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The top 10 champions in the Demonspawn faction in Raid: Shadow Legends

In Raid: Shadow Legends, players have the task of mastering a variety of content by collecting and deploying champions from different factions. From h...

Isaiah Colbert Sept 04, 2023
The top 10 champions in the Demonspawn faction in Raid: Shadow Legends

In Raid: Shadow Legends, players have the task of mastering a variety of content by collecting and deploying champions from different factions. From holy knights and reptilian humanoids to corrupt warriors and mountain dwarves, the gacha RPG is packed with diversity.

From the depths of fire and darkness comes one of these factions: the Demonspawn. Monstrous hybrids of demons and mortals, bred to invade the land of Teleria. Players can harness the raw power of Demonspawn champions to annihilate their enemies. In fact, players have the agony of choice when it comes to which champions they want to add to their roster, as the Demonspawn faction offers a variety of top-tier champions. Here are the best champions they have to offer.

10 Hephraak

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best Champions In The Demonspawn Faction

Damage, damage, and even more damage are what the legendary attack champion Hephraak deals with. His set of abilities is filled with additional hits and offensive buffs, making him a perfect nuker for both PvP and other areas of Raid: Shadow Legends.


  • Hephraak's Grin: Single-target attack places an extra hit if critical.
  • Hephraak's Scorn: AOE attack places an extra hit if enemies have 50% HP or less after the first hit.
  • Megalomania: Places both Increase Attack and Increase Critical Rate buffs on Hephraak, then grants an extra turn.
  • Place Of Pride: A passive skill that allows Hephraak's Scorn to instantly activate whenever an ally is killed.

9 Alure

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best Champions In The Demonspawn

If you ask any player of Raid: Shadow Legends, you will quickly learn that the epic Demonspawn champion Alure is a true nightmare for the turn meter. With her ability A1, which decimates the enemy's turn meter, she is an absolute must-have when it comes to fighting bosses like the Fire Knight.


  • Psychic Whip: Random triple-hitter decreases enemy Turn Meter by 25% for each critical.
  • Temptation: AOE double-hitter where each hit has a chance to place a Decrease Defense debuff. Can also place a Sleep debuff.
  • Hellish Blaze: Single-target attack ignores 50% of enemy Defense.

8 Drexthar Bloodtwin

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best Champions In The

The legendary Drexthar Bloodtwin, who is relatively easy to obtain through the in-game Bazaar, brings the fire from the Demonspawn world with him and unleashes it upon his enemies. He inflicts HP Burn debuffs when he attacks or is attacked, making him a nightmare to deal with.


  • Eldritch Flames: Single-target triple-hitter with a chance to place an HP Burn debuff. Can also heal Drexthar.
  • Burning Lash: AOE attack that will place a Provoke debuff if an enemy is under an HP Burn debuff. Will also place a Decrease Attack debuff if the Provoke debuff is placed.
  • Fiery Blood: A passive skill with a high chance of placing an HP Burn debuff on an enemy whenever they attack Drexthar.

7 Countess Lix

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best Champions In

Although their partner champion Astralon has forsaken the Demonspawn for the Sacred Order, Countess Lix stands firmly by the side of her demonic brothers and sisters. As a legendary champion with a magical affinity, Lix can greatly slow down enemies while also preventing them from using their own abilities.


  • Festering Caress:Single-target double-hitter with a good chance of placing a Weaken debuff.
  • Mire Of Misery: AOE triple-hitter that places a Decrease Speed debuff and decreases Turn Meter by 10% on every hit.
  • Time Dilation: AOE attack that places the Block Active Skills debuff as well as decreases the cooldown of ally skills.
  • Unredeemed: A passive skill that removes one debuff from both Astralon and Lix at the start of each turn (if Astralon is on the team).
  • Channel Woe: A second passive that fills Lix's Turn Meter by 5% every time an ally receives a debuff.

6 Tyrant Ixlimor

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best Champions

The legendary Demonspawn offspring named Tyrant Ixlimor lives up to his name by being an absolute scourge on the battlefield, both in offense and defense. When players deploy his combination of HP Burn, ally protection, and self-healing, they will understand why he is called the 'Tyrant'.


  • Feast Of Flames: Single-target attack that can heal Ixlimor by 25% or 50% depending on whether the enemy is under an HP Burn debuff.
  • Hellfire Torrent : AOE attack that inflicts an HP Burn debuff.
  • Infernal Minions: Places both Ally Protection and Increase Defense buffs on all allies.
  • Fires Of Doom: A passive skill that decreases incoming damage from enemies under an HP Burn debuff by 10%.

5 Sicia Flametongue

Raid Shadow Legends 10 Best

In a Valentine's Day update, Sicia Flametongue was introduced in Raid: Shadow Legends. She is a legendary champion of elemental power with a straightforward kit that has only one goal: to burn. Sicia can place, activate, and extend HP Burn debuffs, leading to massive damage and the ability to dominate bosses like the Spider.


  • Towering Inferno: Single-target triple-hitter with each hit having a chance to extend an HP Burn debuff.
  • Flame Eruption: AOE attack places both Weaken and Decrease Defense debuffs. Instantly activates any HP Burn debuffs on enemies.
  • Firestorm Rite: AOE attack inflicts an HP Burn. Can also grant an extra turn if all enemies receive HP Burn debuffs.
  • Metaphysics: A passive skill that increases Sicia's Speed and damage for every HP Burn debuff active in the battle.

4 Candraphon

Raid Shadow Legends 10

Before a buff in September 2020, the player base of Raid: Shadow Legends was not particularly enthusiastic about the legendary Demonspawn champion Candraphon. Some players even referred to him as the worst legendary champion in the game at that time. However, after the buff, Candraphon became a killer in the PvP Arena and was able to take down all but the strongest enemy champions with a single shot.


  • Punish Hubris: Single-target attack places an extra hit if the enemy is under a buff.
  • Butcher's Glee: AOE attack grants an extra turn and resets the cooldown of Candraphon's On The Hunt skill if it kills an enemy.
  • On The Hunt: Grants a Perfect Veil buff, Increase Attack buff, Increase Speed buff, and Increase Critical Damage buff on Candraphon.
  • From The Shadows: A passive skill that places a Perfect Veil buff on Candraphon every time an enemy's Turn Meter is filled. Also increases damage from and decreases incoming damage to Candraphon when under the effects of a Perfect Veil buff.

3 Helicath

Raid Shadow Legends

The legendary Demonspawn offspring Helicath was added as part of the fusion event in June 2022 and has immediately proven to be an impenetrable wall of defensive strength. Helicath can completely block incoming damage for allies while continuously pushing back his enemies.


  • Pyroclastic Claws: Single-target double-hitter, with each hit having a good chance of inflicting a Weaken debuff. Will also ignore Shield and Block Damage buffs.
  • Winds Of The Pit: An AOE attack that places a Shield buff on all allies.
  • Devoted Servants: Applies a Block Damage buff on all allies. Replaces the Block Damage buff with an Increase Defense buff if removed or expired.
  • Feast Of Agony: A passive skill that allows Helicath to counterattack whenever an ally under a Block Damage buff is attacked. Also raises Helicath's Defense by 5% for every Block Damage buff on allies.

2 Prince Kymar

Raid Shadow

The regal legendary Demonspawn offspring Prince Kymar is designed to keep his team's abilities always ready for action. His reset abilities and turn meter manipulation can enable incredibly fast runs in dungeons and arena battles, making it nearly impossible for enemies to catch their breath.


  • Phantom Fire: An AOE attack that places a Poison debuff if critical.
  • Abyssal Gaze: An AOE attack that removes all buffs from enemies and places a Sleep debuff.
  • Seal Of Magic: Resets all ally skills and fills their Turn Meters by 20%.

1 Duchess Lilitu


The legendary Demonspawn offspring Duchess not only stands at the top of her faction but is undoubtedly one of the best and most coveted champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Universally outstanding, Duchess can carry any team through the toughest content of the game, and players should seize every opportunity to obtain her.


  • Abyssal Invocation: Single-target double-hitter that places a Shield buff on both Duchess herself and an ally with the lowest HP.
  • Shroud Of Souls: Grants both Block Damage and Increase Attack buffs to all allies, as well as a Perfect Veil buff.
  • Spectral Rebirth: Revives all allies with 70% HP. Places both Veil and Continuous Heal buffs on all allies.
  • Ethereal Ways: A passive skill that decreases incoming AOE damage by 25%.