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Total War Pharaoh - Beginner's Guide for Ramesses

Ramesses is regarded as an exceptional character choice for newcomers in Total War: Pharaoh. His advantageous access to formidable troops from the ear...

Claire Jackson Oct 11, 2023
Total War Pharaoh - Beginner's Guide for Ramesses

Ramesses is regarded as an exceptional character choice for newcomers in Total War: Pharaoh. His advantageous access to formidable troops from the early stages of the game, coupled with his close proximity to numerous significant cities, positions him favorably for expansion. Additionally, his assertive play style enables him to swiftly claim the throne and form a cohesive defense against the Sea People upon their arrival.

In historical context, Ramesses emerged as the founder of the 20th Dynasty. In Total War: Pharaoh, players have the choice to either follow in his footsteps or venture down their unique path, exploring alternative possibilities had this young noble pursued his fortune beyond the borders of Egypt.

Ramesses Overview

Total War Pharaoh - Ramesses Beginner

Ramesses demonstrates exceptional proficiency in swift and resolute action. The majority of his abilities revolve around setting a goal and swiftly accomplishing it. His Command skill enables his armies to engage in attacks while in March Stance, without suffering the usual fatigue penalty. This proves advantageous for intercepting enemy forces or initiating a siege before opponents can mount a proper response.

Ramesses' decisive nature extends beyond the battlefield to the court. He possesses the advantage of two Court Actions per turn, instead of the usual one, enabling him to effortlessly engage in intrigues and counterplots. This proves particularly crucial in the early stages of the game, as it allows him to gain additional Legitimacy and catch up to Amenmesse in the race for the crown.

Ramesses' Units

Total War Pharaoh - Ramesses Beginner

The backbone of Ramesses' armies consistently consists of his Medjays, who are highly skilled and disciplined elite soldiers. However, they can be costly, particularly in the early stages of the game, which may require you to complement them with lower-tier troops to maintain a balanced budget. Unfortunately, the militia units available to Ramesses at the beginning of the game are not particularly formidable. It is advisable to utilize them as a buffer to absorb enemy attacks while positioning your Medjays to deliver the decisive blow and defeat the enemy.

Ramesses and his generals should prioritize the Presence stat, as it serves two important purposes. Firstly, it helps reduce the upkeep cost of their soldiers, allowing for a more sustainable army budget. Additionally, a high Presence stat grants access to Titles that provide significant enhancements to Medjays in combat, further bolstering their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Upon ascending to the position of Pharaoh, you shall be granted the privilege of commanding both Royal units and Lower Egyptian troops. However, the true potential of Ramesses' armies emerges when you embark on your northern expansion. Conquering Ashkelon bestows upon you the opportunity to enlist the services of Canaanite soldiers, renowned for their robust armor and suitability for fighting alongside the esteemed Medjays.

Getting Started As Ramesses

Total War Pharaoh - Ramesses

Ramesses' initial province, North Sinai, boasts a considerable size compared to others, comprising four settlements. However, your foremost objective should be the conquest of the two coastal towns, Sukkot and Azzati. Accomplishing this task will provide you with a firm and established foundation from which to strategize and chart your subsequent actions.

In the province of North Sinai, there is a dual production of both Food and Bronze, both of which are essential for sustaining Ramesses' formidable armies. Although he begins with an ample supply of Stone, there are no quarries available, necessitating the exploration of trade opportunities to facilitate the expansion of your initial settlements.

Once you have achieved complete dominion over North Sinai, the optimal course of action is often to direct your attention back to the south. From there, you have the choice to either conquer the eastern towns of Hetch and Timna, or proceed further into the heart of Egypt itself by launching attacks on Per Amun and Pi-Ramesses.

The conquest of Hetch is generally a more straightforward endeavor, and by colonizing the abandoned town of Deshret Reithu, you can acquire a stone source without encountering resistance. This strategic move also effectively curtails the expansion of northern Canaanite factions, such as Beersheba, thereby saving you from potential complications in the future.

Opting to advance into Egypt presents the advantage of abundant Food production along the Nile. Moreover, strategically positioning yourself within Egypt will grant you a significantly stronger military stance when the inevitable Civil War erupts following the passing of Merneptah.

Upon the vacancy of the Pharaoh's throne, it is imperative to prioritize and devote all efforts towards obtaining the crown. Once you ascend to the position of Pharaoh, you will find yourself in an advantageous position to expand your influence in any desired direction.

Best Deities For Ramesses

Total War Pharaoh -

Ramesses commences his journey with Ra as his chosen patron deity, a truly fitting alliance. The presence of a Shrine of Ra in your recruitment provinces bestows additional Melee Defense and experience levels upon newly recruited units, complementing the prowess of Ramesses' Medjay forces and the bonuses they receive from Titles. Engaging in prayers at these Shrines augments morale, providing an opportunity to leverage the Aspire ability of Lower Egyptian troops, which enhances their attributes when in proximity to a unit with 60 or higher Morale.

Make certain to capture Ra's Cult Centre at Iunu as part of your quest for the throne!

Selecting the Canaanite deity Yamm as Ramesses' second slot is an exceptional decision. Yamm's Cult Centre is conveniently located nearby, in Ashkelon, enabling Ramesses to swiftly accumulate Favor with this deity. Yamm's influence results in reduced recruitment and upkeep costs for infantry, effectively mitigating the expenses associated with maintaining Ramesses' formidable units in a state of readiness for battle.

Thoth proves to be a favorable option for your third slot, offering the benefit of additional armor for his Devoted General and greatly facilitating the siege of large cities. While Thoth's Cult Centre in Khemenu may be situated a bit farther away, it is certainly worthwhile to seize if you opt to align yourself with the God of Wisdom.