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The Unwritten Rules of Playing Honkai Star Rail's Tingyun Explained

Tingyun in Honkai: Star Rail is a valuable support character who has the ability to enhance the ATK (attack) of most DPS (damage per second) characte...

Hirun Cryer Oct 11, 2023
The Unwritten Rules of Playing Honkai Star Rail's Tingyun Explained

Tingyun in Honkai: Star Rail is a valuable support character who has the ability to enhance the ATK (attack) of most DPS (damage per second) characters. This makes her an essential character for many players.

Players should focus on leveling Tingyun's skill and burst abilities as a priority, as her normal attack is not beneficial to her teammates unless she is specifically built as a DPS (damage per second) character.

Tingyun can be easily built by focusing on ATK (attack) and SPD (speed) oriented relics, and players do not necessarily need to spend money on high-tier weapons for her. Pairing Tingyun with Bronya can enhance their synergy and contribute to the team's overall DPS (damage per second).

During its initial release, Honkai: Star Rail had a limited roster of playable characters, which was expected as it was a new game with more content planned for the future. However, when it came to support characters, Tingyun proved to be a hidden gem. Many players compared her skill set to Bennett from Genshin Impact, another game within the HoYoVerse. Tingyun is an exceptional support character who can provide buffs to most DPS (damage per second) characters.

Tingyun's abilities boost the ATK (attack) of a single unit through both her skill and burst. This is what makes her highly effective for a wide range of characters. Even DPS (damage per second) characters that do not primarily rely on ATK can benefit from her buffs. She is considered a crucial character and often a recommended build for players. Honkai: Star Rail players should invest time and effort to unlock her full potential and ensure their teams can make the most of her support capabilities.

Honkai: Star Rail's Tingyun's Kit

The Unwritten Rules of Playing Honkai Star Rail

Tingyun's skill and burst should be the main focus when it comes to prioritizing her upgrades. Her normal attack does not provide any benefit to her teammates, so unless players intend to build her as a DPS (damage per second) character, it is not necessary to level it up. Instead, players are advised to invest in her skills that enhance her teammates, as supporting others is Tingyun's primary role. Being mindful of this will enable players to maximize her potential as a support character and make her the best she can be in that role.

When farming for Tingyun's relics, the ideal sets should prioritize stacking as much ATK (attack) and SPD (speed) as possible. Both her skill and burst abilities scale off of ATK, but the inclusion of SPD is important because players want Tingyun to move before the DPS (damage per second) characters. Tingyun's skill boosts a teammate's ATK based on her own ATK and the effect lasts for 3 turns. This has the advantage of players only needing to use her skill once every 3 turns, as her buff remains active. This is particularly beneficial when paired with teammates who rely heavily on their skills, as Tingyun's buff won't consume extra skill points and put players in a difficult situation.

Tingyun doesn't require any five-star light cones to perform well. Even the 3-star weapon Chorus is a suitable choice for Tingyun. She is very friendly to free-to-play players and does not require any monetary investment to be effective. There are also plenty of light cones available in the shops within Honkai: Star Rail. However, for those who wish to invest significant resources, Bronya's signature weapon, "But The Battle Isn't Over," is the best available option for Tingyun. This weapon provides a substantial buff to Energy Regeneration, which allows Tingyun's burst ability to be more readily available. Since her burst is crucial to her kit, this enhancement can greatly enhance her performance.

Furthermore, Bronya can complement Tingyun's kit very effectively. Tingyun's team compositions can greatly benefit from the inclusion of another support unit. While Bronya is also a five-star unit that players may not possess, she proves to be valuable not only for the team's overall DPS but also for Tingyun herself. Bronya can boost Tingyun's ATK, allowing Tingyun to subsequently enhance the ATK of the DPS characters. Their synergy is remarkable, and if a player has obtained Bronya either through a 50/50 outcome or from the standard banner, she would be a wise addition to Tingyun's teams.

In summary, Tingyun has a straightforward kit and is considered a crucial member of many teams. Her abilities can benefit numerous DPS characters, and she has low investment requirements, making her a highly versatile unit. Players can easily incorporate her into almost any team composition. With her capacity to enhance bursts and ATK, Tingyun proves to be an invaluable asset for players of Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently available on PC, PS5, and mobile devices.