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The top 10 recipes in Persona 5 Strikers

A journey without Joker's culinary skills is not a proper journey. In the main game Persona 5, the protagonist Joker brewed coffee at Café Leblanc and...

Bradley Russell Sept 12, 2023
The top 10 recipes in Persona 5 Strikers

A journey without Joker's culinary skills is not a proper journey. In the main game Persona 5, the protagonist Joker brewed coffee at Café Leblanc and cooked curry under the guidance of his guardian, Sojiro. Six months after the events of Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves embark on their next adventure in Persona 5 Strikers.

Among the 19 dishes that Joker can learn to prepare in his kitchen, some restore more health points (HP) and skill points (SP) than others. While each dish serves a specific purpose in battle, Joker's kitchen is more than just an enhanced potion system disguised as a cooking system.

10 Kushikatsu

Persona 5 Strikers 10 Best Recipes

Gourmet Yusuke has a fondness for Kushikatsu, and you can learn this recipe by speaking to Yusuke in Osaka on August 24th. This recipe requires beef, pork, egg, and onion, and when Joker prepares Kushikatsu for the first time, Yusuke says to Joker, "You are truly a saint among men" and starts shedding tears of joy.

The leftovers restore 40 HP for all allies in battle. At the same time, Kushikatsu triggers the Matarukaja effect, temporarily increasing the attack power of all allies. Support abilities like Matarukaja are not as crucial for victory as in the main game, but they are still useful.

9 Goya Chanpuru

Persona 5 Strikers 10 Best

Futaba teaches you the recipe for Goya Chanpuru if you speak to her on August 18th after completing the Okinawa Jail. To make this recipe, you need to raise the "Master Chef Bond" ability to level two and purchase the ingredients Goya, egg, pork, and tofu from Sophia's shop.

Goya Chanpuru is another item that strengthens your party. With the Masukukaja effect, all party members temporarily have a higher critical hit chance and evasion rate. When consumed, Goya Chanpuru also restores 40 HP to all allies, and when Joker cooks Goya Chanpuru, Sophia reveals the fun fact that "Ippemasan" is an Okinawan phrase that means "extremely delicious."

8 Kyoto Curry

Persona 5 Strikers 10

SP is required to use Persona skills for casting spells, enhancements, and debuffs. If you run out of SP, the battle becomes difficult, even impossible against certain bosses. Choose meals like Kyoto Curry to restore SP, so you don't have to leave the jail and return just to refill the SP gauge.

Kyoto Curry restores an incredible 40 SP for all allies. As the name suggests, this curry originates from the city of Kyoto and is made with beef, onions, rice, and Kamu-Nasu eggplants. Makoto mentions that the fresh vegetables used in the dish were grown in Kyoto.

7 Master Coffee

Persona 5 Strikers

Meisterkaffee, one of the last unlockable recipes, restores 50 SP for an ally. Therefore, it is the perfect remedy if you have exhausted the SP of a single group member. In the aftermath, on August 30th, you receive the request "Trapped in the Great Tree," and if you complete it, you will be rewarded with the recipe for Meisterkaffee.

As she takes a sip of the strong coffee, Futaba refers to its name and says, "Oh, Joker, you have grown into a fine young man. Perhaps I can finally retire as your mentor and lead a peaceful life in the hills..."

6 Okonomiyaki

Persona 5

In battle, SP consumption often takes priority over HP, but both are still important. If your health is low, you can eat Okonomiyaki to restore 60 HP for all allies.

You can buy this recipe at the Lucky Lucky Restaurant in Osaka for ¥1,100 and prepare it by combining flour, pork, and cabbage.

5 Osaka Sushi


Like Kyoto Curry, Osaka Sushi also restores 40 SP for all allies. However, unlike the curry, Osaka Sushi additionally grants the Marakukaja effect, temporarily increasing defense and not interrupting attacks for all allies.

You can buy Osaka Sushi at Nanaya Sushi & Staples in Osaka for ¥3,500. The recipe requires tuna, crab, egg, and rice. Once the sushi-like creature Morgana catches the scent of the sushi, his mouth starts watering, and he raves about "a whole piece of crab."

4 Churrasco

Churrasco is a reward for the "Employee Course Correction" task in Osaka, which you received on August 28th. Beef, pork, lamb, and goat meat are required for this recipe. It restores 30 HP and grants all allies the Heat Riser effect, which temporarily increases attack, defense, critical hit rate, and evasion.

These enhancements give the entire group a significant advantage in battle, and when Haru tries Joker's Churrasco for the first time, she remarks, "It has just the right amount of salt, and the meat is perfectly seared."

3 Obanazi

Obanazi is the only cooked dish that heals the entire group from all status ailments and also restores 30 HP. Whether a group member is brainwashed or frozen, a bite of Obanazi will bring them out of that harmful condition.

To unlock the recipe, you need to complete the request for Obanzai ingredients, which becomes available starting on August 24th. To prepare it, you can buy the ingredients Kamo-Nasu eggplant, tofu, carrot, and miso at Sophia's store. Makoto will mention that Obanazi is representative of Kyoto cuisine.

2 Master Curry

In Futaba's words, the Master Curry remains faithful to the original Leblanc Curry but tastes as if all its stats have been maximized. Along with the Master Coffee, the recipe for Master Curry is only available in the post-game when you receive the request "A Special Challenge for a Thief."

The ingredients for Master Curry are pork, onion, coffee beans, and rice, and it restores 50 SP for each group member. Master Curry is one of the best recipes as it restores the highest amount of SP among all dishes and benefits every ally, unlike Master Coffee, which only affects one ally.

1 Crab Hot Pot

The Crab Stew fills the most combined HP and SP and restores 80 HP and 40 SP for all allies. It is the ultimate recipe to restore your group, allowing you to roam through dungeons for hours. Haru remarks that the soup brings out the flavor of the crab, leaving Yusuke speechless.

The recipe for Crab Stew is available relatively early in the Crab Empire in Osaka for ¥6,600 and requires the ingredients crab, tofu, and carrot.