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Unleashing Chaos: Conquering the Yakuza Trio in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Chapter 12 of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth throws us into a wild adventure with our dear pals Majima, Saejima, and Daigo. But let's face it, even in...

Levi Winslow Feb 07, 2024
Unleashing Chaos: Conquering the Yakuza Trio in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Chapter 12 of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth throws us into a wild adventure with our dear pals Majima, Saejima, and Daigo. But let's face it, even in the Yakuza universe, friendship doesn't always mean playing nice. Brace yourself, my friend, because you're about to get your knuckles dirty.

In this guide, we'll dissect the arsenal of attacks that Majima, Saejima, and Daigo possess, uncover their individual weaknesses, and reveal how to conquer them. We'll also offer some witty advice on how to prepare for this epic showdown. If you follow our lead, rest assured, victory will be yours.

Now, for this battle, you'll want a well-rounded party, especially in terms of elements. Majima can't resist the heat, Saejima is chillingly vulnerable to ice, and Daigo is shocked by electricity. The best strategy is to equip each party member with a skill that exploits these weaknesses. But here's a tip: bring along some bombs just in case. If someone lacks the right elemental skill, they can always be on bomb-throwing duty. Explosive teamwork, anyone?

Zhao and Nanba have fire attacks in their base class. Kiryu, on the other hand, can learn one from the Host or Chef job. Saeko and Seonhee can unleash fiery fury as Night Queens, Housekeepers, or Kunoichis. For the men, the Aquanauts' Jellyfish attack provides a shocking electricity assault, while the ladies can turn to the Night Queen class (although Seonhee's base class has plenty of electricity attacks). Lastly, the men can dive into water attacks with the Host and Aquanaut classes, while the women can make a splash with potent water-based attacks as Housekeepers.

Of course, make sure everyone has some form of healing ability. The Aquanaught job offers great healing power for the guys, while the ladies can find solace in the Geodancer's healing prowess. Additionally, you can concoct potent healing items using ingredients scattered throughout Honolulu. Trust me, they'll provide HP and MP to the entire party, like magical elixirs.

Now, let's not forget the most explosive part: the bombs. Intoxication Bombs, Hallucinogenic Bombs, and Fulminous Bombs are your secret weapons. Get them from the Benten Pawn Shop, and watch as Majima, Saejima, and Daigo's elemental weaknesses crumble before your eyes. These bombs will make your victory all the more swift. But remember, don't skimp on gear either. These guys hit like a truck, so make sure everyone is rocking at least 5-star gear. Safety first, my friend.

As the battle begins, Majima will boost his evasion with Hannaya's Spirit. This makes him a slippery target for regular attacks. Thankfully, magic attacks are exempt from his evasive antics. So, let's focus on bombarding him with magical fury. Slashing attacks work too, but with his uncanny ability to dodge, it's best to set him ablaze with fire attacks.

Majima's regular attack is a trifecta of pain. He delivers two swift kicks, dashes back, and lunges forward for a final slash. Then comes the Rising Slash, a five-hit combo infused with electricity. Be prepared for quick guard presses, as this combo is lightning-fast. Finally, Majima's Cruelty Kick strikes twice—a somersault kick followed by a lunging slash. Guarding against these attacks should be a breeze.

But hold your horses! Majima has a shocking move up his sleeve—Doppelganger! Brace yourself as THREE MORE MAJIMAS join the fray! He unleashes this attack when his health bar is about halfway depleted. The more, the merrier, right?

Saejima prefers a defensive stance, so you'll need to break through with grabs. His standard attack is a four-hit combo with a consistent rhythm. On the other hand, his Double Swing has an intimidating windup, but once unleashed, the strikes come swiftly. So, double-tap that block button! Saejima also has his own quick combo, aptly named the "Rush Combo," which hits four times at an accelerated pace.

But beware of the Mountain Crusher! It only takes one well-timed guard press when his hand hits the ground to avoid damage. However, even with a perfect guard, this attack still packs a punch. Saejima also possesses a range of throws, each dealing absurd amounts of damage. And here's the kicker—you can't guard against them! Some throws even target your entire party. Ouch!

Daigo rallies his team with Acala's Spirit, boosting their Willpower and removing those pesky negative status effects. Talk about a pain in theneck. Daigo's regular attack is a three-hit combo, followed by a swift slash. It's nothing too out of the ordinary, so keep your guard up and counter when the opportunity arises.

Daigo's real threat lies in his special move, Tiger's Fury. He charges up, leaps into the air, and slams down with a devastating shockwave. Guarding against this attack is crucial, as it deals heavy damage to your entire party. Make sure you have a full Willpower gauge and unleash your strongest attacks during his recovery time.

Daigo also has an electrifying move called Thunder Strike. He charges up and releases a powerful electrical blast, targeting a single party member. This move can be devastating, so make sure to guard against it or have someone ready with healing abilities.

As the battle progresses, Daigo will enter a state of heightened focus, indicated by his glowing aura. During this time, his attacks become faster and more powerful. Brace yourself and be ready to guard against his onslaught.

Remember, communication is key in this fight. Coordinate your attacks, healing, and bomb throws to maximize your chances of victory. Keep an eye on your party's health and MP, and don't hesitate to use healing items or skills when needed.

With perseverance, strategy, and a little luck, you'll defeat Majima, Saejima, and Daigo, claiming victory over the Yakuza Trio. Revel in your triumph, my friend, and savor the spoils of your hard-fought battle. But remember, this is just one chapter in your journey through Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Many more challenges await, so stay sharp, keep grinding, and embrace the chaos that lies ahead.