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The top 10 strategy games on the Nintendo Switch

You could be the kind of person who adores the Nintendo Switch, yet can't get enough of strategy games. Fortunately, the console is not only the haven...

Phil Hayton Sept 14, 2023
The top 10 strategy games on the Nintendo Switch

You could be the kind of person who adores the Nintendo Switch, yet can't get enough of strategy games. Fortunately, the console is not only the haven for some of this generation's finest games, but also for some of the greatest within the entire genre. With just a little exploration, there are dozens of superb strategy games available if you prefer a more tactical approach.

Even better: The Nintendo Switch harbors an astonishingly diverse array of strategy games that employ unique and imaginative mechanics. Many of the more accessible strategy games on the console also merit attention, as they are simple enough for newcomers to the genre yet still pose a challenge for those accustomed to executing the perfect strategy.

10 Fire Emblem Engage

10 Best Strategy Games On Nintendo Switch

While it may not be as popular as other installments in the series, Fire Emblem Engage is an enjoyable little strategy game that offers you a fair challenge. You will primarily control Alear, but as always, you are responsible for the lives of the units within the army you have constructed.

The game operates similarly to another one on the list, but that doesn't mean Engage should be overlooked. Fans of the series will find much to love, especially with all the appearances of classic characters from the series' history.

9 Dicey Dungeons

10 Best Strategy Games On Nintendo

Those who have an affinity for both roguelikes and deck-builders are likely to be drawn to Dicey Dungeons. It presents a classic scenario where one must battle through a series of challenges to break free from their fate, but it manages to feel unique even among other notable contenders within the genre.

As one would expect from a roguelike, you'll be tasked with making attempt after attempt. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a cool head while planning the best strategy for your chosen character. With its enjoyable dice mechanics, you might be surprised by how often you find yourself returning to Dicey Dungeons.

8 Civilization 6

10 Best Strategy Games On

It is nearly impossible to have not heard of the Civilization series at this point, thanks to its popularity and long history. The entire objective of the game is to build a civilization from relative nothingness and guide it to become the dominant force in the world.

Surprisingly, crafting a perfect civilization is a tricky endeavor, given all the moving parts one must keep in mind. You must constantly expand your civilization while simultaneously engaging in deals with others to ensure ongoing prosperity without allowing too much chaos to ensue.

7 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

10 Best Strategy Games

Many people were delighted by the fun and straightforward strategy game called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and it's not hard to see why. The combination of Mario and the Rabbids was a decision that nobody knew they needed but instantly fell in love with.

With its simple customization options, maps, and surprisingly challenging trials, this game serves as a perfect introduction to the genre for newer players. So much passion has been poured into every inch of the game that you may find yourself eagerly seeking out the sequel once you're finished.

6 Slay The Spire

10 Best Strategy

For some individuals, certain strategy games can feel a bit too similar, and Slay the Spire could be the perfect way to avoid that sensation. The entire game is played through a unique deck-building system that demands challenging decision-making and a fair share of luck.

With a multitude of characters and even more possible build options, Slay the Spire urges you to replay it as often as possible to master the best strategy for each character. It is a challenge to truly conquer the game, one that only a few achieve, but you might be ready for this endeavor.

5 Pikmin 4

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The Pikmin series hasn't always received the same level of adoration as some others, but it has always been quietly present in the background, patiently awaiting new players to discover it. Pikmin 4 takes the classic gameplay and adds entirely new layers to create a captivating experience from beginning to end.

It's up to you to rescue all your old companions with the help of the titular characters, the Pikmin. It's not the most challenging game, but it is an imaginative title that is great for both beginners and those seeking something unique.

4 Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope


Operating quite similarly to the series' first game, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope is another fantastic strategy game for beginners. Those hoping for a larger-scale experience are in luck, as it makes several significant changes from the first game and even introduces some new characters.

It will be your task to rescue the Sparks and defeat the Cursa, although there are some fantastic surprises to experience along the way. Some actually prefer this game over the original due to the few changes that have been made. While that may be controversial, both games provide great player experiences.

3 Valkyria Chronicles 4

If you enjoy some war in your strategy games, Valkyria Chronicles 4 should be a great option. You'll control a unit of specialized soldiers as you fight for your homeland of Gallia, although things quickly become somewhat complex.

You'll need to look at the map and see through the perspective of your unit to implement the perfect strategy, as the absence of a single unit or character on some maps will make things much trickier. Trust your units and don't let the tank fall.

2 Into The Breach

Into the Breach is a great choice if you're looking for turn-based strategies where you fight against the monstrous Vek. At first glance, the gameplay may seem somewhat simple, but you'll be surprised by how many things you have to consider with each move.

This is definitely one of the most challenging strategy games on the Switch for new players, but it is a welcome challenge. You have to deploy your mechs to destroy the Vek and protect the innocent, but compared to other titles, you have to think through the gameplay in a unique way.

1 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

If you're looking for an excellent strategy game that adds some life simulation elements, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be a delight to play. By controlling Byleth, you will choose a group of students with whom you will interact throughout the game, both during school time and amidst the bitter war.

The simple strategic gameplay of the Fire Emblem series is presented, but with some welcome adjustments. It's not hard to understand why so many people love this part of the series, considering how likely you are to become emotionally attached to all of your students, who become comrades in war.