To upgrade your gear in Lords of the Fallen, follow these steps: | GAME3A

To upgrade your gear in Lords of the Fallen, follow these steps:

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging game that requires patience and skill, similar to other soulslike titles. Throughout your gameplay, you will enco...

Linda Carroll Oct 13, 2023
To upgrade your gear in Lords of the Fallen, follow these steps:

Lords of the Fallen is a challenging game that requires patience and skill, similar to other soulslike titles. Throughout your gameplay, you will encounter a multitude of challenges, ranging from regular enemies to formidable bosses. However, you will also discover a diverse array of equipment to aid you in overcoming these obstacles. This includes weapons, shields, armor, and various other items.

Nevertheless, as you advance deeper into the game, your adversaries become more formidable, necessitating your own growth. To withstand the escalating difficulty, upgrading your equipment becomes crucial. In this guide, we will elucidate the various types of gear upgrades accessible in the game.

How To Upgrade Melee And Ranged Weapons

Lords Of The Fallen How To Upgrade Gear

In Lords of the Fallen, you will come across a wide range of melee weapons, including swords, daggers, hammers, as well as ranged options such as bows, crossbows, catalysts, and reliable shields.

All of these gear pieces can be enhanced through the aid of Gerlinde, the blacksmith. However, in order to avail yourself of her services, you must first free her from a prison cell located in Pilgrim's Perch.

After successfully freeing her, you will discover Gerlinde at Skyrest, where she resides in a room located on the right side of the Vestige.

Gerlinde will be your primary resource for upgrading your equipment.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Upgrade

To improve your gear, you will need Vigor, which is the primary currency in the game obtained mainly by defeating enemies. Additionally, a special upgrade material called Deralium is also required for certain enhancements.

Every upgrade entails a Vigor cost and demands a specific quantity of Deralium. As you aim for higher upgrade levels, the cost increases significantly.

It is worth noting that there are four tiers of Deralium, each essential for specific upgrade levels. Small Deralium is used for levels up to +2, Regular Deralium for levels up to +5, Large Deralium for levels up to +9, and Chunk Deralium for +10.

These upgrades enhance the fundamental damage of your weapon, improve its scaling capabilities, and increase the number of available rune slots, which we will delve into shortly.

Now that you have grasped the mechanics of the upgrading process, you can readily approach Gerlinde. Simply engage in an interaction with her and select the "Upgrade Equipment" option. This will present you with a comprehensive list of all the gear eligible for upgrades, encompassing weapons, ranged weapons, catalysts, and shields.

Underneath each gear icon, you will find details regarding the necessary Vigor and the specific quantity of Deralium required for the upgrade.


Lords Of The Fallen How To

You have the ability to augment the capabilities of select weapons by affixing runes to them, thereby bestowing upon them new abilities. Once again, Gerlinde will serve as your primary resource for this endeavor.

At the outset, you can procure a selection of foundational runes from her, and as your journey unfolds, you will stumble upon more formidable ones. In the early stages, it is probable that you will predominantly rely on the runes available for purchase from her inventory.

It is important to be aware that you can only affix a rune to a weapon that has undergone at least one upgrade, thereby attaining the status of a +1 weapon.

Furthermore, runes are available in various shapes, and each weapon possesses specific slots that can only accommodate certain corresponding runes.

To commence, engage in another interaction with Gerlinde and select the "Socket Runes" option. A list of weapons eligible for this feature will be presented. Choose the desired weapon, and you will be presented with a menu showcasing all the available runes for the corresponding weapon slot.

How To Upgrade Umbral Lamp

Lords Of The Fallen How

The Umbral Lamp serves as a vital instrument for your advancement in Lords of the Fallen. Its utility will prove frequent as you employ it to traverse the Umbral realm, surmount obstacles, and gain an upper hand in combat. However, were you aware that you can also enhance its capabilities through upgrades?

Absolutely! The task of upgrading the Umbral Lamp falls solely under the purview of Molhu, who can be located in a chamber situated on the left side of the Vestige at Skyrest. However, there is a caveat: you can only engage with him while existing within the Umbral realm.

Upon initiating interaction with Molhu, you will notice the presence of the "Upgrade Umbral Lamp" option. Nevertheless, there is a particular material you must acquire known as the Antediluvian Chisel.

At the time of writing this article, the exact location of the Antediluvian Chisel remains uncertain. However, we speculate that it may be concealed within the Umbral realm during your gameplay.

Upgrading your Umbral Lamp yields several benefits, including an augmentation in the number of Soulflay charges, an enhancement in Dread resistance (which influences your duration in the Umbral realm), and the unlocking of the Secondary Umbral Eye Socket, which we will explore in detail shortly.

Umbral Eye

Lords Of The Fallen

Much like how runes enhance weapons, you have the ability to insert Umbral Eyes into your Umbral Lamp.

These eyes grant supplementary bonuses to your character, frequently associated with the Umbral realm or the functions of the lamp, such as Soulflay or Dread.

Each Umbral Eye possesses two distinct effects: one designated for the Main Socket and another intended for the Secondary Socket.

Initially, your lamp will possess a default Main Socket. However, as you progress with its upgrades, you will unlock the Secondary Socket.

Hence, prior to choosing which Umbral Eye to insert, it is crucial to thoroughly read and contemplate both sets of effects in order to maximize their advantages.

Typically, you will come across these concealed Umbral Eyes within the depths of the Umbral realm. They are often skillfully hidden, so if you desire to obtain them, be ready to thoroughly explore the game within the Umbral realm.

How To Upgrade Sanguinarix

Lords Of The

Lastly, your Sanguinarix, the primary instrument for healing, can also be elevated through the aid of Pieta.

Pieta can be found standing adjacent to the Skyrest Vestige on the left side, and she specializes in all upgrades pertaining to the Sanguinarix. However, to proceed with these upgrades, you will be required to furnish her with an item known as the Saintly Quintessence.

The Saintly Quintessence serves to augment the potency of the healing bestowed upon you by your Sanguinarix, as well as expand the capacity of charges it can accommodate.

Distinct upgrade levels for the Sanguinarix will necessitate one or more units of the Saintly Quintessence, thus it is crucial to bear that in mind.

You can discover Saintly Quintessence items throughout the game, and our experience suggests that numerous of them are concealed within the Umbral realm, particularly after employing Soulflay on specific Umbral Bellies.