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These are the ten most peculiar moments in the world of gaming

Irrespective of whether they unfold in the vast expanse of outer space or within enchanted realms of fantastical imagination, video games often adhere...

Hirun Cryer Sept 26, 2023
These are the ten most peculiar moments in the world of gaming

Irrespective of whether they unfold in the vast expanse of outer space or within enchanted realms of fantastical imagination, video games often adhere to their own unique system of logic. Nonetheless, this hasn't deterred certain games from stunning us with peculiar and unforeseen moments that abruptly disrupt our expectations.

Whether it be a whimsical game unexpectedly delving into darkness, a typically serious game offering a moment of levity, or an already bizarre game reaching the pinnacle of its own absurdity, let us explore those perplexing moments that left us bewildered and at a loss for words.

Warning: This list contains some plot spoilers

10 Assassin's Creed Origins - A Gift From The Gods

10 Weirdest Moments In Gaming

After successfully finishing the quest "A Gift From the Gods," a captivating cut scene ensues, showcasing the main antagonist from Final Fantasy 15, Ardyn, being transported to the heavens by a metallic avian creature that unleashes enchanted swords upon the earth's surface.

As a delightful inclusion from the Final Fantasy 15 crossover, players are rewarded with Ardyn's sword and shield, along with a Kweh mount inspired by the iconic Chocobo. In a series like Assassin's Creed, renowned for its meticulous focus on religious, cultural, and historical accuracy, it's understandable how this unexpected cameo might have caught many players by surprise.

9 Resident Evil Village - The Baby

10 Weirdest Moments In

With the introduction of vampires and werewolves in Resident Evil Village, a series primarily known for its zombies, few could have anticipated that the eighth installment of the Resident Evil franchise would also include a colossal, malformed baby relentlessly chasing you through narrow passageways, with the intention of engulfing you entirely.

Discovered early on during the gameplay within House Beneviento, numerous players were taken aback by the sheer terror evoked by this intricately crafted abomination relentlessly chasing them. While the concept of a giant baby may seem absurd for a horror creature, Village manages to execute it flawlessly, resulting in the weirdest and most spine-chilling segment of the game.

8 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - The Guardian Ape

10 Weirdest Moments

In a From Software game, one can anticipate brutal and relentless boss battles, and The Guardian Ape in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no exception. However, what sets this boss apart is not merely its difficulty, but rather its remarkably primal attacks, which leave a lasting impression.

The enormous white ape employs a rather unorthodox tactic of attempting to poison the player by emitting a noxious cloud of its own flatulence. And if that unconventional approach fails, it resorts to hurling feces in your direction. Just when you finally manage to decapitate the ape, a sense of relief washes over you, only to be abruptly interrupted as the ape unexpectedly reanimates, clutching its severed head, initiating a second phase of the intense battle.

7 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - The Promise

10 Weirdest

Within this scene from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill is confronted with a lifelike simulation of his childhood residence, along with his departed mother, who appears vibrant and alive. However, as the simulation progresses, a foreboding black liquid emerges, gradually consuming the entire screen until the credits begin to roll.

Following this, the screen will present you with a crucial decision: to either accept or reject the promise. Choosing to accept the promise will promptly conclude the game. However, opting to reject the promise takes an unexpectedly dark turn, as you find yourself in a distressing sequence wherein you must forcibly extricate yourself from Peter's mother's embrace. Subsequently, you are compelled to shoot her multiple times while she pleads for her life.

6 Twelve Minutes - Your Wife's Secret


The introduction of taboo subjects can result in a particularly jolting revelation, particularly when they arise unexpectedly, as seen in the case of Twelve Minutes. In this game, where you find yourself trapped in a time loop where the protagonist and his pregnant wife are murdered by an intruder, an end-game plot twist unveils the unsettling truth that the expecting couple are, in fact, half-siblings.

The revelation that the player character is not only married to his half-sister but is also expecting a child with her intensifies the discomfort of this unsettling twist, leading to significant backlash from both players and critics alike.

5 The Witcher 3 - The Botchling

The Witcher series is known for its peculiar moments, such as the notorious unicorn scene in Wild Hunt or the presence of Elthon the Harpy Man in Assassin of Kings. However, one of the most notably unexpected encounters that Geralt faces is with the Botchling.

In the quest "Family Matters," a grotesque mutant creature known as the Botchling makes its appearance. This abomination is the reanimated form of a stillborn child, feeding on pregnant women and their unborn offspring. While The Witcher 3 presents numerous dark moments, none quite measure up to the disturbing presence of this monstrous entity within its bestiary.

4 Final Fantasy 7 Remake - The Honeybee Inn

While the Honeybee Inn had its fair share of strange and unsettling moments in the original 1997 version, the standout moment in the 2020 remake would undoubtedly be the unexpectedly sensual rhythm dance sequence featuring Andrea and Cloud.

Amidst the abundance of diverse mini-games in the game, the storyline at the Honeybee Inn is already peculiar. However, this new addition in the Final Fantasy 7 remake flawlessly captures the sheer absurdity of this particular plotline.

3 Red Dead Redemption 2 - A Bright Bouncing Boy

Red Dead Redemption 2 presents one of the most emotionally wrenching narratives in the realm of gaming. However, despite that fact, Rockstar did not shy away from injecting a touch of amusement into its side quests and chance encounters. One such example is the stranger quest titled "A Bright Bouncing Boy."

The journey starts with a seemingly innocent showcase of a remote control boat, but swiftly evolves into a Frankenstein-like experiment where a robot is brought back to life, albeit briefly. Upon completing the quest, if you revisit the area, you will discover the lifeless body of the inventor and the robot, now situated on a snowy mountaintop, mournfully uttering the word "papa" repeatedly.

2 It Takes Two - Cutie's Fate

When the married couple, May and Cody, in the game It Takes Two, hold the belief that they can lift the curse afflicting them by inducing tears in their daughter, they undertake the unexpectedly ruthless act of destroying her cherished elephant doll, Cutie.

In this interactive and agonizingly protracted act of violence, both players collaborate to drag Cutie towards an adjacent precipice, tear off one of her ears, and eventually compel her to plunge to her demise, all while she pleads for mercy. It is probable that you will require a moment to absorb the impact of this remarkably distressing and unforeseen sequence.

1 Death Stranding - The Ending

Singling out the most peculiar moment in Death Stranding is a challenging task. However, the final confrontation with Higgs and the subsequent ending undoubtedly leave numerous players perplexed. The ultimate battle takes on various forms, encompassing elements of stealth, hurling cargo at Higgs, and ultimately transitioning into an arcade-style fistfight replete with whimsical slow-motion impact shots.

Following this battle, the protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, discovers that Amelie, who is his sister, embodies the soul of their departed mother and is also an extinction entity. Eventually, you are presented with the option to either shoot Amelie or embrace her, with the latter choice delaying the impending apocalypse. Subsequently, an epilogue spanning nearly two hours unfolds, culminating in Sam freeing his BB unit, named Lou, from its containment and reviving it. This peculiar conclusion aptly reflects the overall strangeness of the game itself.