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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line: 10 things only Final Fantasy fans have noticed

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is the fifth installment in the popular Theatrhythm series. This rhythm-action role-playing game features 385 songs, 104 pl...

Hirun Cryer Jul 16, 2023
Theatrhythm Final Bar Line: 10 things only Final Fantasy fans have noticed

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is the fifth installment in the popular Theatrhythm series. This rhythm-action role-playing game features 385 songs, 104 playable characters, and multiple modes that allow for different styles of gameplay. Final Fantasy characters are strategically deployed in various modes that challenge you, such as series quests, musical stages, and multi-battles.

Music Stages allow you to experience the simple pleasure of just playing your favorite songs, and you can challenge up to three friends to join you in online multiplayer battles. Series quests offer a more varied and engaging experience with rewards such as characters, songs, and cosmetics at each level. There are also some hidden details for Final Fantasy enthusiasts.

10 The Iconic Aerith’s Theme From Final Fantasy 7

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things Only Final Fantasy Fans Noticed

A significant aspect of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is that it spans the music of every main game in the series. Additionally, the game offers multiple difficulty levels for each song, allowing you to challenge yourself with more complex versions of classic tracks. A notable example that resonates with Final Fantasy enthusiasts is the inclusion of the iconic piece "Aerith's Theme" from Final Fantasy 7.

As you progress through the game, you will come across this heart-wrenching melody that accompanies one of the most emotional and enduring moments in the history of video games. This poignant track serves as a testament to Theatrhythm Final Bar Line's commitment to capturing the essence and significance of each title within the series.

9 Square Enix Pays Homage to the Classic ATB System

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things Only Final Fantasy Fans

The game revives the famous Active Time Battle (ATB) system from earlier titles, including fan favorites like Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Furthermore, the ATB system enhances the nostalgia of the experience by providing the same strategic combat found in previous entries of the series.

In Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, Square Enix pays tribute to the classic ATB system that fans have revered for decades. However, it goes beyond just using this iconic combat system. The game embraces it in a unique and captivating way, allowing players to relive their favorite Final Fantasy moments through a rhythmic twist.

8 The Appearance Of Ifrit and Bahamut

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things Only Final Fantasy

The presence of iconic summons such as Ifrit and Bahamut as powerful allies showcases the game's dedication to serving loyal Final Fantasy fans. Ifrit, the embodiment of destruction, demands attention with his flaming mane and imposing stature. With his devastating abilities, he leaves a trail of destruction and ensures that no one can ignore his power.

You can also admire the mighty wings of Bahamut, the king of dragons, as he majestically dominates the sky and instills fear in his enemies. Summoning Bahamut alone spells certain doom for anyone who dares to challenge him. Both Ifrit and Bahamut can be summoned in a rhythm-based music game to assist in battle. This increases the replay value, as one can challenge themselves to defeat them in combat.

7 The Ability to Equip Cloud Strife From Final Fantasy 7

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things Only Final

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line allows you to customize your characters with costumes from various Final Fantasy installments. You can dress your characters in outfits from a range of titles which lend them a unique appearance and reflect your favorite game. Moreover, many of the costumes in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line are based on classic designs from the main series.

For instance, you can equip Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 with his iconic soldier uniform or choose his outfit from Advent Children for a modern and stylish appearance. This type of customization allows you to truly personalize characters and pay homage to your favorite parts of the Final Fantasy universe.

6 Enemy Sound Effects From Behemoth, Tonberry, Sephiroth, and Ifrit

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things Only

One aspect that true enthusiasts will immediately notice and appreciate are the familiar sound effects of enemies from past titles. Imagine battling against classic foes such as the fearsome Behemoth, the malevolent Tonberry, or the sinister Sephiroth in epic battles. You will be confronted with their characteristic growls, strikes, and powerful magical incantations as you face them.

Furthermore, when fighting the mighty Ifrit, you will hear his distinctive roar and feel the heat of his fiery attacks. Similarly, when confronting the cute yet deadly Cactuar, you will be greeted by its characteristic high-pitched squeak before it unleashes its devastating 1,000 Needles attack. These iconic sound effects evoke nostalgic memories of previous encounters.

5 The Classic Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10 Things

The Final Fantasy victory fanfare in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is more than just a tribute to the legacy of the series. It is a fascinating source of motivation. With every new challenge that one overcomes in the game, a familiar and uplifting melody accompanies your victories. This melodic reminder celebrates your achievements and inspires you to go beyond boundaries.

Furthermore, this promotes a strong sense of unity among the fans. These seemingly insignificant features have a profound impact on the enthusiasm of the enthusiasts and create a common bond within the community. It ignites conversations and evokes shared memories among the fans, fostering a strong sense of community and connectedness.

4 The Chocobo Race Mini-Game from Final Fantasy 6

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line 10

In Final Fantasy 6, you are introduced to the enchanting world of Chocobo racing, where these adorable bird-like creatures take center stage. Theatrhythm Final Bar Line provides another opportunity to connect with these iconic beings and to establish a deeper connection to the game and its fantastic universe.

The choice and training of the perfect Chocobo are crucial in the exciting world of racing. The journey presents many challenges that one must overcome. Mastering the Chocobo racing mini-game offers thrilling adventures and unlocks rewarding experiences.

Some of the rewards include rare items and a special Chocobo racing song. It adds an exciting level of depth to the enchanting world and offers dedicated fans exclusive rewards for their commitment to exploration.

3 References to Ultima Weapon and Cid, as well as Cloud Strife's Buster Sword and the Ancient Forest

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

During the course of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, you will discover numerous incredible references that pay homage to the rich history of Final Fantasy, such as the Ultima Weapon and Cid, which are often considered classic cornerstones of the series.

The game also includes subtle references to older titles, such as musical arrangements of classic battle themes from Final Fantasy 4 and 6, as well as popular characters that appear in the game's story mode.

Whether one discovers iconic weapons such as Cloud Strife's Buster Sword or uncovers hidden treasures in places like the Ancient Forest, these subtle details lend a sense of familiarity and excitement to each playthrough.

2 The Bosses Such as Gilgamesh, Chaos, Sephiroth, and Ultimecia Appear

Theatrhythm Final Bar

The bosses from each game, such as Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy 5, Chaos from 6, Sephiroth from 7, and Ultimecia from 8, appear as special enemies with unique attacks and strategies that must be overcome.

In Theatrhythm, these bosses appear during the Battle Music Stages of the game. These stages are characterized by intense battles against iconic Final Fantasy enemies, including the bosses. The attention to detail and nuances of these battles set them apart from countless other role-playing games.

1 The Legendary Buster Sword - A Symbol of Strength and Sacrifice

Theatrhythm Final

Any Final Fantasy enthusiast would immediately recognize the iconic Buster Sword, which symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7. With its distinctive design and heavy presence, this massive blade has become synonymous with the beloved protagonist. In Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, the ability to select the Buster Sword as a playable weapon adds an additional layer of immersion for fans.

As you embark on your rhythmic adventures and guide Cloud through various musical stages, you can't help but feel a deeper connection to his character. The familiar sight of the Buster Sword, perfectly harmonizing with the notes, evokes a sense of strength and nostalgia. Players feel as though they are reliving Cloud's iconic battles and experiencing his personal growth firsthand.

You can even customize the Buster Sword by using upgrades that honor important moments in Cloud's journey. From Materia slots to abilities based on Materia, or even cosmetic changes reflecting various stages of his development, these options contribute to deepening both the gameplay mechanics and storytelling elements.