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The optimal builds for Skyrim Legendary

The legendary difficulty level of Skyrim is known for pushing even the most seasoned adventurers to their limits, requiring skills, strategy, and a pe...

Nancy Ing Aug 01, 2023
The optimal builds for Skyrim Legendary

The legendary difficulty level of Skyrim is known for pushing even the most seasoned adventurers to their limits, requiring skills, strategy, and a perfect character build. In this treacherous world of unforgiving landscapes and daunting enemies, survival and dominance are not easily achieved.

From the secretive assassins lurking in the shadows to the powerful battle mages unleashing devastating spells, these character builds are tailored to different playstyles and provide an immersive and personalized gaming experience. Get ready for an unforgettable journey where you will forge your path to becoming a legend of Skyrim's Legendary.

12 The Engineer

Skyrim Best Builds For Legendary

The engineer is a force to be reckoned with in Himmelsrand. You can harness the breathtaking power of ancient Dwemer technology to obliterate anyone who dares to oppose you. With a mind full of ingenuity, you can expertly construct complex and deadly traps that ensnare your enemies and leave them helpless.

But that's not all - by your side stands a legion of terrifying automatons, ready to march into battle under your command. By combining the destructive power of magic with your mechanical arsenal, you can unleash a wave of chaos and devastation upon your enemies.

With your unparalleled intellect and unsurpassed firepower, no obstacle can impede your path to victory as you strategize your way to triumph.

11 The Witch Hunter

Skyrim Best Builds For

Enter the captivating role of the Witch Hunter, a character equally feared and revered for their unparalleled ability to track down supernatural beings lurking in the depths of the realm. Equipped with a deadly combination of archery, restoration spells, and alchemy, your arsenal is as versatile as it is deadly.

You can forge enchanted arrows imbued with eerie energy that can penetrate even the most resilient foes. Harnessing the power of alchemy, you can create potent potions and exploit the weaknesses of your adversaries with precision and cunning.

With an unwavering purpose, profound knowledge of the arcane arts, and mastery over the secrets of alchemy, you will emerge as an unconquerable force, ready to vanquish the supernatural terrors that threaten the land.

10 The Arcane Trickster

Skyrim Best Builds

Unveil the secrets of deception and betrayal and become a true master of the arcane trickster arts. With a unique combination of stealth, illusion magic, and one-handed weapons, you will become a phantom in the shadows, striking swiftly and silently.

Harness the fabric of reality itself and cast spells to confound and incapacitate your foes.

Manipulate their perceptions and sow chaos, deftly and with unparalleled cunning, to turn the tide of battle in your favor. As an arcane trickster, Skyrim will become your playground, where you dance through the shadows and leave your bewildered and defeated enemies in your wake.

9 The Bard

Skyrim Best

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Bard, where the fine craft of creating captivating melodies and delivering clever speeches takes center stage. As a Bard, you skillfully master the harmonious interplay of supportive enchantments, deft one-handed weapons, and agile light armor.

Radiate an aura of inspiration and become the guiding star for your companions, while simultaneously instilling fear in your enemies. Whether amidst the chaos of intense battles or the calm of diplomatic encounters, your charismatic words and impressive music possess an unparalleled ability to influence the currents of fate, making you an indispensable asset in any conflict or enterprise in which you participate.

8 The Spellscribe


Harness the incredible power of spell absorption and the refined art of alteration magic. As a spellscribe, you possess the rare ability to absorb hostile spells and redirect their energies to your advantage.

By wielding an impressive combination of sword and shield with deadly precision, you blend martial prowess with arcane arts.

Protect yourself with impenetrable protective spells and effortlessly ward off damage, while unleashing devastating melee attacks infused with the essence of the spells you have absorbed. In combat, you stand as a living conduit of magic, bending it to your will and overwhelming anyone who dares to challenge you.

7 The Elemental Sorcerer

Harness the unbridled power of the elements as an elemental wizard and command the forces of nature to change the world around you. Through rigorous study and innate talent, you master fire, water, earth, and air with unparalleled mastery.

With every movement of your hand, flames dance, waves break, rocks tremble, and winds howl.

As an embodiment of arcane power, you unleash devastating spells that scorch, freeze, shatter, and electrify. Whether you rain fiery destruction upon your enemies or summon protective barriers, your control over the elements marks you as an imposing force capable of altering reality itself.

6 The Plague Doctor

Allow yourself to be seduced by the ominous allure of the Plague Doctor and delve into the depths of darkness and poison. Harness the power of deadly diseases and paralyzing toxic spells to bring misery upon your hapless enemies.

Yet even amidst the chaos, you possess the ability to restore your own vitality through the art of restorative magic.

By donning specialized robes designed to spread plagues, you become the harbinger of fear, filling the hearts of all who dare to oppose you with terror. With your toxic arsenal and mastery over afflictions, you are an imposing force to be reckoned with.

5 The Mystic Warrior

Embark on a transformative adventure as a Mystic Warrior and transcend the boundaries of conventional combat by melding the mighty strength of heavy armor with the ethereal powers of restorative magic. Embracing your noble duty as a protector, you will demonstrate unparalleled mastery in the arts of healing and defense while wielding a colossal war hammer with unwavering determination.

By wielding the raw power of restorative spells, you infuse every thunderous strike with revitalizing energy, becoming an invincible force on the chaotic battlefield. This profound symbiotic fusion not only ensures your own survival amidst the chaos, but also heralds the inevitable downfall of anyone who dares to defy your unwavering might.

4 The Beastmaster

Forge an unbreakable bond with the creatures of the wilderness as an Animal Master, commanding an army of loyal beasts to fight alongside you. Possessing an innate connection to nature, you communicate with animals and earn their trust, transforming them into formidable allies.

From wild wolves to majestic eagles, all creatures bring unique abilities and strengths to aid you in battle. With your animal companions by your side, you can become an insurmountable force, unleashing devastating coordinated strikes and overwhelming your foes with primal ferocity.

In the wilderness or on the battlefield, your connection to nature sets you apart as an untamed force of nature.

3 The Divine Paladin

Answer the call of the divine Paladin, a holy warrior dedicated to upholding justice and righteousness. Clad in gleaming armor and armed with a sacred sword and shield, you are an unwavering beacon of light amidst the darkness.

Infused with divine blessings, you possess the power to heal the wounded, vanquish the wicked, and protect your allies from harm.

Guided by unwavering faith and unyielding determination, you defend the cause of virtue and lead the charge against the forces of darkness. With each swing of your righteous blade, you proclaim the triumph of light over darkness and embody the essence of divine grace.

2 The Arcane Archer

Embark on a journey as an enigmatic marksman, intertwining the art of archery with arcane sorcery. Infuse your arrows with elemental energies and unleash devastating strikes from a distance.

With a keen gaze and steady hand, you strike, obliterating your enemies with a single shot.

Through your mystical abilities, you possess the power to manipulate the flow of magic to your advantage, shielding yourself with protective barriers or unraveling the defenses of your enemies. As an embodiment of arcane precision, you become a formidable force on the battlefield, seamlessly weaving together the arts of archery and spellcasting.

1 The Shadowblade

Embark on a journey into the depths of darkness and assume the mantle of the Shadowblade - a true master of stealth and illusion. Equip yourself with a pair of deadly daggers, namely the Blade of Sorrow and Mehrunes' Razor, and navigate through the shadows, eliminating your adversaries with deadly silence.

By harnessing the arcane arts of illusion, you can distort their perceptions, sow discord among allies, and transform them into foes. Seamlessly merge with the darkness, strike swiftly from behind, leaving no trace, for you are the enigma they can never comprehend.