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The seven easiest Mario games, ranked in order:

Super Mario games are popular among fans and provide a joyful gaming experience for players of all skill levels.The easiest Mario game for new playe...

Sakshi Venkatraman Aug 31, 2023
The seven easiest Mario games, ranked in order:

Super Mario games are popular among fans and provide a joyful gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

The easiest Mario game for new players is the original Super Mario Bros., which offers simple gameplay mechanics and a classic platforming style.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best platforming games that rewards creativity and offers players a smooth gameplay experience to enjoy.

The iconic red plumber hat is rightfully one of the most recognizable faces in video games. Everyone loves Mario, and Mario games are definitely a delight for anyone who picks up a controller and gives them a try. There's a good reason why Mario is the iconic flagship of Nintendo, as some of the best Mario games are regarded as the greatest titles in the history of video games. However, some can be more challenging than others.

For new players of the Mario franchise or those who want a more accessible experience, these Super Mario games will help players enjoy the fun that the majority of Mario fans have. They range from the easiest to potentially more challenging, but all of them provide a straightforward Mario gaming experience.

7 Super Mario Bros.

7 Easiest Mario Games, Ranked

The first Super Mario game is undoubtedly the easiest. It's the friendliest game to start with for adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom and stomping on Goombas. Super Mario Bros. defined the Nintendo Entertainment System and the platforming genre, and as a game from 1985, its levels and style still hold up, so those looking for the seminal starting point for Super Mario need not look any further.

The gameplay mechanics of Super Mario Bros. are simple compared to other titles. Power-ups are limited, and there is a lack of a wide variety that could confuse or discourage new players. Instead, Super Mario Bros. can be played simply like a classic platform game, where players aim to reach the goal without dying. It is straightforward, enjoyable, and elegant.

6 New Super Mario Bros. Wii

7 Easiest Mario Games,

With the beginning of the 21st century, Super Mario was reinvented with the brand New Super Mario Bros. When the famous plumber arrived on the Nintendo Wii system, this happened in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which introduced Mario's powers, friends, and platform courses that had never been seen before. Despite these new features, the game was actually easier than other titles for several reasons.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, players could experience the game in co-op mode with up to 4 players. This meant that only one of them had to complete the level to win. Additionally, players who were in danger or on the verge of falling could encase themselves in a bubble that could be popped by a friend. The power-ups also made things much easier.

5 Super Mario 3D World

7 Easiest Mario

Mario had once again evolved from the 2D and 2.5D environments, and Super Mario 3D World attempted to bring Mario into a 3D space while still retaining the familiar ground it had already covered. Super Mario 3D World achieved many things, but one of the main accomplishments was adjusting the difficulty levels so that players didn't rely on an extensive set of skills and agility tricks, but could simply run and jump, just like in the old Mario games.

Thanks to Super Mario 3D World, players were able to better assess a 3D space and not just run from the left side of the screen to the right side. There were also plenty of new courses for players to jump through and battle their way through, including some peculiar new power-ups.

4 Super Mario Odyssey

7 Easiest

The latest epic adventure of Mario comes with its arrival on the Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Odyssey is rightfully regarded as one of the best platform games. Super Mario Odyssey boasts the smoothest gameplay of all Mario games, and movement and expression are rewarded as players explore and experiment with the new features while still utilizing the familiar yet slightly different jumps, runs, and leaps.

Mario travels with his latest ally, Cappy, to explore the world and collect Power Moons to rescue Princess Peach and Cappy's sister from Bowser. The game rewards creativity, and while it may not be the easiest game, it can certainly be enjoyed by anyone.

3 Super Mario Galaxy


One of the more challenging Mario titles, Super Mario Galaxy puts players face to face with the greatest enemy known to mankind: gravity. In Super Mario Galaxy, players harness the forces of orbit and constantly move around, jumping on spherical worlds interconnected through a galaxy. The platforming in Super Mario Galaxy is the most unique in the series, as it utilizes geometry and gravity to create a new platforming experience.

For some, Super Mario Galaxy may be a challenging experience as it requires careful consideration of where to jump and how gravity will guide Mario while he once again attempts to rescue Peach from Bowser. However, the game is actually quite straightforward, and its mechanics don't change much throughout the gameplay as it utilizes the motion controls of the Nintendo Wii.

2 Super Mario Sunshine

In the 21st century, Mario made his entry into the world with Super Mario Sunshine, the debut of the main character for the GameCube. This was the second time Mario ventured into the 3D space, and the character celebrated it by enjoying a beautiful vacation on Delfino Island. However, he once again faced some problems that needed to be solved, including the attempt to clear his own name.

The entertaining and experimental gimmick of Super Mario Sunshine provides players with the FLUDD device, which uses jets and water sprays to enhance movement and abilities in the platforming sections of the game. Super Mario Sunshine is one of the more challenging titles as the movement system may feel unfamiliar, but it remains easily accessible.

1 Super Mario 64

Among the Super Mario games, Super Mario 64 remains an absolute classic. The 1996 platform game for the Nintendo 64 set new standards in the gaming industry and took Mario in a bold and new 3D direction. Super Mario 64 still has an active gaming community fascinated by the freedom of movement the game provides, allowing for great expression while running and jumping.

Super Mario 64 has very few flaws, and there's a reason why the game is so popular. It serves as a fantastic entry into the best 3D Mario games, although this might come at the expense of difficulty, as the controls may feel less fluid compared to what modern players are accustomed to.