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The most difficult Pokémon to obtain in a complete Pokédex

Pokémon players consistently present the most sophisticated challenges, such as the Nuzlocke challenge, the No Catch challenge, and many others, to ke...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 02, 2023
The most difficult Pokémon to obtain in a complete Pokédex

Pokémon players consistently present the most sophisticated challenges, such as the Nuzlocke challenge, the No Catch challenge, and many others, to keep you engaged once you've mastered the game. One challenge that the most dedicated players enjoy participating in is the endeavor of constructing a vibrant Pokédex.

This means that they have not only captured all Pokémon in all games, but they have also organized them (usually in the order of the National Dex) into boxes. There is also the Living Pokédex of all forms, which requires you to possess all forms of a Pokémon. Unfortunately, this challenge is made more difficult by the impossibility of accessing certain Pokémon.

8 Pumpkaboo And Gourgeist

The Hardest Pokemon To Get In A Living Dex

The initial challenge with Pumkaboo is to obtain all sizes, as Pumkaboo comes in four sizes: Small, Average, Large, and Super. You will wander around for a while, attempting to locate and capture the various sizes, as their spawn rates vary. Perhaps luck will be on your side with the random number generator, but maybe not.

Then you must evolve it into Gourgeist, and similar to Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist has four sizes that depend on the original Pumpkaboo form and can only be evolved through trading. Evolution through trading has been a curse for solitary players since the first generation, but fortunately, the internet is full of people with the same goal as you.

7 Unovan Monkeys, Tepig, And Snivy

The Hardest Pokemon To Get In A Living

Hopefully, you will find your 3DS for this, as the elemental monkeys Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour, as well as the Fire starter Tepig and the Grass starter Snivy, are among the few Pokémon that are not available in any Switch game.

This means that you will need to take out your 3DS to obtain Tepig or Snivy, capture the monkeys, transfer them to Pokémon Home, and then restart in order to obtain the starter you didn't choose previously. Unless, of course, you own both Pokémon Black and White - then you can obtain a starter in each game.

6 Minior

The Hardest Pokemon To Get In A

Minior is only available in Pokémon Sun & Moon. No problem, you say? Do you have Pokémon Home? Fantastic! Now, go ahead and catch its Meteor form and all seven of its Core forms - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Although Minior has a spawn rate of ten to forty percent, you could still spend a considerable amount of time wandering around and chasing after these colors that are only available on Mount Hokulani. Not impossible, and certainly achievable with patience, but you will need a lot of endurance.

5 Antique Sinistea

The Hardest Pokemon To Get In

Sinistea, introduced in the eighth generation, has two rather unique forms that do not depend on their location, the game they appear in, or the time of day they appear. The two forms are Phony and Antique, and they appear almost identical except for the presence of an authenticity stamp on the Antique Sinistea, which the Phony Sinistea lacks.

Sinistea already has a spawn rate of just one percent, and the chances of obtaining an Antique Sinistea are even lower. You also cannot breed an Antique Sinistea, so your only options are to find one in the wild or have a stroke of very good luck in a surprise trade. The odds are not in your favor.

4 Glastrier And Spectrier

The Hardest Pokemon To Get

These legendary Pokémon are available at the end of the DLC "The Crown Tundra," but you can only obtain one of them. You must acquire either the Root of the Glimwood Tangle Carrot or the Root of the Frostpoint Cave Carrot during your journey through The Crown Tundra, and the corresponding horse will appear. Although capturing them is not excessively difficult, you cannot catch both of them in a single playthrough.

You must catch one, transfer it to Pokémon Home (or to a trusted friend), and then go back before starting The Crown Tundra (which means you cannot save), or play it on another user profile. Then, you play it again to catch the one you didn't get the first time. It's a low difficulty level, but it requires time.

3 Alcremie

The Hardest Pokemon To

While Alcremie is cute, it could be an example of Pokémon forms being a bit excessive with a total of 63 forms. While they are attainable, it is extremely time-consuming. To evolve Milcery, you need various sweets and creams that you can obtain throughout the game.

You also need to pay attention to the direction you spin, how long you spin, and even the time of day, as Game Freak has certainly gotten creative with the evolution methods for this Pokémon. Have fun searching and spinning!

2 Vivillon

The Hardest Pokemon

Although Vivillon is by no means incredibly rare, collecting its 20 forms can be a challenge. In the sixth generation, the wing pattern depended on the real-world region registered on your 3DS, and you couldn't change your location in the game to obtain a different form. In the ninth generation, all Vivillon have the Elegant pattern, but Pokémon Go offers a solution for this.

If you send yourself a postcard from Pokémon Go using the Secret Gift feature from Scarlet and Violet, the patterns will change to match the region from which the postcard originates. You can use one postcard per day, and it will not affect Scatterbugs or Spewpas you already have in your boxes or team, as their final evolution forms are already determined in their codes. This makes obtaining Vivillon somewhat less impossible but still time-consuming.

1 Furfrou

The Hardest

This furry dog Pokémon is a friend to all - as long as you're not playing on the Switch. Furfrou, like some other Pokémon, is currently not available in the Pokémon Switch games, which already makes it a bit more challenging. But its ten forms are the real challenge.

Its ten forms are only obtainable through events or traveling with Pokémon Go, which is hardly achievable, and completing a Pokédex with all forms could be just a pipe dream until there is a better way to obtain the different forms of Furfrou.