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The PS5 needs its own "Bloodborne."

Bloodborne, released in 2015, remains a unique and culturally relevant game that has left a lasting impact on many players during the PS4 generation....

Ethan Gach Aug 26, 2023
The PS5 needs its own "Bloodborne."

Bloodborne, released in 2015, remains a unique and culturally relevant game that has left a lasting impact on many players during the PS4 generation. The PS5 has yet to have an exclusive game like Bloodborne.

The thematic coherence of the game, its excellent art design, and captivating story make it one of FromSoftware's most visually impressive and unforgettable experiences.

Bloodborne's intense and aggressive combat system, along with its variety of weapons and enemies, contribute to its status as an outstanding game. The PS5 is in need of a comparable exclusive game soon.

Often referred to as one of the most unique games ever released by FromSoftware, Bloodborne has maintained cultural relevance despite its release in 2015. A Victorian and cosmic horror interpretation of the Souls-like formula, the hunt through the cursed world of Yharnam has left a lasting impression on many players of the PS4 generation. While Bloodborne may have paved the way for games like Sekiro and Elden Ring, it remains a cherished memory of the past, standing alone since the release of The Old Hunters. Now, with the latest console generation already in full swing, the role that Bloodborne has played still remains vacant.

The usual pattern for new console releases, even the PS4, took some time to build up their software library after their initial launch in 2013. While new hardware can generally compete in the market, it's the games that are exclusively available for a particular console that shape its identity. Just under two years after the release of the PS4, Bloodborne arrived with a level of quality that many fans still consider unmatched to this day. The PS5 has already seen many strong releases, but none of its exclusive games can match FromSoftware's darkest game.

Bloodborne Was the Complete Package for the PS4

The PS5 Needs Its Own \

Announced with a cinematic trailer that conveyed the rich world and gloomy atmosphere of the game, the thematic coherence of Bloodborne was clear from the very beginning. It offered the exploration-oriented narrative presentation for which FromSoft is famous, but this world was far removed from the fantastical content of the Souls titles. Built upon the foundation of its outstanding art design, the gothic horror-themed land of Yharnam remains one of the most visually impressive works of the studio. Even eight years later, players are still speculating about the game's multi-layered background story, as Bloodborne's unsettling narrative is considered one of the most captivating within the medium by some.

The story and visual elements of the game are still hard to surpass, but it's the gameplay of Bloodborne that truly stands out for most players. The most intense and aggressive combat system ever developed by FromSoft, Bloodborne eschewed the focus on defensive shield usage from Dark Souls in favor of the "rally" system that rewarded constant attacking. With a solid selection of transformable weapons and an incredible variety of enemies and iconic bosses in the game's different areas, it's understandable why Bloodborne has remained such a unforgettable experience.

The PS5’s Bloodborne Needs to Come Soon

The PS5 Needs Its Own

The release of Bloodborne came shortly after the launch of the PS4 itself, at a perfect timing that secured its place as one of the best exclusive console games of all time. However, with the original release of the PS5 already in November 2020, it's been nearly three years without anything comparable for the next generation. Legendary games like FromSoft's own Elden Ring have attained prestigious status in recent years, but there hasn't been a PlayStation-exclusive release of comparable magnitude. Although desired by fans, Bloodborne has not yet been ported to PC. It was likely specifically developed for PlayStation hardware, a characteristic that timed exclusives like Final Fantasy 16 may not share.

With the growth of the Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft's continued acquisition of major companies, it is becoming increasingly clear that a new system-selling game could make a significant impact for Sony. While Bloodborne paved the way for the modern action RPG genre, it was also an extremely unique game that emerged from the right circumstances for FromSoft at the time. There has never been a better time for the right studio to collaborate with Sony again, as upcoming multi-platform titles like Lies of P fill the void left by Bloodborne. However, the PS5 needs this support as soon as possible.

Bloodborne is available now for PS4.