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The worst 6-cost cards in Marvel Snap

Throughout Marvel Snap, players will progressively collect cards that are thematically based on various characters in the Marvel Multiverse. Within th...

Isaiah Colbert Aug 26, 2023
The worst 6-cost cards in Marvel Snap

Throughout Marvel Snap, players will progressively collect cards that are thematically based on various characters in the Marvel Multiverse. Within these cards, there are different energy levels, with 6-cost cards being among the most crucial in the entire virtual card game. This is because Marvel Snap typically involves playing six rounds, implying that 6-cost cards are usually the very last cards played in a match.

However, this means that fans want to ensure they are using the best 6-cost cards in the game and avoid falling into the trap of utilizing 6-cost cards that do not hold significant value in the current meta of Marvel Snap.

8 Agatha Harkness

Marvel Snap Worst 6-Cost Cards

While some cards in Marvel Snap possess a substantial amount of power, this fact alone does not make them impressive cards for use in a match. Agatha Harkness serves as a splendid example in this regard, as her card boasts an impressive 14 power.

Despite her considerable power, Agatha Harkness's unique ability states that she starts in the player's hand and plays the cards for them. Essentially, Agatha Harkness creates an AFK-like deck by playing the cards on behalf of the player. However, without proper control, Agatha may potentially lose games consistently, rendering her power useless.

7 Spectrum

Marvel Snap Worst 6-Cost

Spectrum used to be one of the most popular types of 6-cost cards that players could include in their decks, especially in early aggro decks. Spectrum is a 6-cost card with only 5 power, which means it is relatively weak compared to other higher-cost cards.

The "On Reveal" ability of Spectrum is not as significant as it is in other cards to be considered crucial for synergistic combinations. "On Reveal" simply grants +2 power to other ongoing cards (such as Iron Man), which is not sufficient to make a significant breakthrough in terms of power.

6 Orka

Marvel Snap Worst

Orka possesses the same type of ongoing ability as Namor, which makes them an undeniable pair of independent powerhouses. However, it is precisely this characteristic that renders them relatively weak compared to others.

Orka already possesses an exceptional power of 11, but his ongoing ability states that if no other friendly cards are present at the location, he gains +5 power. This could potentially elevate Orka to 16 power, but the inability to have other cards at Orka's location makes it challenging to deploy him effectively.

5 Destroyer

Marvel Snap

Destruction cards are among the finest character combinations in Marvel Snap, although there are a few exceptions. Destroyer is one of those exceptions, as its "On Reveal" ability is too potent to be fully utilized.

As a 6-cost card with 15 power, Destroyer possesses the "On Reveal" ability to destroy all other friendly cards. While this ability proves useful when combined with cards that need to be destroyed, it relies on luck to ensure that these cards are drawn at the right time. Consequently, Destroyer decks become unreliable.

4 Leader


Leader used to dominate the Marvel Snap community after more and more players gained access to the "Pool Three" card, but since then, he has fallen to the bottom of the 6-cost card rankings. Firstly, Leader only has 2 power, making him one of the weakest 6-cost characters in the entire mobile and PC card game. Secondly, the "On Reveal" ability of Leader is not as reliable as others.

This is because Leader has the ability to copy the strongest power card played by the enemy on the player's side at the location. Although this can be useful at times, the ability is too unpredictable to be meta-relevant.

3 Helicarrier

The Helicarrier is one of the most unreliable cards in all of Marvel Snap, apart from fans who enjoy using cards that provide random cards into their hand, such as Agent 13. While the Helicarrier may have 10 power, its effectiveness lies in being discarded.

When discarded, the Helicarrier adds three random cards to the player's hand. For a 6-cost card, the ability of the Helicarrier does not provide enough quality to be considered valuable in any deck, except for a good synergy with the Collector.

2 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom stands out as one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe. However, when it comes to Marvel Snap, Doctor Doom doesn't quite meet the expectations of fans.

Doctor Doom can provide a meager amount of 5 power to a location alone (which isn't much). Although he also has the "On Reveal" ability to draw two Doombots with 4 power each to other locations, he simply doesn't offer enough powerful support to create synergies, develop strategies, or be generally effective in Marvel Snap.

1 Arnim Zola

Not many characters in Marvel Snap retain 0 power, but when they do, fans can usually understand that they possess a specific robust ability. Unfortunately, Arnim Zola's "On Reveal" ability cannot compensate for the fact that his card has only 0 power. When Arnim Zola is played at a location, he destroys a random friendly card already present at that location and then copies it to the other locations.

Of course, Arnim Zola can assist in taking control of two locations with extremely powerful cards like Venom and Ronan (both capable of having immense power). Simply put, Arnim Zola's destructive ability is not only unpredictable when it comes to locations with more than one friendly card but also irrelevant when it comes to cards that don't even possess sufficient power.

Marvel Snapis available on PC and mobile devices.