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Total War: Pharaoh - 10 Best Egyptian Units

In Total War: Pharaoh, the primary emphasis lies on the Egyptian factions, who are presented with an abundance of options when it comes to recruiting ...

Nancy Ing Oct 11, 2023
Total War: Pharaoh - 10 Best Egyptian Units

In Total War: Pharaoh, the primary emphasis lies on the Egyptian factions, who are presented with an abundance of options when it comes to recruiting soldiers for their armies. In addition to the standard troops available to all factions, each character possesses distinctive retinues that shape their battle tactics. Even for seasoned Total War players, there is a myriad of factors to contemplate when preparing for combat.

If your aspirations involve constructing an empire along the Nile, it is imperative to keep a keen eye out for these exceptional troops. They surpass their counterparts in terms of both tier and class, thereby significantly enhancing the likelihood of victory when you command them on the battlefield.

10 Sherden Raiders

Total War Pharaoh - 10 Best Egyptian Units

The Sherden, descendants of the Sea People invaders from the past, have now pledged their loyalty to Egypt, particularly to Ramesses. As skilled javelineers, they excel as a formidable skirmish unit, capable of launching ranged attacks that can penetrate enemy armor. Additionally, they possess proficiency in close combat. One of their greatest advantages lies in their ability to instill fear in the enemy, making it easier to rout opposing units.

To fully unleash the capabilities of the Sherden, it is crucial to bestow upon their general the prestigious title of "First Among Shardana." This initial ability enables the Sherden to deploy as vanguards, opening up a wealth of possibilities for executing flanking maneuvers and ambush tactics.

9 Nubian Slingers

Total War Pharaoh - 10 Best Egyptian

While sling troops are generally considered to occupy lower tiers due to their lower damage output, Amenmesse's Nubian Slingers prove to be an exceptional option for bolstering your melee line. These slingers possess the customary impressive range and their moderate damage, combined with armor-piercing capabilities, allows them to deliver impactful blows even against well-equipped adversaries.

Similar to other units of their kind, Nubian Slingers excel at swiftly deteriorating enemy armor. Furthermore, their unique ability to employ Flaming Shot, typically reserved for archers, makes them ideal for weakening an advancing enemy force before unleashing a countercharge with your front line troops.

8 Ta-Seti Longbowmen

Total War Pharaoh - 10 Best

Amenmesse's affiliation with Nubia, also known as Ta-Seti, the Land of the Bow, enables him to recruit these unparalleled archers. These archers possess the longest range in the entire game, allowing them to shower enemies with arrows while facing minimal risk of retaliation. In the event that they are engaged in melee combat, their spears grant them the ability to counter charge damage by adjusting their stance, providing them with a chance to defend themselves.

Ta-Seti Longbowmen also possess the capability to utilize Flaming Shot, which swiftly diminishes the morale of their targets. Additionally, they can temporarily bypass shields with their Aim True ability, allowing them to effectively strike at enemies protected by shields.

7 Queen's Guard

Total War Pharaoh - 10

If you require a versatile unit capable of confronting any challenge thrown by your adversaries, Tausret's swordsmen are the ideal choice. Being the sole sword-and-shield unit at Tier 4 or higher across any Egyptian roster, they excel in forming a formidable front line during the mid-to-late game, making them the best option available.

The Queen's Guard boasts exceptional statistics in various aspects, coupled with their large shields, the ability to Encourage nearby troops, and Improved Flanking capabilities. Placing them at the center of a unit formation, particularly alongside other units equipped with Aspire, creates a sturdy and reliable core that enhances the overall strength of the group.

6 Elite Medjay Archers

Total War Pharaoh -

Ramesses' master bowmen are relatively conventional when it comes to high-tier archers, and their armor provides them with excellent protection against enemy counterfire. However, what truly distinguishes the Elite Medjay Archers from other ranged units is their exceptional capability as melee fighters. They are adept at close-quarters combat, allowing them to effectively engage in melee when the need arises.

Typically, when a ranged unit becomes entangled in melee combat, their chances of survival are slim. However, Elite Medjay Archers defy this norm and actually possess a fighting chance against average enemy units in close-quarters combat. It is crucial to double-check the presence of these highly skilled soldiers in the backline whenever you find yourself facing Ramesses, as they can pose a formidable threat even in melee situations.

5 Upper Egyptian Khopesh Warriors

Total War Pharaoh

Upper Egypt presents some of the finest Native Units available to anyone who can seize control of a province in that region. Among the most formidable of these units are the Upper Egyptian Khopesh Warriors, who possess the necessary skills and abilities to effectively handle almost any melee confrontation.

Upper Egyptian Khopesh Warriors are incredibly powerful to the extent that they surpass Amenmesse's Kushite Royal Guard, a unit of the same type and tier. Despite the Royal Guard having a larger unit size, the Khopesh Warriors outshine them in combat on an individual soldier basis.

4 Elite Clubmen

Total War

At the beginning of the game, Seti's peasant levies may not appear particularly impressive. However, as he upgrades his recruitment buildings, he gains access to significantly superior troops. Among them, the Elite Clubmen stand out, as they are the highest-tier two-handed club unit offered in Egypt.

Two-handed club soldiers are already highly effective at inflicting significant damage to armored troops, but the Elite Clubmen take it to another level. Their unique ability, Furious Charge, allows them to be considered as flanking even when charging from the front. As a result, even the most well-armored adversaries will find it challenging to survive an assault from Seti's finest troops.

3 Elite Medjay Warriors


Ramesses' army roster revolves around fielding the most exceptional soldiers, and the Elite Medjay Warriors perfectly embody this principle. Equipped with khopeshes and large shields, and endowed with formidable abilities such as Underdog and Encourage, Ramesses' elite warriors possess one of the most formidable loadouts available in the game.

The Elite Medjay Warriors are so exceptional that they can be compared to the Pharaoh's Royal Khopesh Guards, a unit that is an entire tier above them. It is uncommon for a unit to exhibit such remarkable prowess beyond its tier. Therefore, once you unlock the Elite Medjay Warriors, it is highly recommended to construct your armies around these formidable warriors.

2 Royal Chariot Companions

Egyptian chariots bring a considerable amount of tactical flexibility to the game. Their remarkable speed and the ability to fire in all directions, even while in motion, make them ideal for harassing enemy troops. Additionally, their charging attacks deliver a devastating impact, earning them the well-deserved reputation as the most formidable war machines of the Bronze Age.

The Royal Chariot Companions, exclusively available to the Pharaoh and the First Commander, represent the pinnacle of chariot units. If you decide to invest in chariots, it is highly recommended to fully commit and request a few units from the Court, as they are the absolute best in their category.

1 Pharaoh Guard

It is fitting, and perhaps unsurprising, that the finest troops in Egypt would be the personal guard of the Pharaoh. Similar to the Royal Chariots, deploying these elite soldiers requires either being the ruler of Egypt or leveraging the influence of the First Commander by calling in favors. However, the effort and expense of recruiting them are well worth it, as they represent the epitome of excellence and prowess on the battlefield.

The Pharaoh Guard possesses the remarkable statistics one would anticipate from a Tier Six unit, and their utilization of two-handed axes makes them exceptionally formidable chargers, particularly against shielded foes. Additionally, their Underdog ability grants them bonuses when they are outnumbered, allowing them to excel even in dire circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial to never underestimate the Pharaoh Guard, even when the situation appears unfavorable.