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Unova Pokemon that would benefit from an evolution in Generation 10

Cross-generation evolutions in Pokemon games bring excitement and novelty, and Generation 10 could take advantage of this potential with the Unova re...

Gina Vivinetto Oct 15, 2023
Unova Pokemon that would benefit from an evolution in Generation 10

Cross-generation evolutions in Pokemon games bring excitement and novelty, and Generation 10 could take advantage of this potential with the Unova region.

Reviving the elemental monkeys from Generation 5 and giving them cross-generation evolutions would be logical and generate interest among fans.

Pokemon like Zebstrika, Audino, and Swanna would greatly benefit from cross-generational evolutions in Generation 10. This would enhance their battle abilities and make them more impactful choices for trainers.

Pokemon games continuously bring new innovations and features with each installment, including unique battle mechanics specific to the generation, as well as broader additions like regional forms or Paradox Pokemon. This makes each new title distinct and appealing in its own way. Cross-generation evolutions serve as an excellent means to introduce novelty and rejuvenate overlooked or underutilized evolutionary lines. They can also shake up the metagame by introducing powerful creatures or new type combinations. Generation 10 Pokemon games have a significant opportunity to leverage this potential, particularly within the Unova region, even surpassing what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet accomplished.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Kingambit and the two Paradox forms of Volcarona pay great tribute to the Unova region. These creatures not only showcase the spirit of Unova but also excel in competitive play, with Kingambit even winning multiple tournaments. Unova stands out by introducing more Pokemon to the franchise than any other game, including the iconic Generation 1. Therefore, dedicating multiple cross-generation evolutions to Unova in Generation 10 could be a fantastic idea.

Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour

Unova Pokemon That Need an Evolution in Gen 10

The "elemental monkeys" introduced in Generation 5 have been a topic of controversy in recent discussions, primarily due to their absence on the Nintendo Switch. However, with rumors of a potential Pokemon Legends Unova game on the horizon, these three Pokemon could have a chance to shine once again. In Generation 10 Pokemon games, not only could Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour make a comeback, but they could also receive evolutions. Since they functioned as secondary starters in Generation 5 with their respective types, it would be logical for each of them to receive cross-generation evolutions. Additionally, they could even gain entirely new types in the process.


Unova Pokemon That Need an Evolution in Gen

Zebstrika is undeniably one of the most beloved Generation 5 Pokemon. If the rumors about Pokemon Black and White 3 are true or if Generation 10 decides to show some love to past Pokemon, it would be fantastic to grant this zebra-like creature a brand new evolution. Introducing a cross-generation evolution for Zebstrika in Generation 10 would undoubtedly become a hot topic within the community. This is especially true considering that Zebstrika is already quite formidable in battles. However, enhancing its stats, introducing a powerful new ability, or even adding an additional type, alongside its Electric type, could truly make its evolution remarkable.


Unova Pokemon That Need an Evolution in

While Pokemon X and Y introduced Mega Evolutions, which did not include a new form for Audino, the Generation 3 remakes did feature Mega Audino, which gained popularity and significant power. Since Mega Evolutions are unlikely to make a full return due to the exclusivity of past battle gimmicks, Audino could greatly benefit from a regular evolution, and Generation 10 could be the ideal opportunity for it. Audino's current limitations, such as its stats and Normal typing, could be overcome with a cross-generation evolution, making the Pokemon much more impactful in various ways. Additionally, with its base form evolving, Audino would then become eligible to use the Eviolite held item, which boosts its Defense and Special Defense, further enhancing its viability as a standalone choice.


Unova Pokemon That Need an Evolution

Swanna does not rank among the top creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Teal Mask DLC, despite the small Kitakami Pokedex. This is largely because Swanna was never truly exceptional in the first place. Its 4x weakness to Electric, below-average stats and abilities, and tough competition from other strong Water-type Pokemon have prevented Swanna from being a compelling choice. However, this could change with a cross-generation evolution in Generation 10. If given a new movepool, improved stats, and abilities, Swanna could potentially reach new heights while retaining its current typing. This would make it more distinctive and possibly even elevate it to a good Pokemon option.