relief that you managed to detach yourself long enough from everything else to make it this far.

4 Shipping Magnate

Starfield The Hardest Achievements,

Operating an outpost is not difficult. However, not only getting it up and running but also making it truly ready to kickstart a sub-industry for you requires significantly more time.

Operating five outposts, participating in your extensive and diligent empire, and connecting them together... requires a tremendous amount of time. Here, it's not so much about tedium or difficulty, but rather the sheer investment of time.

3 Boots On The Ground

Starfield The Hardest

There is another achievement that we consider easier than this one, where you simply need to visit each star system. The recommended levels can be somewhat bypassed by merely constructing a ship that allows you to enter and then exit. You don't have to engage in combat with anyone. It is no small feat, but it is not as challenging as "Boots on the Ground."

For this achievement, you must land on 100 planets. More than our two previous achievements on this list, this requires genuine endurance. You might think it comes naturally to you, without even noticing, and if you're bold enough, you could very well be right. However, enough of Starfield's planets and moons are so desolate that many players will inevitably cease landing on so many out of sheer whimsy.

2 Another Bug Hunt

Starfield The

This is another achievement with a sort of companion piece. While "Dark Matter" tasks players with killing 300 humans, "Another Bug Hunt" wants you to send 300 creatures to their graves instead. Creatures in this case refer to the numerous exotic lifeforms in the inhabited systems, ranging from terrifying Terrormorphs to the most innocent little space larvae you've ever laid eyes upon.

The thing is, it's almost comically easy to accumulate 300 human kills when so many missions involve battling hordes of them, and oh so many abandoned bases are practically infested with them. Ecliptic mercenaries, Crimson Fleet pirates, fanatical Va'arun followers - you name it. In contrast, you really have to go out of your way (or be an obsessed murderer?) to reach 300 aliens.

1 Reach For The Stars


It should come as little surprise that the most challenging achievement in Starfield involves reaching Level 100. If you stick to the main storyline and then complete all four faction quests, you will at best barely make it halfway there. Since lower-level enemies offer diminishing rewards, you must discover thousands of new locations, explore hundreds of systems, and defeat countless foes along the way.

Reaching Level 100 is certainly achievable and thus demonstrates that the achievement list of Starfield is, overall, quite straightforward. However, it will undoubtedly take some time before you reach that milestone.