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These are the seven most unforgettable quotes from Starfield

Starfield is an immersive role-playing game with a strong emphasis on storytelling. It offers a diverse cast of characters and captivating dialogues. ...

Bradley Russell Sept 27, 2023
These are the seven most unforgettable quotes from Starfield

Starfield is an immersive role-playing game with a strong emphasis on storytelling. It offers a diverse cast of characters and captivating dialogues. The dialogue is skillfully written and effectively delivered. As a result, some of the conversations you engage in may delve into profound and thought-provoking topics, adding depth to the character interactions.

Throughout the story, you will engage in numerous conversations and encounter a variety of quotes and statements. However, there are certain conversations that stand out, either due to their significance within the story or because they feature truly memorable quotes from captivating characters.

7 "By Vectera By Vectera By Vectera! I Can’t Believe It!"- The Adoring Fan

Starfield The 7 Most Memorable Quotes

You first hear this quote from the enthusiastic, irritating, and somewhat unnerving voice of your devoted fan. It's worth noting that you will only experience this interaction in your playthrough if you choose the Hero Worshipped trait.

The phrase is a peculiar choice of words, and the fact that it originates from the adoring fan and is exclusive to certain character traits chosen during customization makes it truly memorable. Additionally, it is uttered by the most eccentric character in the game, who visibly struggles and fails to maintain composure, adding to its memorability.

6 "Easy Girl, Breathe, You’ll Have A Heart Attack." - Sarah Morgan

Starfield The 7 Most Memorable

When you are initially recruited by Constellation and present them with the first artifact you find, the entire room understandably becomes filled with excitement and awe at this significant discovery, which brings new progress to their life's work. Noel, in particular, appears exceptionally thrilled and launches into an enthusiastic ramble filled with complex scientific terms, momentarily forgetting to catch her breath.

Sarah, a recruitable companion and the leader of Constellation, interrupts the rant with a brilliant line. The entire moment is humorous, yet it also highlights the significance of the work undertaken by the members of Constellation and emphasizes the profound impact your involvement will have if you decide to join them on their mission.

5 "War, Disease, Famine, All The Classics."- The Hunter

Starfield The 7 Most

During the Unearthed mission, you are presented with the choice of following either the Hunter or the Emissary. As you progress further, you will eventually reach a point where you must decide which of these two characters to align yourself with.

However, if you choose not to align with either side, it will trigger a significant showdown between the Hunter and the Emissary at the end of the game. The Hunter is the character who utters this quote, attempting to rationalize NASA's decision to sacrifice Earth in order to unlock the mysteries of space travel. It is a profound and thought-provoking quote that connects not only to the main story but also to the lore and history of Starfield's Settled Systems.

4 "I Find Matching Wits With The Neon Underground To Always Be Invigorating."- Walter Stroud

Starfield The 7

Walter Stroud is not your typical Starfield character that you would expect. He's neither a space explorer, a strategic warrior, nor a skilled gunslinger. Instead, he is a businessman, and a highly skilled one at that. This distinctiveness sets him apart and makes him one of the standout side characters in the game.

Walter's distinctiveness also allows for intriguing dialogue options, as he brings a grounded perspective backed by data and his own brand of wit. This quote provides a glimpse into who Walter is and how his mind operates during the All That Money Can Buy mission.

3 "Maybe The Less I Know, The Better."- Emma

Starfield The

During the Deputized quest obtained from the FreeStar Rangers, if you choose to join the faction, your objective is to eliminate a band of mercenaries that have been causing havoc among local farmers.

Emma, a temporary companion and FreeStar Ranger who joins you on the mission, is astonished by the swift and efficient manner in which you dispatch all the adversaries. She briefly contemplates inquiring about your past but ultimately decides against it, expressing this phrase instead. It appears to acknowledge how effortlessly and at times implausibly players overcome formidable foes in challenging circumstances. However, it can also connect to the darker backgrounds of your characters, adding further depth to the immersive role-playing experience.

2 "He’s Barrett, I’m Barrett, Other Than That Mind Bending Fact, There’s Really Not Much To It."- Barrett


Barrett exemplifies the archetype of a whimsical and indifferent genius, possessing seemingly boundless talents, effortlessly maneuvering through the most challenging situations and locations with the eloquence of their silver tongue. Undoubtedly, Barrett is an intriguing character and stands out as one of the limited number of characters available for romance within the game.

Upon Barrett's initial encounter with an alternate version of himself, the ensuing conversation becomes a blend of peculiarity, perplexity, wit, and humor. Nevertheless, this specific line of dialogue serves as a prime example of Barrett's character, leaving a lasting impression in one's memory.

1 "One Doesn’t Approach The Afterlife With Such Trepidation."- Matteo

Matteo, a member of Constellation, embodies youth, wit, and charm. His presence is a source of delight, as he offers a plethora of exceptional dialogue lines and engaging conversation paths. Among the characters you encounter in the game, Matteo stands out as one of the more lighthearted and humorous individuals, infusing moments with levity and amusement.

Following your initial encounter with the Hunter and the Emissary, you make your way back to the Constellation Lodge to deliver the news regarding your discoveries about the artifacts.

This revelation ignites a deep conversation between Walter and Matteo, during which Walter challenges Matteo's religious beliefs and thirst for knowledge, delivering a memorable quote of his own. However, Matteo responds with a statement emphasizing the importance of exercising caution in every situation, revealing his often underestimated wisdom within the exchange.