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Unleashing the Wild: Mastering Last Epoch's Druid Class

In the vast realm of Last Epoch, where danger lurks at every turn, one class stands out among the rest—the Druid. As a master of primal forces, the Dr...

Hirun Cryer Feb 18, 2024
Unleashing the Wild: Mastering Last Epoch's Druid Class

In the vast realm of Last Epoch, where danger lurks at every turn, one class stands out among the rest—the Druid. As a master of primal forces, the Druid possesses the ability to transform into various awe-inspiring forms, each with its own unique gameplay and tactics. While specializing in one form is recommended, don't be afraid to dabble in others or even remain human to unlock a plethora of skills. Join me on a wild journey as we explore the untamed power of the Druid class in Last Epoch!

Unleashing Your Inner Beast:
Drawing inspiration from the mighty Druid builds of Diablo 4, Last Epoch's Druids share some striking similarities. While your focus will mainly be on the Druid progression, don't overlook the valuable skills found within the Primalist base class. Early on, you'll find yourself unleashing ferocious moves like Swipe, Fury Leap, and Warcry. And if that's not enough, why not delve into the other two subclasses—Shaman and Beastmaster—for some bonus traits? Embrace the wild side, my friend!

The Wearbear: A Beastly Tank:
When it comes to survivability, the Wearbear form reigns supreme. With its abundant hitpoints, life leech, and armor, the Wearbear Druid becomes an unstoppable force. By prioritizing survival and healing, you can forge one of the most formidable tanks in Last Epoch. However, it's always wise to team up with a Necromancer buddy for that extra layer of protection. Safety in numbers, they say!

Unleashing the Power Within:
As you progress as a Druid, you'll unlock a range of powerful passives and abilities that enhance your strength and resilience. Let's take a closer look at some of these extraordinary powers:

  1. Hunter's Restoration: Gain additional strength and health regeneration, ensuring you're always ready for the next encounter.

  2. Aspect of the Shark: Every five seconds, your melee attack grants Aspect of the Shark, granting a temporary boost to damage and attack speed. Time to sink your teeth into the competition!

  3. Aspect of the Boar: When struck by an enemy melee attack, gain Aspect of the Boar, reducing damage taken for a brief period. Embrace your inner boar and become an unbreakable force.

  4. Shamanic Infusion: While not essential for this build, Shamanic Infusion can bypass enemy resistance. Who needs resistance when you can just smash through it?

  5. Primalist's Fury Leap and Druid's Entangling Roots: Combine these skills with your Wearbear form, and you'll become a force to be reckoned with. Just like the mighty Juggernauts of Diablo 4, you'll leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

Unleashing Nature's Wrath:
As a true master of the wild, your arsenal isn't complete without devastating skills such as Swipe, Warcry, Rampage, and Maul. These skills can be further enhanced through the Wearbear tree, granting you unparalleled power. Let's take a closer look at some of their enhancements:

  1. Swipe: Wider arcs, increased damage, and health leech ensure that your enemies are swiftly dispatched while keeping you in the fight.

  2. Aspect of the Panther: Unleash your inner panther! After using Swipe, enjoy a damage boost for a short duration. Pounce on your foes with unmatched ferocity!

  3. Sabertooth's Endurance: Extend the duration of Aspect of the Panther, improve health regeneration, and even grant this buff to your summoned Sabertooth. Now that's teamwork!

  4. Warcry: Knock your enemies back, improve critical chance, and even heal yourself and your allies. Warcry is not just a rallying cry but a lifeline in the heat of battle.

  5. Fury Leap and Maul: Leap into the fray with fury, causing devastation with each impact. Reset the cooldown with well-timed kills or become invincible during the leap. Your enemies won't know what hit them!

While Druids might not match the raw damage output of Rogues, they remain one of the most versatile and formidable class options in Last Epoch. By harnessing the primal power within, you can become an indomitable force on the battlefield. Keep your Rage high, embrace your chosen forms, and let your skills roar with untamed might. With your stalwart defense, your party can focus on vanquishing foes without worrying about drawing unnecessary attention. Unleash the wild within and conquer Last Epoch like a true champion!

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