To recruit Jaheira in Baldur's Gate 3, you will need to follow these steps: | GAME3A

To recruit Jaheira in Baldur's Gate 3, you will need to follow these steps:

Finding companions to fight alongside you is a significant advantage in Baldur's Gate 3. While many automatically join your party so you don't have to...

Fay Watson Sept 02, 2023
To recruit Jaheira in Baldur's Gate 3, you will need to follow these steps:

Finding companions to fight alongside you is a significant advantage in Baldur's Gate 3. While many automatically join your party so you don't have to face battles alone, there are also missable characters that you may not have discovered yet. Others, like Jaheira, are slightly more complicated to recruit.

Throughout the entire second act, you must make the right choices to keep Jaheira alive and by your side. This means that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for evil characters to recruit her. Nevertheless, she is a force to be reckoned with, and it is worthwhile to make the effort to have her fight alongside you.

How To Reach The Last Light Inn


When you begin the second act, you will be confronted with the Shadow Curse. This new element makes exploration and combat more challenging if you are unprepared. There are two paths to reach this area, and both lead to the Harper's Call and Jaheira.

As you traverse the Underdark, you will come across a group of Harpers who will approach you and engage in conversation, inquiring about the purpose of your presence in this place.

You will be interrupted by shadows and must defend yourself against them. After the initial battle with the shadows, they will tell you about the one light in the darkness: the Last Grove.

While Shadowheart is more resilient against the curse, the rest of your group may require assistance to navigate through the darkness. Activate your torches to keep the curse at bay as you make your way to the inn. Also, light any braziers you come across along the path.

If you take the mountain pass, you will encounter Kar'niss, who will lead you directly to the Moonstone Towers. You will be ambushed by the Harpers and have the opportunity to join their side, although it may be a challenging battle.

You can also take the path to the inn if you choose not to follow Kar'niss and instead enter the area through the mountain pass, but be prepared to fight your way there.

Regardless of your choice, make your way to the Last Grove. Once you arrive, you will see Jaheira waiting for you there.

Where To Find Jaheira


Once you enter the Last Grove, Jaheira will initiate a conversation. She will inquire about how you, an infected follower of the Absolute, have not succumbed to the transformation.

While she suspects that you may have become lost, you can convince her otherwise by passing several checks or showing her the artifact found by Shadowheart. Once you have convinced her of your purpose, she cautiously welcomes you to the inn.

You can have a drink with her at the inn before the attack. You won't be able to recruit her immediately, and there are several steps you need to complete before you can have her fight permanently by your side.

If you choose to drink Jaheira's wine, you will notice that it is laced with Klauthweed. Regardless of your responses, Jaheira will still be suspicious of you as an ally.

How To Keep Jaheira Alive


One thing that makes it harder to recruit Jaheira as a companion is that she has more opportunities to die than most other group members. Apart from actual combat, there are multiple ways to kill her or let her die as an NPC in the background.

To avoid this outcome and recruit her, you must follow these specific steps.

Save Isobel At The Last Light Inn

During the assault on the Last Grove, you want to do everything in your power to prevent Marcus and Ketheric's troops from capturing Isobel. This can be achieved by leading an attack on Marcus and keeping the group around Isobel protected.

The battle will be challenging, but focus your attacks on Marcus first. Karlach, on the other hand, can inflict a lot of damage, especially in their rage mode.

If you play as a character with dark inclinations, you have the option to kill Isobel yourself. Resist the urge. Killing Isobel will cause Jaheira to become hostile towards you unless you can convince her that it wasn't your fault. If you can't persuade her, you'll have to kill Jaheira to proceed, preventing you from recruiting her.

If Isobel is abducted, Jaheira will notice it, and you will have to explain to her what happened. If you side with Marcus, you have a chance to convince her otherwise, although you still have to fight as if you had completely lost the battle.

If Jaheira is killed by your hand or by someone else's, she cannot be recruited. If you fail to protect Isobel, Jaheira will be outraged that the light has vanished.

Due to the Shadow Curse, she will be in danger, but you can invite her to rest safely in your camp until you set off for the battle at moonrise. This will keep her safe until then, although the fight after Isobel's abduction can be brutal. You must be prepared and keep Jaheira alive in that encounter if you wish to recruit her afterward.

Save Nightsong In The Gauntlet Of Shar

If you go through the Gauntlet of Shar before completing the assault on the Moonstone Towers, make sure to choose to save Nightsong. The land will be forever changed, and the survival of Nightsong will ensure that Jaheira also stays alive.

Do not let Balthazar take Nightsong and prevent Shadowheart from killing her.

Killing Nightsong will weaken Isobel and the barrier, leaving the Last Grove defenseless. Everyone there, including Jaheira, will be killed in the background, preventing you from recruiting her.

Once Nightsong is safe, proceed with the assault on the Moonstone Towers. Jaheira will still be alive if you have followed the advice mentioned above. This means that you can still recruit her during and after the upcoming battle.

Recruit Jaheira At Moonrise


Go to the Moonstone Towers; Jaheira will be waiting for you there. You need to speak with her before you can proceed.

In the battle against Ketheric Thorm, it may be tempting to let Jaheira lead the Harpers' army. However, your best option to keep her safe is to let her fight by your side. This way, you can ensure she is out of harm's way when her health gets low, and you can control her movements in the battle.

If you invite her to fight alongside you, she will join you as a temporary companion. She will assist you in reaching Ketheric and completing the first round, so you should bring your best fighters as this battle will be challenging.

After Ketheric escapes, but before you jump into the pit to defeat him once and for all, you have the opportunity to fully recruit the druid Jaheira. Speak to her and say, "Face Ketheric with me," and she will join you as a full-fledged member of your group.

You can proceed to the battle and defeat Ketheric Thorm to end the Shadow Curse once and for all.