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Total War: Pharaoh - Kurunta Beginner's Guide

Here are 11 cleaning games that provide an exceptionally gratifying experience.Campaigns in Anatolia can present distinct challenges compared to thos...

Zack Zwiezen Oct 14, 2023
Total War: Pharaoh - Kurunta Beginner's Guide

Here are 11 cleaning games that provide an exceptionally gratifying experience.

Campaigns in Anatolia can present distinct challenges compared to those in Egypt, making it necessary to adjust to the unique dynamics of Hittite characters. Kurunta, in particular, is an excellent character to familiarize oneself with these new strategies.

Kurunta's Abilities

Total War Pharaoh - Kurunta Beginner

Supported by mercenaries from Phrygia and Kaskia, Kurunta possesses the ability to assemble truly formidable armies - ones that can strike fear into the hearts of enemies. His Command Ability enhances the loot acquired from raiding, although it is seldom employed for that purpose. Instead, it is advisable to save it for the opportune moment of Shemsu Hor. If the Command Ability remains unused until then, all of your troops will be imbued with the power to instill fear (Cause Fear) in their adversaries until the subsequent Shemsu Hor.

Moreover, Kurunta's Mercenary Recruitment Office stands out as one of the finest structures in the game, granting additional starting ranks to Native, Phrygian, and Kaskian units. When coupled with Titles such as Overseer of Militia, you have the ability to recruit fully trained armies boasting high levels of experience right from the outset.

Speaking of Titles, Kurunta possesses several that significantly enhance campaign movement speed, especially over land. Given the extensive territory of Hatti without the aid of a river like the Nile, leveraging the increased speed becomes crucial. To maximize the benefits, ensure the strategic placement of Waystations and Shrines of Kurunta along your main routes, granting additional bonuses. With these measures in place, you can traverse the expanse of Hatti in just a few turns at full marching speed.

Kurunta is also the name of your starting deity.

Within the Court, Kurunta excels as a cunning plotter. His Plots possess an inherent advantage, as they are considered one level higher, potentially reaching a maximum level of six. Exploit this capability strategically to undermine Suppiluliuma when the opportune moment arises to revolt against him.

Getting Started As Kurunta

Total War Pharaoh - Kurunta Beginner

Unlike Egypt, a Civil War in Hatti will not occur unless a player, likely you, initiates it. This grants you the opportunity to patiently wait, develop your economy and military strength, and then decisively crush Suppiluliuma when the time is right. To begin, focus on expanding eastward and westward along the coast while ensuring the protection of Tarhuntassa. Your capital serves as the Cult Centre for your primary deity, making its defense even more critical than usual.

Once you initiate the Civil War, it is essential to promptly equip Kurunta with the Bow of the Hunt from the Power of the Crown screen. This powerful weapon becomes accessible to a Pretender who has control over Tarhuntassa, meaning you qualify for it immediately upon declaring your bid for the throne. The Bow of the Hunt enables Kurunta's Bodyguard unit to bypass shields when launching arrows, granting them a significant advantage in combat.

Due to the relatively distant locations of other Cult Centers from Kurunta's starting position, it may be advisable not to immediately commit to worshiping additional deities. This approach allows you to save time for researching military Decrees instead. While the majority of Hatti's Cult Centers are situated in the east, there is a compelling argument for establishing a foothold along the Canaanite coast to seize control of one or two holy cities in that region. By doing so, and with the aid of a Mercenary Recruitment Office, you can recruit pre-leveled Native Canaanite Units to bolster your forces.

Kurunta's campaign introduction suggests conquering Cyprus as a favorable objective. While it is indeed a good idea, it is not something you should immediately pursue. Cyprus is renowned as the most productive Province for Bronze in the game, and Kurunta holds a strategic starting position to claim it. However, returning to the mainland can be a cumbersome task. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until you have the resources to maintain a permanent army on the island before undertaking the conquest of Cyprus.

Throughout the campaign, Cyprus faces incessant attacks from the Sea Peoples. If you are unable to defend the island, you will be forced to invest considerable time and resources in rebuilding it completely from scratch each time it is razed by the enemy.